Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 | Dude Perfect

Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 | Dude Perfect

Lets get started. Cobes’ starting us off! That’s different. Nice shot! Into the Nerf Dart dominoes. Oh, is that the Golden Boy Ned Forrester? Into a couple more dominoes, it reveals the target in a nice bow drop right to Core. Takes the shot and BOOM, dead on. Ball rolls down the ramp. Triggers the belt sander. Up up and away it goes. BANG! Releases the hammer. Whoa, Panda! Heads up. Ooh! That was a nasty spill. Hope he’s going to be okay. Giant lever releases the shark. *Imitating Scary Noises* It’s basketball. Ladies and gentlemen, standing at 6 foot 6,230 pounds. Cody “tall man” Jones! With the dunk. All right side. No, that’s 9 foot goal. Nice dunk, Codes. Ball rolls down the ramp into the Tunnel of Doom. Whoa! Trucks on fire! And we’ve got a collision. Lights the spatula. Ooh, that’s on fire. That needs to go quick or we’re gonna set off the smoke alarm, and there it goes! Chain swings over to the grill. Lights hit on fire. Wow! That was fast! That’s way better than Coby’s rocket. Down goes Gar into the pyramid barrels. Nice! Releasing the giant soccer ball, hits the target, and there goes the bowling ball. Crack! Through the mirror. That gonna be a bad luck. Ooh, lightbulbs! Oh, I thought it’s gonna hit us. Ooh, that’s a nice sound. Next through the way across the piano, there’s the gong. And here go some barrels. Red, yellow, ooh there’s me. Green, Go, Ty! Go! LIMBO TIME! We’re Dude Perfect and welcome to Ping Pong Trickshots 4! This is The Stair Stepper. Since I only had one trophy I pointed the mirror over there back at it so it would look like I had two. There’s a cup on my plane. Last video, you guys outdid yourselves 3 million likes. That might deserve four. I’m just throwing it out there. -If you guys want to! -4 Million likes. -4 mil. I think it might be good! I’m design product designer Ty. No, I’m the designer of the prod. Under the design product does. Let’s take a look at some of the more unique purposes of the Nerf Dude Perfect HoverKup. Enjoy sharing beverages but not the conversation of your friends. Perfect for the HoverKup. Why do you call it HoverKup you might ask? Because they hover. Tired of misplacing your lampshades? Perfect fit! Got a ping-pong ball and a basketball. This is The Double Splash. This is the Double Shot Double Bouncer. This…? I forgot what this was. This is The Bottom Flip Bouncer, here we go! Forget all your hockey pucks in Canada? Not a problem if you got a HoverKup. Want curling but have no ice? No problem. Comment below, what’s your favorite use! Time for The Long Ball! This is the No Looker Seven Tile Balance. Well, howdy! Welcome to Cody’s crazy contraption, let’s get going! Most golfers trying to avoid the water. But, this is The Floppy Rail Dunker What’s up guys! Thanks for watching! if you’re not already Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here So you don’t miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our friends at Nerf for making this video possible. Click here to get your very own Nerf Dude Perfect HoverKup! If you want to see the last video, click right here! Sign it off for now! Pound it, noggin. See ya!

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