Pompeo: Iran is feeling the full might of the US

Pompeo: Iran is feeling the full might of the US

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  1. Geez Maria, what happened? You woke up in an emotional rant? Americans are glad, get over it.

  2. Maria needs to somehow realise Syria is for the Syrians END OF STORY…………………………

  3. I hate pulling out. Love being inside. 🍯🍯🍆🍆🤣🤣

  4. Obama's regime, Turkey and Saudi Arabia trained, armed and funded ISIS as they invaded Syria…our CIA created the Syrian 'civil war' in a sovereign nation that was enjoying it's normal, peaceful atmosphere. This was a regime-change war that was created out of a fictitious 'need'. Obliterate Turkey.

  5. Bring all, ALL; troops home, its nothing of our business our job is done fixing the mess Barry (oBummer) created; they have been fighting for decades, bring them all home……..let Turkey and Iran (Persia) go at it,

  6. ..US is not a police force Maria.Get them out!!

  7. Yes Maria let's listen to Ehud, afterall he was friends with Jeffery Epstein …..yeah right

  8. Iran has Shias religion
    Dogpeo says something wrong

  9. We lied we cheated we stole ,we have whole courses on doing so, why is this man still were he is ,pompeo needs to go, I don't trust anything leaving his pie hole

  10. Pompeo wear a golden tie!

  11. Turkey is a NATO ally purchasing Russian defense weapons!

  12. I wondered when he was going to get to the 'assets' in Turkey, nuclear assets that would be then. Hope you fly them out of there soon Uncle Sam, Turkey could quickly become an adversary.

  13. American military surrounds Iran, fact!

  14. 28 troops is a pathetic force!
    Not a formidable power house lol…
    At least they will live👍

  15. It is a lie big fat lie iran never helped Isis it's you and turkey,but it's Iran that forced USA to leave the region, after attack on Aramco oil refineries ,USA has found out it's weapons are junks and primitives to counter Iran's weapons, has no batteries to stop Iran's drones and missiles so the only solution to protect its investments in middle east is to stop her aggressive behavior,and this is what trump is doing ,USA isn't a country give up the fights easily

  16. Troops, less than 50 soldiers , not considered as TROOPS.

  17. You can have all the oil in the World , but it's useless if you can't sell your OIL, to the World.

  18. It's like having all the gold in the middle of the desert, while you are dying of thirst.(no water)

  19. Same group of trolls has descended. Wonder if they're assigned by subject or host.

  20. Get OFF Your Soapbox Maria

  21. Mariah keep your panties on!

  22. Does this psycho not understand the ramifications of going to war with a NATO ally? We trained Turkish soldiers in American military schools….. We can't take sides in tribalism in the middle East.

  23. Iran went there to fight with ISIS to avoid they come by their borders. Why are you saying the reverse?

  24. My bet is Democrats will try and Stop the President from going to Turkey. They are USELESS.

  25. i hear that we blew up all the equipment we wouldn't be able to move out in time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. WHISTLE BLOWER IS JOHN BOLTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Trump pulled the troops out to avoid war with Turkey. Better to be negotiating with no US soldiers lost than going to war with Turkey after soldiers were lost.

  28. What amazing Godly men we have in this situation. Pence and Pompeo the situation couldn't be in better hands.

  29. Which, under Rump, is underwhelming…

  30. This could be the beginning of the 6th trumpet war in Revelation chapter 9. If it loses containment and the majors go to conflict it wont end till 1/3 of mankind is lost.

  31. Maria get your butt out of your chair & go see for yourself ,,instead of bantering

  32. I guess US Army is the mighty mercenaries in the world?
    Trump just announced on news conference that Saudi Arabia is paying for expenses of deploying the Army to Saudi Arabia!
    We have come a long way from the golden days of being a land of free and brave to US has gun and travel!
    The National anthem should change to mercenary anthem!
    What a shame?
    Trump will put his daughters into prostitution ring for money!
    America new motto:
    Money, money and more money.

  33. Why Maria is a news reader. Limited understanding. And drop Dagen… OMG!

  34. Thank you President Trump for bringing our men and women home.

  35. Iran has no balls to do anything, They're like a dog on a chain, They bark a lot And act like they're gonna do something but the chain keeps them from going anywhere, they don't have the heart to step up to the UNITED STATES.

  36. Trump is leaving Iran create nuclear weapons, if Trump is elected again, we are all doomed to Hell. WW3

  37. Maria is pro Israel more than pro US, plus anti iran

  38. clinton would have let those 28 soilders die to justify starting another war

  39. Iran does not support isis educate yourself

  40. When Trumpery lips move he lies.

  41. Evil amerisrahell leave Syrians alone

  42. In other words, Iran is seeing the extent of the evil within the US government

  43. what about Iraq and the human rights to protest ?
    our youth killed in the streets while America the invaders are only watching!!!!

  44. How are you americans so stupid? Dont answer its a rhetorical question (if you dumbasaes even know know what that means)

  45. Iranian doesn't support ISIS American does

  46. Killing them with those big bad Economic bombs. All Iran needs to do is stroke Trumps ego on a 1 minute phone call, and boom! Sanctions will be gone. These people are now figuring out this weak person in the White House. Make him look good in front of a camera for this up and coming election, and he will hand you the keys..

  47. Yea lady,its the syrian kurds that are fighting and know their own country breeds isis fighters. For the u.s. to be there was stability. Not to defend some of the core breeding of isis in syria that seeks harm to all people. C'mon now,wake up. Stop argueing for the breeding. Syria must come to the table with its neighbors,settle a peace accord,honor it,and agree to end its internal breeding if isis. Like the man said,there is no one answer and no (one) view. But there are responseabilities that come with manageing any country or nation.

  48. Is fox stupid? Its a litle dance, usa out turkey and syria in use ADANA agreement russia supervise, trump ashores relecetion He named Ppk

  49. 😂😂😂😂 just like north Korea, Russia, China, turkey is. A laughing stock

  50. For some soldiers there, thousands, hundreds of thousands are coming to the west, what is in fact true occupation: economic, cultural, ethnic.

  51. You are awesome, Mr. Pompeo. 🤠

  52. Maria, we have a President who went to military school and business and the school of hard knocks! How lucky we are!


  54. She yells like an MSMLSD CIA operative. Why is she so emotional? She's attacking not doing a news report. She has no interest in educating herself about the 5000 year history of the Middle East. What an irritating voice. Oh, brother. Fox is going down hill.


  56. Did he switch back and forth between calling him President Erdowan and then Erdogan?

  57. The key strategy is to pull all US TROOPS out of the middle east. Leave the poor people alone there. The US gov could be spending this much needed money on fixing more domestic issues like their own economy. Stop sanctioning other countries, the US is hated around the world, they are now officially a joke from their actions. When are people going to realise that occupation only leads to violence. If the US spent their money on their own actually people innovating their own technology they would have flying cars by now, a city much nicer/modern than Dubai and a 6G network. Instead of other countries hating the US, they will be admiring the US, but unfortunately this is not the case….unless from what I see their is an ulterior motive….such as controlling oil reserves or stopping countries like Iran, China, Russia, etc moving away from the dollar. I've got no issue with a country wanting do to good and progress, but when it involves occupation, violence and sanctioning poor sick innocent civilians then the face of real evil shows. I hope only for peace to everyone:)

  58. Iranian regime is your puppet .please don't fool people.

  59. Mr.Pompeo your comments are unexcepatable.

  60. I hope the Turkey is completely done before Thanksgiving dinner.

  61. Where is my previous comment?!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!! Fuckers

  62. They hid my previous comment.. I have some good answers for these fuckers but they hide it…

  63. Stopppppp dividing middle east… do not support any ethnic group.. do not give any gun or weapon to noone… kurds can not be divided to separate country.. that's what u are aiming for it but it will not happen… I had 4 comments and one missing…

  64. Trump is not deserve to be president of America .

  65. I use to love Maria on msnbc, now I lost all respect for her.

  66. I would drop everything I'm doing and take up arms against them personally if the option is ever made availabe to me.

  67. In 1941 Shoghi Effendi (The Guardian of the Baha’i’ Faith) castigated the prevalent trends of society in no uncertain terms:
    “Although Europe was the cradle of a "godless", a "highly-vaunted yet lamentably defective civilization",
    the foremost protagonist of that civilization was now the United States and that, in that country, at the present time, its manifestations had led to a degree of unbridled materialism which now presented a danger to the entire world.”

  68. Lol I love that she’s the hardest hitting fox reporter lately

  69. Iran never supported isis.

  70. Trump gave the to the keys to the ISIS being held in cells. Trump isn't a man at all. He has the body of a fat old man, with the mind of a very insecure 8 year old boy. Put him behind bars or plant him in a grave.

  71. Doesn’t matter what side you on, we all want more trust. But genuine trust. Conflagration doesn’t help anyone. There are no military winners when economic stability and social fragile balance and health and mental well being is at stake. Walk silently and carry a big fcking stick 😉 but don’t be afraid to cause a fcking scene 😆 Iran just freaking out cuz everyone pointing at it to blame it for BS. Let’s chill and let that fear and pressure alleviate since we don’t want it either. Right? Golden rule is treat others how you wish to be treated.

  72. Pompeo must be an imbecile

  73. It seems Maria doesn't care about American lives. Idiot

  74. The only thing that they will be pulling out is their &[email protected]“ out of her

  75. where are the white helmets? oh wait those terrorists sneaked into Canada already. Iran should not bother to respond to fat idiot anymore.

  76. US is feeling the full might of Iran

  77. US did not take down the ISIS. Iran did! US helped ISIS prisoners to flee!

  78. Bullshits from Maria…she clearly doesn't know what she is talking about.

  79. Pompeo is a Criminal and Traitor and Liar……..

  80. I love all her QUESTIONS and some of his ANSWERS!

  81. so the someone lied because they did meet

  82. At this point THE UNITED NATIONS is a total JOKE and Haley was right to speak to the fact that the USA left because their presence in the U.N. was THE LAST hope for credibility for that now THOROUGHLY CORRUPT BODY of EVIL who exist under the guise of EVIL UNITING. They should call it now, the U.E. The United Evil. IRAN is hell-bent on having their flag fly atop the White House and HELL is precisely where they're headed. The TAKE DOWN of the ISIS caliphate by Trump will NOT be reversed.

  83. Pence and Pompeo REACHED A "DEAL" using the TWO MOST POWERFUL WORDS in the English language: SANCTIONS and Tariffs. Turkey has been FORCED into PEACE TALKS and President Trump deserves the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for this – unlike OH BUMMER Barry who lessened the WORTH of the prize when it was given to that corrupt a-hole in his first months for "HOPE". What a JOKE Obama was .. an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and DEADLY "JOKE" who has BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.

  84. Nonsense not interested interview with pompeo

  85. It's you that you are going to feel the full might of the Islamic republic of Iran we are hundreds percent confident with the blessed nation of Iran stop lying pompeo

  86. Keep up the fantastic job you are doing for Americans and our national interests!!! America first!!!!

  87. Kurds and Syrians have to fight for their land not Americans. Why should even 1 American die ,for what? ,

  88. Pompeo you should resign. All you say is bunch of lies.

  89. Tell me again why we want to make iran suffer. They sure aren't bothering me.

  90. God bless Iran for standing up to these sick American monsters.

  91. Maria, what's an acceptable number of American lives lost in five years to you? Personally, I feel much better about 0 Americans lost to fight another nation's war. js

  92. Maria Bartiromo, "but, …but, …but", You do not know all. Someday you will. Do not be argumentative. You do not know, you may not be able to know all the facts right now.

  93. I trust President Trump.

  94. Can't get consensus to fix the Mexican border but Syria's border is supremely important! The DEMS are sickening.

  95. what are the US important resources in Turkey? This administration is hopeless and gets the enemy wrong…

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