Progressive Management Systems Calling? | Debt Abuse + Harassment Lawyer

Progressive Management Systems Calling? | Debt Abuse + Harassment Lawyer

Hi folks, I’m Sergei Lemberg. I run Lemberg
Law, a consumer law firm that sponsors this website, We don’t charge
consumers for our services and we’ve recovered more than thirty million dollars for more
than ten thousand clients. If Progressive Management Systems is harassing
you, calling your cell phone, your friends or your family, turn the tables. Pick up the
phone. Give us a call. Let me tell you a couple of things about Progressive
Management Systems. They’re based in California, founded in 1978 and have more than 125 employees.
They collect on behalf of a variety of industries, and they’ve only been sued 6 times in federal
courts. If Progressive Management Systems is calling
you, they could be violating the law – whether or not you owe the debt. They could be violating the Telephone Consumer
Protection Act by robocalling you on your cell phone without your consent or after you
told them to stop. Under the TCPA, you could be entitled to up to fifteen hundred dollars
for TCPA violations per call. They could also be breaking the Fair Debt
Collection Practices Act by repeatedly calling you or harassing you; threatening you with
lawsuits; failing to tell you they’re debt collectors; calling you at work after you
tell them not to; talking to others about your debts; lying to you in any way and many,
many other different ways. If your FDCPA rights have been violated, you
may be entitled to up to a thousand dollars. There’s only one way to find out. Give us
a call. We’ll be glad to talk to you. Our representation is free for you. Don’t wait!
Let us give you a free consultation and figure out how to help you get the justice you deserve.

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  1. This information about PMS was super informative! I don't know what consumers would do without lawyers like this actively fighting against law-breaking debt collectors.

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