Randy Orton and The Revival brutalize Kingston: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 3, 2019

Randy Orton and The Revival brutalize Kingston: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 3, 2019

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  1. Kofi should’ve never mentioned 2009 💯

  2. Where is Cena?😨

  3. Randy orton is heel but he is getting cheered legend 🙌

  4. Chutiya hai randy ka bacha

  5. Bro Randy you sound like a Freaking 5 year old with your "STUPID" -_-

  6. WWE TIP: When the entrance comes on and they don't show up look behind you cause they can sneak attack you from behind

  7. 3:26 Kofi Kingston hand is bleeding

  8. What if this is leading up to randy leaving wwe after clash of champions dou to a major injury from kofi

  9. Kofi is getting boring now as wwe champion.

  10. Which means after 2 weeks Kofi retains..WWE wants us to think that Kofi is losing his title..

  11. Ouuuu baby reminds of the good old days of the legacy! 🔥

  12. ortan is coward . He cant win from kofi without any support or help …He start torturig any star toget a match…poor tactic…hr get the match and lost it ……no RKO beauty shown here …..he wast able for Rko.Revival help him

  13. Bring back the punt kick randy!

  14. How many times Randy Orton called Kofi Kingston stupid

  15. That's pretty much a 3-D

  16. Kofi most boring WWE champion of all time.

  17. "Fall Through RKO" {FTRKO} not this super bs.

  18. Legacy 2.0!!! Love it;.

  19. WWE ki History Ka sbse bda " HARAMI" Bnda = Randy Orton

  20. thats why kofi always got brutal cuz orton have a team and kofi had no team

  21. Randy better win in 2 weeks

  22. Just give Randy the title. Love Kofi but his time is up. Heel Randy is 🔥

  23. Come one on one randy with kofi then see after

  24. Rko is the best in the world in the universe

  25. 4:10 A work of art

  26. Face or Heel, Orton is the only wrestler that can do both so beautifully and then it tends to confuse people of what type of wrestler he is exactly, That is something of a masterpiece right there. No other wrestler has ever been able to done that, in the whole wrestling industry better than Randy Orton.

  27. Let me guess. The revival and the viper are much like deedee, marky and joey are cockroaches. And also, kofi must be a cat like oggy.
    I think my mind was so droll, so satirical.
    Basically, randy orton still the legendary heel of the wwe. Greatest star ever.

  28. Kofi is going to win. Calling it!


  30. I hope Randy actually wins Kofi reing already run its course

  31. Make this the main event at COC, give the WWE title the recognition it deserves, of course thanks to Orton this match is getting more exciting than Rollins/Braun

  32. So we just gonn ignore randy getting possessed by 6ix9ine?

  33. i can promise you this one thing, that Koffis beating on Randy Orton WILL be of biblical proportions. Mark My Words

  34. Wheres the new day to help?


  36. Randy orton deserves to be the wwe champion.

  37. Kofi is stupid, worst script

  38. At 3:27 wrist of cofi injured

  39. 4:10 Again the Dudleys finisher.

  40. Why don't you have Randy throw Kofi outside a window like he did to edge.

  41. Wow this is super RKO

  42. Randy is the best 😍

  43. Randy just call 5x of stupid to kofi how many time

  44. im just mad that the new day didn’t defend kofi

  45. Seriously, did the New Day disband? It makes no sense that they don’t come out for each others matches

  46. When he Said…Stupid👊🏻, Stupid👊🏻, Stupid👊🏻😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Heel Randy is best for business we got at least 1 more attack from Kofi and a pre match attack from the revival at COC

  48. 2:46 I know Randy Saw kofis buttcrack

  49. So kofi's victory confirmed at "coc"

  50. Randy Orton Lost in One khallas

  51. Everybody's Talking Bout The Legacy

    Nope Its an Rip-Off Of La Familia

  52. This says that do not try to revenge Randy Orton😤😤😤

  53. Thank you Orton along with the new alliance

  54. Randy is too hot omg

  55. What if Randy wins the title after punt kick Kofi? It'd be like the perfect ending for what happened 10 years ago.

  56. The revival of The Legend Killer

  57. Stupid cofi 🤣🤣



  59. Jeff hardy where man

  60. I remember growing up 2008-2010 watching Legacy Randy leading Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase JR now all these years later Orton is a veteran leading Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson. I love this faction so much and it gives me 2009 vibes🔥

  61. They should name the stable Legacy2.0 or

  62. Randy Randy Randy 💥💥💥💥💯

  63. Even after so many years you still wanna see Randy be champion as a super heel

  64. When randy said stupid and did his singature that should be in wwe2k20

  65. Stoooopid, that's rybacks line

  66. All fun and game until Randy hit The Revival with RKOs

  67. Randy and the revival vs the new day plz wwe

  68. Bruh I lost it when Randy said stupid 😂😂😂

  69. How does no one realize they just ripped Off the 3D??

  70. I want randy orton to win the wwe title

  71. Yo that’s a throwback

  72. i hope that we can do that BEAUTY rko on wwe 2k20

  73. Randy reminds me of 6ix9ine


  74. Randy as Champ 🔥

  75. Kofi as wwe champion makes no sense

  76. Randy King of Smackdownn 2019 😍

  77. Randy Orton and revival teaming up is just amazing to watch,hope they face new day in next ppv

  78. It's obvious that Kofi is going to win.

  79. Kofi is overrated.

  80. I wish Orton would bring back the Punt Kick. Then heel Orton would be complete!

  81. Is The New Day still a thing?

  82. Heel Orton is best for business

  83. Randy Orton : STUPID!!!
    NO ONE



  84. 3:18 shows you that the guy is an actual behemoth compared to other dudes lol.

  85. This Orton/Kingston feud will go down as a modern classic!

  86. Does anybody know what the sneakers Kofi is wearing are? They're sick.

  87. Leagacy 2 😂😂😂😂😂

  88. This is how many times randy orton told stupid
    1like = 1stupid

  89. Why’s everyone cheering Kofi and new day….

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