Provision Services with GCP Marketplace, GCP Essentials – Qwiklabs Preview

Provision Services with GCP Marketplace, GCP Essentials – Qwiklabs Preview

Cloud Launcher offers ready-to-go development
stack solutions and services to accelerate development. It provides an easy
and fast way to get up and running on
Google Cloud Platform with common databases, operating
systems, and web frameworks. So you spend less
time installing and more time developing. In this Qwiklab, you’ll learn
how Google Cloud Launcher lets you quickly deploy functional
software packages that run on Google Cloud Platform. Even if you’re
unfamiliar with services like Compute Engine
or Cloud Storage, you can easily start up a
familiar software package without having to
manually configure the software, virtual
machine instances, storage, or network settings. In this lab, Qwiklabs will
provide all the resources you need to launch a common web
stack with the Cloud Launcher and verify your deployment. You’ll be deploying
an Nginx stack. But after taking
this lab, you’ll be able to apply
what you’ve learned in your own applications. On the Cloud
Launcher website, you can browse what software you can
begin working with right away. This is the fourth lab in
the GCP Essentials Quest. A quest is a series of related
labs that form a learning path. Completing this quest
earns you this badge to recognize your achievement. Next up, learn how to
create a persistent disk. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. It looks like the old name of this function was "Google Cloud Launcher" and is now "GCP Marketplace". See

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