Prestoh – Mobile Business Cards App Central Interview

Amber>>For this weeks Feature Interview
we have Julie Cochrane from Prestoh to talk about Mobile Business Cards. Thanks for joining
us Julie>>Thank you for having me Amber>>Now explain to people at home who maybe aren’t familiar with mobile business
cards exactly what it is they do. Julie>>A mobile business card is a business card that lives on your smartphone think of
it as an interactive extension of your traditional business card so with a traditional business
card you can’t click on it and it and dial the
phone where with a mobile business card you can So it’s a way of bringing all the ways we communicate with people into one spot and it lives on your phone Amber>>Now I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who get frustrated with the business card experience because they don’t like carrying them around how would you able to add more context and content to your business card this way Julie>>Oh the great part about it is once you create a mobile business card you can change it on the fly so if you move if your phone number changes if you’ve got a new headshot you just change it and it’s live on your mobile card where as a traditional business card you would have to go the printer you’d have to get more printed and it’s quite a hassle that being said though we still support printed business cards we actually think this is a way to bring them to life so what a lot of people do is they take their traditional business cards and print their QR code right on the business card Amber>>I see you have some of those there [Points at printed business cards] Julie>>I do Amber>>Lets talk a little bit about this So you have the QR Code on the card now I went through the process of signing up for this I have to say it’s very simple to sign up and that you get your own QR Code which i think a lot of people would be interested in and if they have a QR Code scanner on their phone that allows them to scan this and get a bunch different information Can you talk a little bit about the individual that this may be useful for Julie>>This is actually great for anybody who carries a phone so if you carry a phone you want a card because the reason you carry a phone is to stay connected with people So it goes from individuals that you know
maybe are not in business to yoga teachers to Enterprise clients Amber>>Also I’ve seen real estate agents kind of flock to this type of business card Julie>>Oh absolutely so from the real estate perspective what they can do is they can create a card for themselves so you can call the real estate agent and things like that but they actually create ones for every home that they list So each house can have its own card and it gets its own QR code it can hang outside the house and people can scan it they’ll find out how much it cost see some photos of it and then they can link to the use real estate agents real card Amber>>So it really is bringing business cards to life because instead of having this flat one-dimensional card you have this idea that there’s so much more information that it’s able to be embedded there so thank you so much for joining us today if you want to read more about Prestoh all you have to do it head on over to our website at

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