Rambling: New business cards + New packaging!

Rambling: New business cards + New packaging!

Hi everyone! So first of all I want to say that I
will be posting all the shop videos on this channel. As you saw I uploaded some custom order videos. And I will be doing that whenever I get a custom order. And today’s video is because I just received my new business cards. And I wanted to show you, first of
all the new packaging on my charms. And well as you can see is something really simple. And this is just an example. And this is a new charm I made. And you can see all my new charms and stuff on my other channel. Wich is Kawaii Crafting. I’ll put the link down below. And here as you can see is the little lid I don’t
know how to call it but well (it’s called tag!) And this part is a little bit messy
but I’ll try to do that better. This is made with a stamp that I made and the
back looks like this and I also made this stamp. And this is kraft paper. So this is probably how my products would look. From now on. So there’s that. And then I wanted to show you my new business cards! So I bought them at I’ll leave the link down below, here you can see how it’s spelled. And yeah, I’m going to show you. So I’ll be posting a review of this in my blog. As many of you know, I hope you know I only write in Spanish in
my blog and also in my other channel all my videos are in Spanish. Except for some ones but in this channel I’ll posting my
videos on English because well, I think that’s better. And I always put subtitles on all my videos. So hope that it does help. I really work a lot on those subtitles so I hope it helps. And here they are I’m really happy about this. So here you can see my new business card! And the back of the card looks like this. There are fifty in here, they’re a lot. I thought they will be less but. And you can see this part says Kawaii Craft Shop. And this is like the banner that I have on my Facebook page. And here is the other part. And here you have all the links of my shop. The blog my mail that stuff. And I’m really happy about these cards. The only thing is that they’re darker than the desing that I uploaded. But well, I still like them. So sorry for my voice I’m a little bit sick. And another thing that is going through my mind
is if I should make an online shop Like an Etsy store, or an Storenvy… Or something like that. And I’d like to now if you want that or whatever. But right now that doesn’t bother me too much. Just let me know please because I’d love to have
my own page and my own online store. But these days I don’t have the time. Still I make a lot of new charms
I take a lot of custom orders. And I’m really glad that people ask me for this custom orders. Also I sell international so, yup. And maybe I’ll be posting a video where I sell like old stuff. Not like super old stuff that I made but some stuff that
I made for like markets and those kind of things. That are left and I’ll make some sales
or something like that if you’re interested. So that’s all thanks for watching sorry if I speak too much. I’m like that I like to ramble a lot. So hope you like my new business card. And that’s all thank you very much for watching, bye!

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  1. ¡Mil gracias! A ver, ya ire aclarando mis ideas sobre lo de la tienda 😀

  2. Porque hablas en ingles en el vídeo mejor en español y le pones subtítulos porque no entiendo jiji

  3. Did you make all the pictures on the buisness cards by yourself?

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