Professional Divorce Photographer – Mini-Mocks

Professional Divorce Photographer – Mini-Mocks

Photographs capture the most formative moments
of our lives, positive or negative. My job is to document that special day when
one becomes two. I’m Tom Byrd, and I’m a divorce photographer. For a lot of people, the day their divorce
is finalized is the new happiest day of their life. They feel reborn, unshackled from years of
resentment and lies. I encourage people to get personal, vulnerable. Before we get to the “I don’ts,” sometimes
the couple and I will return to location of their first big fight and rekindle that energy. Occasionally, we have to deal with a divorce-zilla,
but who doesn’t get a little crazy when planning their first divorce? There’s no wedding party, but there are lawyers,
and they’re often more enthusiastic than maid-of-honor that I’ve ever seen. We’re gonna be rich! I’d argue that the glow returning to a woman’s
eyes after a long and sexless marriage is more beautiful than a sunset. Reconciliation does happen and when it does,
I’ll capture it. But those photos don’t go on the website,
and I charge double. You guys just going to give up like that? I’ve even watched divorcees surprise their
ex by bringing a new lover to the shoot. Couldn’t wait to see you. What’s going on man? Will you marry me?

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  1. Lol like really? I bet it's his turn once the dude leaves

  2. Couple reconciles differences and starts kissing "You guys just gonna give up like that?" Lol

  3. I clicked because I thought it was Glenn Howerton

  4. Where are the jokes?

  5. Congratulations on your freedom. Here's your complimentary vodka!

  6. OMG My divorce was so beautiful, I remember it like it was 14 months ago! I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats! ☺️

  7. I am wondering why this idea didn’t pop up in my mind… no / less professional competition as of now 🤔

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  12. I subscribed because i thought this channel is just for key and pelee

  13. Why divorce isn't celebrated more is baffling. Marriage is an institute for sadomasochists.

  14. He isn't the Dennis I know.

  15. i thought that was the guy from its always sunny

  16. "There's no wedding party, but there are lawyers." LMAO "We're gonna be rich!!"

  17. Backwards culture of Americans, you guys still live 1000 years behind the whole world when it comes to mentality.

  18. 😂😂nice video to start my day. Thanks👌🏾

  19. This is a joke, right?!

  20. So disturbing and dark. Celebration of the ending of a union. Sick.

  21. Make divorce beautiful huh

  22. This guy is the devil bro 😂😂😂😂

  23. Doesn't take much searching to see that this has been done before…

  24. "We're gonna be rich!"

    Of course a divorcing woman says that. #feminism

  25. This is just the best

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    thanks for sharing this with us
    really enjoyed watching this

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  30. This looks Real AF

  31. Why so many dislikes? This was super funny

  32. I thought this was real

  33. I would have loved to do this. My divorce was great. My ex and i are really good friends. This would have made it better.

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  35. The D.I.V.O.R.C.E system

  36. He looks like cross between Ramsey Bolton and Dennis from Its always sunny in Philadelphia

  37. Perfect execution.

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  44. Whats funny is this is actually a real thing!

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