Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away (CBC Marketplace)

Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Stop this hacking by companies and hackers and other dangerous people who are hacking into phones and computers or publishing people's private information without their consent or agreement which can endanger the lives of American citizens and leave citizens vulnerable to jihadist, prisoners, criminals, and pedophiles and rapist, thieves – which should not be happening as the Constitution guarantees privacy.

  2. They did say that

  3. Hey the Government is the biggest spy in our lives. They are looking for bad guys but they do have our info.

  4. I really wonder if changing permission settings does anything if they allow all this in the first place.

  5. It your people fault read the rules and regulations people to lazy to do that that not the companies fault it you people but at the same time the app need to make themself very clear when downloadimg or invading someones privacy. Really these app did nothimg wrong you people are lazy to read threw things

  6. Still Rocking a Blackberry (Android) with DTEK, this program tells you if any apps access camera or sensitive information.
    People laugh a Blackberry but at least I'm not a Apple Sheep!

  7. I think this video is for duolingo

  8. the u tube looks like a multi cultural movie under zionist orders. spying on phones bought to u by talmudic jews michale chertoff and joe liberman

  9. FB sells all your information? Right?

  10. The technology is far further than this. The smartphone can transmit 3D images via exectromagnetic x-ray microwave to secret service applications. Even if the phone is off, because external electronic outlets and points in your home can reflect and transmit electric responses up to 6 meters around the device. News agencies use this all the time, when they are linked to secret services and iluminati. But, the minus point is, the ones that hack usually are not as safe as they think.

  11. Facebook does eavesdrop on your conversation. This happened many times to me and friends. We were discussing about a particular subject and then later we get a lot of newsfeed on that subject.

  12. Now instead of those “fbi spying on you text you” memes, it’s gonna be “sketchy app maker spying on you texts you” memes

  13. is an iphone or blackberry any better security wise?

  14. SO glad i saw this. WOW!!!

  15. All of my phones have a self adhesive dome on the face camera ,& 99% of permissions turned off not that ,that means to much now days ,cops are using scanners to scan from their cars to see if you are using a cell phone in your car while driving in UK = a big fine its not about the safety it about the big fines .

    Got a new digital road sign system ? its loaded with scanners and ANPR cameras to locate you on the road system .
    HI def cameras identify Tattoo,s rings /watches clothes scars = a target will get located via his /her cell fone via the digital sign scanners and that triggers the A.N.P.R Hi def cameras
    Police/gov have scanners in towns ,public transport =bus stations /train stations /airports and public buildings .

    Modern cars have infotainment centers all of your emails /texts /calls ect go through through it and all are linked to the GPS in the car ,police /government can just dial in your registration number and or phone number /email and locate you via your GPS sat nav

    Answer is drive an older pre chip car ,keep the throw away phone /cell in a Faradays cage /purse /pouch until you need to make the call ,police /gov have your fones id =make model IME serial number MAC & sim numbers ,+ they use augmented reality to track you in real time
    so remember be careful out there

  16. If you download an app on how to bake a cake you left wondering why they want total access to you contacts list inc phone numbers & email contacts + your camera ,microphone ,
    Dont bank online ,use a dumb phone for gov/doctors /social services ect who ask for your number ,fkem !


  18. Why do people need cell phones so much anyhow? Good Lord the world has gone nuts

  19. That's why facebook killed Blackberry… When downloading FB on a blackberry device with BB OS 10 you could turn off all those permissions like gps location, phone call, sms, etc… before accepting their terms & conditions. FB didn't like that, which is why they stopped supporting BB, also whatsapp, instagram etc…

  20. Ooooohhhhhh the silly silly sheeple. When phones are SMARTer than people. LOL

  21. Not on any social media ie fb Twitter, instagram. My phone started turning off by itself. When I tried useing maps.

  22. I ordered some stuff on Wal-Mart . com last week. I went online yesterday on Ebay, looking for a pin vise (a small manual powered mini drill that's about $3-20); I was shocked when I went on to check on shipping progress of one last item, and UP POPPED SUGGESTIONS FOR PIN VISES & DRILLS, when I've NEVER looked before or anywhere else!!!! THEY ARE ALL CONNECTED!!!!

  23. I have TALKED with my Darling Granddaughter about certain items or TV shows; next time I go on YT they are suggesting these items, and suggesting these exact same TV shows!! Try it for yourself!

  24. Does anyone else find it ironic that the last thing they mention is to find out more on our Facebook page!?!?

  25. Mostly only on the Android platform. 2:42. Apple usually check for violations like this before an app is allowed on the app store

  26. just read the permission

  27. Who is behind that? And this is about security? No. Surveillance.

  28. Wow "Spelled" out says it all… Spelled as in Spells out.. it's like They giving THEM permission unto Their lives.. Keywords Spelled Schemes and Devices 2 Co 2:11 Amen

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  30. Because Federal needed the data! No choice at all!

  31. All the reasons to dump android….Get an iphone!

  32. why does she say intresting when it's "interesting" so frustrating

  33. What happens after I get rid of a of my online devices . And can people have just as easy access to my info after that ? Can you answer me that

  34. Great, thank you

  35. This is one of the most worthwhile video series ive seen so far, with something really new to me that i and im sure almost every person alive, can really appreciate! Now heres something that really helps all people with safeguarding their own security in ways that wouldnt perhaps be known, or, if you'£2ve ever suspected the capabilities of someone or if they were able to remotely "spy" on otherswell heres your answer. This is so wrong to do to people! Makes me see so many other sinister things that could come from this type of thing. Wow..! Very useful information! Great video. My thanks to its creators for sharing this and whatever effort you put into for public awareness. Nobody likes being spied on; its creepy and its cruel because it can really mess with someones head in a bad way exposing or violating what is not meant for others to see. I hope this gets stopped some how because its wrong to do to a person.

  36. Gang-stalking KKK or pedophile style. There's a couple of examples to contemplate.

  37. Tread softly and carry a big stick. Artificial intelligence is one helluva big stick. Yeah

  38. And people think I'm crazy because I cover both my front and back cameras with electrical tape, plus my microphone constantly gets crap in it so good luck trying to hear anything, as for credit cards I dont have any I dont even have a bank account, when it comes to apps especially ones that ask for things like my location or my files I'm careful which ones I allow, I recently downloaded a free game that asked for my phone recorded and location which I denied access, I always turn off my wifi and bluetooth sometimes going as far as going into airplane mode, when it comes to facebook I dont log into the facebook app I use the old school browser not the app.

  39. Glad I no longer use social apps. I have a tape over the front camera, GPS location is shut off. I do not link/merge my phone to the home PC nor click links in the message box. I know I can do more for preventative measures.
    Great vid and an eye opener!

  40. I know this is an old video but i expect response anyone here………………….. My query is that Apps permissions can be managed through Apps Mangers in phone but how to deal with the threats posed by web surfing. I mean do they also effect the same way like mobile apps do???

  41. I enjoy Marketplace content 🙂 BIG FAN

  42. Hmm hacker convention were is the FBI they could make the biggest bust in history think about that people.

  43. they were watching you on the shitter, you didnt even wash your hands!

  44. Who just deleted a crap load of useless apps off their phone?

  45. So this is how I can find out what my bf is hiding on his phone…..😜

  46. A) Don't own a smartphone, specifically for this reason. B) I do not access the Internet on the phone I have, nor do I do app's. Those have always had a suspicious nature to them and therefore, no ty. Its ridiculous the app crap out there people buy into, even if free, and the now void privacy that comes with them. The people who gather that info and then sell it for a buck in their pockets are snakes as far as I'm concerned.

  47. I don't like the word "WE", I'm not part of the "WE". I work in HIGH tech and I am careful.

  48. I heard only Android Phones

  49. If you own a Jitterbug phone then you are safe grandma and grandpa.

  50. The lesson to be learned is don't buy an android phone.

  51. I guess the girl who stormed off didn't get a T-shirt!

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  53. [I wished you would]! You'd be amazed of the doors that will open up for you.😂

  54. I dont know about were you guys are, but facebook, twitter and other social media platforms are cracking down of putting false or misleading information on your profile, I recently had my facebook acct suspended then closed because i refused to use my full name date of birth and correct address. Someone flagged my acct for a right leaning view they were upset about and they wanted me to provide a picture of my drivers license which had my full name, DOB and address on it so they could amend the details that I put there. They said they were cracking down on social media flamers and by making there actual details available to anyone would reduce internet bullying. This is unfair, I used a nickname I have had for over 20 years, everyone I have listed in friends and everyone i interacted with new who I was, this was a 3rd person who read a public comment they didnt like. So social media companies are part of the problem, if they can threaten you closing your acct over your nickname ( originally, it asked for your nickname / what your friends would be able to identify you as ) then they simply changed 5 or so years later. This had nothing to do with it, it was to allow them to track your internet and web usage to sell to companies.

  55. Google spy on my phone even install camera apps and others on my phone without my permissions…will delete all apps even google from phone…

  56. I still use my old portable phone! ANd I'll certainly will never install an app to do banking online!

  57. the world has got to a point where you can't do anything without a phone or Internet these days.

  58. ??? Can you hack pussy ?

  59. I kinda feel bad for that girl who they hacked I mean… she didn’t get the free shirt (😂)

  60. Well done. 👍 👍 👍

  61. apps… if you are not paying for it, you are the product.

  62. "What can you do to safeguard your data? throw your phone away and go live in the forest

  63. Nothing will stop this and the president step in to stop this. A person was getting charged 500 dollars a day for his grass being too tall , Trump where are you?

  64. So, the canadians will do practically nothing to protect people's privacy, that's it!

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  69. proud to be able to say im not addicted to my smartphone, unlike 99% of the people

  70. I have a feeling the white hat hackers are inferior compared to the black hat hackers.

  71. lmfao CBC are you kidding me, ????? and you talking about privacy? lmfao wtf

  72. Interesting these kinds of apps weren’t compatible with iOS

  73. Newsflash the tech capital of the world is ISRAEL.

  74. Every app now wont allow you to set app unless you say ok to your private info.

  75. before i watch this video, im examining my phone, i made a conclusion that a phone can a perfect spy to anybody, i told two of my cousins dont carry their phone when they are canging clothes. im right then.

  76. I quit YouTube cause of this. 3 months and I’m still going strong!

  77. My phone is hacked af right now … andbim being stalked … please take this serious

  78. If you think about it this is really Creepy having a Stranger go through the photos on your phones

  79. The gouvernement puts it on the copmanies and warn us. Good plan!

  80. I do not own a smartphone or use a cell phone

  81. Watching Ping change your passcode was epic!

  82. google ticks all these boxes lmao

  83. This is very unsettling but the huge computer that collects all the data does just that. Unless you're targeted for an at least good reason, there isn't enough people to go over the data that is collected. If you are a person of interest, they can check you out even if you never talk on a phone.

  84. Thanks alot market place now i know ….as the bible say my pple perish because of lack of knowledge…

  85. all those people had androids LMAO iPhones dont have this problem

  86. Time for a privacy act that makes it a crime to collect certain information in order to use a product. We have to criminalize this information collection soon.,

  87. Searched through all of mine and they are set right for permissions… i.e.: location only for weather app, etc. However, there's one called Bottle Shoot that wants my location, and if I turn it off, it gives me the warning below. Looks like that's one for the trash pile.

    The warning it gives me when I turn off locations is: "This app was designed for an older version of Android., Denying permission may cause it to no longer function as intended." Well if it doesn't work, then to the trash it goes… a game doesn't need your location.

  88. I don't like Facebook and other social media's except YouTube

  89. Its funny that the software they are using is a cracked version instead of the paid one.

  90. I was aware of this issue and installed just a few apps on my phone.
    Even so, I went through all the apps I have after watching this video.
    Thank you

  91. I cant tell you how many times I've experienced privacy violations such as this on my lap top and even the phone I'm using right now on Google duo… I Deleted Google duo and yet people can still call me from the app and see me whether I pick up or not… I dont have anything to hide so it doesn't too much bother me.

  92. Well they have the same permissions for Facebook insta whatsapp etc. I noticed I was getting ads for the things I barely spoke about or even conversed on the phone about..what more was I giving out? videos pictures contacts all conversations audio microphones and video camera everything is allowed for facebook to even function on your phone.. since i turned the permissions off I dont get ads about whatI just spoke about anymore. All this info is then stored and archived by CIA etc according to Snowden and Assange. Google facebook and world media are working together with the government. In the name of convenience and security we are selling our personal freedom

  93. you do know you showed peoples ips at 5:03 and at 5:54 it shows a map without street names. you could find out where he is on the map by getting his ip (from the ip list thing) then get his geo location from the ip and because you said he is near a golf club that means you can find out what the address is delplayed on the map

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