Penn & Teller Fool Us: Kostya Kimlat’s IMPOSSIBLE Card Trick // Season 5

Penn & Teller Fool Us: Kostya Kimlat’s IMPOSSIBLE Card Trick // Season 5

(upbeat music) (audience clapping) – Welcome back to Fool Us. Our next magician has
been on Fool Us before. So let’s meet him again
for the first time. (exploding) (door opening) – Hi, I’m Kostya Kimlat and I want you to Think Like A Magician. Three years ago I fooled Penn and Teller. (audience clapping) And I never expected them
to react the way they did. – I hate you. (laughing)
Let’s get that out of the way. You fooled the big dumb guy. And Teller handled the
cards and he looked at it and he thought about
it and you fooled him! You fooled Teller. (audience applauding) – It was the most nerve
racking and amazing experience at the same time. (laughing) For three years I’ve been thinking what can I possibly
perform for Penn and Teller a second time? In magic there’s a method and an effect. The reason the guys got so angry is because I did an effect they knew using a method they didn’t. This time I’m performing
a trick that I created when I was 18 years old
and have been practicing ever since. So far, only two magicians
have fooled them twice. I’m hoping to make it lucky number three. (audience clapping) – Please welcome back to the
Fool Us stage Kostya Kimlat. (audience cheering and clapping) – Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you Penn and Teller. Wow it’s amazing to be back here in Vegas. Alyson, I’d love it if you’d
come join me over here. – Sure. – I’m so happy that you’re here. – Aw, I’m happy you’re here. – I have to tell you that
performing for these guys is one of the hardest things
that a magician can do. – Or me, yeah.
– That’s true, well no, no, if I was doing magic for you or for anyone else in the theater there would be no stress. I’ll show you, look, I’m
gonna have you pick a card. – Okay. – Any time you like just say stop. (cards dribbling)
– Stop. – Remember that card. Okay?
– Yes. – You’ve got it? – Yes. – Okay, because I don’t know what it is. – Okay.
– Okay? But the moment that you say it out loud your card will fly out of the deck and I will catch it at my fingertips. – Okay. – It’ll happen in just a blink of an eye. Are you ready? – Yes. – Alyson name your card. – Six of clubs. (snapping) Wow. – The six of clubs. Pretty cool right? (audience clapping)
– [Alyson] Really cool. Amazing. – That’s what I mean, right? You’re impressed, you’re amazed. I’m having fun which is what it’s about but these guys look,
they’re not fooled, right? They know exactly how my
fingers manipulated the cards. They know where it was. They know how it flew out of the deck. If I’m gonna fool these
guys with the same trick, I have to do more than
just sleight of hand. I have to be clever. I have to be sneaky. I might even have to lie just a little. – (gasping) Shocking. (audience laughing)
– I know. So I’m gonna do the same trick for them but Penn, you remember what happened last time I was here? – I do. – [Kostya] Yeah, he picked up a chair. – [Alyson] I know, I don’t think I can protect you very well. – No, I need you here as
my body guard, please. Teller just sat there giggling
last time, did nothing. So how about this? You’re gonna stick with me at
least as my emotional support. – Yes. And I’d love it if the
gentlemen could join us up here. Everyone please welcome Penn
and Teller to the stage. (audience clapping)
Alyson come on over. Great to see you sir. – [Penn] Hello you rat bastard. – Ha, ha great to see you. Great to see you. So, let’s get comfortable. Gentlemen I’m gonna perform
the same trick for you as I just did for Alyson. I’m going to have you pick a card and then I will catch it at my fingertips. But I have to use a different method. And I know that the
moment I tell you that, your brains start thinking
of all the possible ways I could do this. So right now, Teller is burning my hands. That means he’s watching my every move. He’s making sure that I don’t
switch this deck of cards for a different one. One with all the same cards. Penn meanwhile, he’s burning the cards. He’s looking at the corners to make sure that I haven’t cut any of them to make them easier to get to. Or, maybe I file down the edges in order to make one card
stand out from the others. Maybe, maybe I use glue
on the edges of my fingers in order to make it
easier to catch that card. That would be clever. Or better yet, I have
magnets in my fingertips that allow me to capture that card. Yeah, maybe I do. Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. That’s not for me to say. So all of these possibilities are there for you to consider. Maybe I’m telling you the
truth and maybe I’m not. Now, I know that doesn’t seem fair but hey, you guys started this game. (laughing) So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to shuffle these cards but I won’t push them in all the way. Leaving some of these cards isolated and out of my control. I’m also going to riffle
slowly so Penn knows I’m not influencing his
choice with Jedi mind tricks. Penn please say stop. (riffling)
– Stop. – Are you happy there? – One more. – One more? How’s that? – Good. Teller, you feeling good about all this? Sure, why not, right? Now, very important
before we go any further, I want you to make sure that your card is not near the top or near the bottom. That it’s somewhere within the spread. And Alyson you can…I’m
sorry you didn’t see the card. – [Alyson] No. – Now you know how I feel. – Yeah. (laughing) – So, are you satisfied? It’s in the spread, very good. Now, at this moment in time there are multiple realities happening here on stage. See Penn and Teller they’re
focused on the method of the trick and trying to figure out what I lied to them about. But you and the audience, you don’t care about method so you get
to experience the effect. – Yeah. – Alright, look at the
joy on her face, right? – [Alyson] Uh huh. – Now, whereas for you, the
card shot out of the deck and I caught it at my fingertips. For you gentlemen, my
fingers are going to shoot into the deck and I
will capture your card. (sighing) (riffling) Penn what was your card? – [Penn] King of spades. (riffling) – Your card the king of spades. (audience oohing and clapping) Thank you very much gentlemen. Thank you very much. Thank you sir. (audience clapping) – [Alyson] I can understand
why he wanted to hit you. – [Kostya] Yes. – Yeah, that was incredible. – Thank you so much. – And so frustrating to
not know how you did that. – Yeah, well, it’s part of the magic. Part of the beauty of it. – [Alyson] So, am I correct
in thinking you’ve worked on that trick for 17 years? – Yes, I’ve been
practicing it for 17 years. – Wow, what was it at
17 years you were like yep, it’s ready. – You know, I just know,
I just had no life. I always played with cards. I always with my hand. I’m always practicing. I created it to fool magicians but I showed it kind of underground, didn’t show it to too many people. And for three years now I’ve been thinking what I can do to come back
and I thought this is it. – [Alyson] This is it. – Yeah. – Oh, was it nerve racking coming back for the second time? – I’ve been really looking forward to it. I’ve been looking forward
to seeing their faces and spending time with them on stage here so this has been the moment that I’m really excited about. – [Alyson] And how has your life changed since you were on the first time? – You know, the first
time I was on Fool Us, before then no one knew who I was. They didn’t know I was coming. But ever since then it’s changed my life because now people know, oh you’re the guy that fooled Penn and Teller. Let’s hire you. – Um, okay, I don’t know. I see some surprised looks. Let’s talk to the boys. – [Kostya] Okay. – [Alyson] Gentlemen. – I want you to think about this because if we do this bust on you, and if we’re wrong, and
if you’ve fooled us again, I’m going to hurt you. (laughing) So that kind, you know
that little thing you did with the glue stick and you
did the little scissors. You did this. You did that. I’m telling you we have a little list. I’ll hit you in the head. (laughing) I’ll kick you in the ass. (laughing) I’ll knock you down. I’ll trip you. Imagine those are laid out in
front of you as I say this. (laughing) Here’s the problem. – Okay. – You know we’ve hung out with you in hotel rooms with you
doing this stuff for us. Amazing stuff. And there’s a, kind of a
shortcut Teller and I use talking about juggling and magic. Because juggling, you say
you’re gonna do something and you do it. And in magic you say
you’re gonna do something and you don’t. We think we know you can
control a card anywhere. We know once I’ve picked a card you can put it wherever you want. We know you could put
that card where you want. We kind of sort of watched you do it. And then, and this is the
weirdest bust we’ve done, we think you actually did it. We don’t think there was a trick. We think you knew the location of the card and you’ve been practicing
since you were 18 cause you reached in and
grabbed the (beeping) thing. (laughing) We think you actually did what you said you were going to do. And therefore, although you blew our minds and amazed us, you did not fool us. We think you are that (beeping) good. (laughing) So go ahead, tell me you’re not that good. – So you think that I’ve been locked up for 20 years practicing. And that I could precision dribble and catch any card that I want
from anywhere in the deck? – Uh, kind of, sort of, ish, yeah. (laughing) – You’re 100% right. (laughing) (audience cheering and clapping) – [Penn] Thank you, it was so good. (audience cheering and clapping) – Thank you so much. You guys are the best. – [Penn] So good. – [Kostya] Thank you guys. – He’s better than you think. I’m telling you that. (audience cheering and clapping) – [Alyson] Kostya Kimlat. – Thank you very much. (audience cheering and clapping)

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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I love reading them and hope to respond to many of you soon! Want to know exactly how I did the trick? I just made this video for you:

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