Professional Manga Inking|”Michiru” by Hiroshi Fukuda

draw boldly and don’t fear giving it energy I think this is important for getting better at drawing I do like deforme style I find drawing deforme style is more fun than realistic style if you do this the ink…
– I have never seen that! hello!
-hello! That was English! Fukuda-san is here!
-Hello! I drew “After the 5 Minutes” manga for Shonen Sunday Magazine Book 7, the final book just went on sale And this here is JouJuu Senjin!! MushiBugyo. It was made into an Anime I’m Hiroshi Fukuda, nice to meet you this time he’ll be drawing manga for us! What kind of pen is this?
– It’s a Maru pen Are these 3 pens all Maru type? Yes, they’re all Maru pens But I’ve used them so that one is for thicker lines Another is for thin lines I have them separated like that Please introduce this character you’ve sketched This is the main heroine “Michiru” from “After the 5 Minutes” Since I’ve come for this session I wanted to draw a girl character
– thanks! So cute
-thanks For this video Fukuda-san offered to sketch this quickly After 5 minutes he’d already finished! What level do you usually draw rough drafts before line art? generally it looks like this?
-what really?? Yes, I go straight to line art from here As I thought, Mangaka often do line art from very rough state Yes, while drawing I’ll change and correct things Sometimes adding new elements If I don’t do it like this, well, I release manga weekly I have to draw 18 pages every time So I have to create as a I go along
– woooow So, even the Mangaka is excited to see how it turns out? Yes, well to be honest…
-are you nervous? Yea, it feels nervous It’s more like hoping “Please work out” while drawing What’s next after this rough? Next doing the line art which pen will you use? probably the pen that makes the thickest lines it’s the periphery, or rather, the general line work so first dipping it in the ink just drawing as usual so fast! much faster than I expected I always draw digitally so I’m playing with the hand stabilizer adjusting it while drawing until I get perfect lines Ah I totally understand but when it comes to analog drawing slowly will kill the line without speed, the line won’t look comfortable keeping the pen speed up is foundation to nice line work looks like sports
-yea I wonder if we can create Manga Sports before next year (edit: Tokyo Olympics) In 5 minutes. Everything needs to be done after 5 minutes But in this world there are much more incredible people Some people who practically don’t draw any rough draft I generally draw the rough until it’s the finished thing but it takes so long, I end up not drawing my manga moreover, don’t you find the rough looks better? if you do the rough too properly, that becomes the image the best version needs to be the inked one so true, my inked work ends up less dynamic the rough ends up looking better by comparison btw, can I bring some toilet paper?
-sure this is very important toilet paper is important? I’m afraid to ask but…why?! The ink hasn’t dried Using this, the ink gets picked up this way, it dries
– I’ve never seen that There was such a trick! It has dried so I can return to inking Manga can be expensive to make gotta buy screen tone etc but having such a cheap thing be important, that’s wonderful you ink the fringe hair first because it’s furthest forward? yes, starting there and working onward Fukuda-san’s manga has a lot of character variety Where does your inspiration for character design come from? like, the bullied kid the courageous one the kind, caring one how do you create that balance? I start by looking at the main character and searching from there After that, I consider what kind of character would add more to the drama characters are born from a want to do something that’s where it comes from in manga that carries on a long time do you sometimes get surprised by where your characters have ended up? absolutely yeah Like “wow, this character has really come a long way” wow, in a way they’re really alive yes, that really is fun the characters arrive at places I hadn’t expected it’s awesome if they can get to the end it’s like you’re cheering on your own characters yes, and sometimes you have a character that you have to finally say goodbye to while drawing it’s like “thank you for your hard work” you’re on a journey together Ah, you said a good thing that’s exactly it, really did you change to a thinner pen? probably the thinnest one, yes Eyes are most important even though it’s an art channel toilet paper is probably easiest product sponsorship yea, also this Pentel correction fluid pen should be easy to get sponsored Because it’s the thing that helps you out the most? yes, without this I can’t draw manga
-whuh? it’s *that* important? It really is! Currently doing ok so haven’t needed it yet but when I make mistakes I need it to erase lines without this, can’t draw manga even the small details need to be drawn with energy? yes, in general even the detailed areas need to be done with some speed The biggest fear is the line dying after the effort put into the rough it’s like getting your priorities wrong was there a period when you couldn’t get used to the G-pen? to be honest, at the start I just couldn’t get used to G-pen all three of these are maru pens?
-yes Everone thinks of the G-pen when it comes to shonen manga I tried it, but I really couldn’t get used to it After some trial and error I finally came to this pen I still wish to get good with a G-pen for Anime conversions maybe maru pen inking is good for the artists mabye style wise a pen that’s not too thick is better for animation maybe yea, it’s closer to the image for anime do you use digital?
-casually I’ve been using iPad. It’s easy to use! in the future I’d like to be able to draw on that various things would get easier, correction etc. yes, and it’d be cool to draw in a cafe right?
-yeah just cos it’s cool well also, bringing all your manga gear to a cafe might draw too much attention yes and it gets spread out everywhere messed this up you’ll draw that above the collar?
-yes will you use the correction pen then?
– yes it’ll clean up nicely! is this maru pen the mid-level thickness?
-yes why the change? these are lines in the body. too thick and it stands out too much felt that thin lines would be better Michiru’s wavy, moving hair looks fun to draw ah yea it’s carefree and fun to draw so she’s a character favorite I wanna say all three main characters have movement to them or rather, over a human base form they have more personality to their designs To a degree I prefer deforme styles I find deforme is more fun to draw than realism as much as possible I try to avoid getting too close to realism now using that correction fluid pen Saw it live! just like that it’s gone! Easy! as long as the black lines are erased it’s fine right? probably from here it’ll be scanned
– yes after scanning, the correction fluid will not be seen? yes, very grateful about that do you sometimes base characters on people you know? I don’t using people you know makes it difficult to hurt them can’t make them suffer in general I have characters that are suffering it’s made up, so can’t lose to reality I heard a story before that there was a mangaka who used his daughter’s name for the heroine as a result, he couldn’t do anything to that character even if your editor asks, it’s like “sorry, can’t do anything to them”
-yea that’s problematic can’t put them through hard times that character’s reason for existence disappears it’s rough
-sounds hard sometimes I want to use names of people I know but… I realized it’s a bit too dangerous being interesting is everything so if at all possible, I try to eliminate anything that could be a problem when did you realize you wanted to become a mangaka? I was a bit later, around 19 Usually people decide when they’re in jr high or high school I just regularly joined a company working in a factory I liked manga already and at this factory I realized I’m not great at working among others I thought I was unfit for society, ended up with a bad stomach ulcer it was quite a big one, so searched for a job I could do alone considered being an author or a mangaka but I wasn’t reading light novels much at that time so thought, since I love manga, maybe I can be one! that’s amazing, what a story! haha, it’s all over the place right?
– well… perhaps with an experience like that, even if you have hard times at work you won’t feel lost yea I don’t ever feel doubt there so grateful that I’ve been able to feed myself for 10 years on manga alone I find drawing manga is so much fun conversely, I have plenty of things I still have to learn and take in Just gotta spend a lifetime learning I think it’s a job that goes so deep Really grateful to have that challenge I often think joining society, then realizing it’s not working out, will make it harder to get lost I think that really is the case At least once, gotta…well not fail exactly walk a different path, see that it’s not quite right then at very least you enter something of your own will Good to develop that tenacity btw, what are these cloud shapes in the back? wanted to create a light atmosphere they’re shapes that feel “fun” and “cute” like a texture?
-I see gives it a lighter feeling? yes, like an effect you draw the filled in areas with a brush pen?
-yes ok, finished!
-wow thank you! Michiru’s cute!
-thanks I found this the most interesting From here to here I’d think it has to be in one stroke but actually, separating the strokes gives it some personality also, having some gaps in the line lightens the feel a single stroke works too but without line variance the art gets heavy feeling yes, and the pen speed was interesting too it’s ink so speed is necessary otherwise it dries right? yea that’s an important foundation Without some pen speed the line can become dull it can get heavy and unclean my lines are on the thick side so without some speed the overall image can get ruined at the same speed, would a G-pen leave more ink? rather, if you push too hard the G-pen nib will split open and the ink stops coming out so it’s the opposite!
-yea the opposite have to keep the overall balance in mind with this one, I can draw more easily with my preferred line variance when drawing for manga, do you do shadows with etched lines like this? not using screen tones? I sometimes add screen tones on top how different is this to the regular manga you draw? not so different, but this here probably has thicker line work it’s a large page so needed thicker lines to sit right Usually on a page like this it has many panels in that case, I’d need to draw with thinner lines when drawing big like this, need thicker lines. Depends on the situation this is A3?
-B4 Manga is generally drawn on B4 paper This is what I’m used to, B4 Really like how the shading is etched lines but mixed in these thickly filled in shadows too
-thanks new artists may tend to draw overly thin lines after finishing it can look a little dead if drawing, try thicker lines and don’t be afraid to draw with energy that’s probably the biggest part of improving also, try to always incorporate some filled in black areas it’s quite scary to do so right? yea, what happens if the art gets too heavy? moreover, it’s hard to fix yeah, if it’s analog if you don’t include filled in black areas the art won’t sit right so try to consciously include some of that in every time you don’t fill in the iris completely black? yes, though of course sometimes I do times like these?
-yes so it really changes per situation Go with whichever you prefer when would you use filled in black irises? times of strong will or when some goes mid-conversation… “What is this guy talking about?” at that time no highlight and the eyes go “what to do?” like that type of explanation. that’s manga having very specific situations for certain eyes thank you
-thank you very much do please go and buy Fukuda Hiroshi’s manga, “After the 5 Minutes” please buy it! Thanks! also this too!
-Mushibugyo #32. It’s long but good luck! Fukuda-san will be in many other videos! Check them out! bye bye!
-Sayonara! Bye bye! Wonderful!

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