Precious Ebony Talks Dealing with Trauma (MY HOUSE Exclusive)

For instance, what
made me on my tippytoes and what made me more aware
of my surroundings and stuff is when I was in Boston
and then my car got shot. [ Gunshot ] I was like, just rapping
in the car with my friends. We was just finished
working’ with Big Freedia. This car pulled up to the
the side of our car. All I remember was
like, seeing’ the gun, and just hearing…
[ Imitating gunshots ] [ Gunshot ] In that matter of a second,
I said ten prayers and I seen my whole life, like,
I seen my sister, I seen my mom, I seen my grandmother,
I seen everything happening and it was like [ Sniffles ] it was scary
because it was like, okay, like, in my mind, I didn’t know I was in shock. But right then and
there, I was just like, “Okay, I’m dying, like this is
my final preview to my movie,” like, you know, and it’s like, I don’t think
anyone ever realizes or understands what Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder is, like it kicks my ass sometimes. I could be in my car
and I just have to pull over and just cry because I
feel like the car behind me’s been following me
for too many blocks. This might be the end of me
or, let’s just say, casual hookups with people. Oh, um, I’m gonna go
sleep with this guy because you know, he’s cute,
and we’ve been talking for a while, whatever he’s gonna
give me HIV and I’m gonna die. That’s just always on my mind. If that’s how I can answer it and just say it in
a plain word, is death is always on my mind. ♪♪

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