Paul Heyman getting beaten up: WWE Playlist

Paul Heyman getting beaten up: WWE Playlist

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  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Heyman. You're absolutely gold on the mic.

  2. I'm happy they showed cm punk

  3. 9:04 – 10:50 When we were happy and we didn't know

  4. Everyone: watches video to see cm punk beat up heyman

    Me: I go to the comments to see all the cm punk comments to confirm it

  5. Man, this was oddly satisfying 😅

  6. Satisfying😼😗😄

  7. March 6th 2003
    June 18th 2012
    December 17th 2012
    March 18th 2013
    November 11th 2013
    October 20th 2014
    October 31st 2016
    June 5th 2017
    July 30th 2018

  8. when you realise that Brock's manager none other than penguin 😁😁

  9. You’re not a general manager if you don’t get bet up in the ring

  10. Goldberg speared the walrus
    Goldberg smeared the walrus

  11. I love that video! Paul hayman deserved every beating he got. Paul hayman is nothing but a loudmouth walrus!

  12. There's only one thing that comes to mind in my head and that's


  13. I saw cm punk attack heyman

  14. I can't breathe but yet you are talking, FAKE.

  15. Paul E. Dangerously the biggest heel and always a heel in wrestling.

  16. Didn't Shawn Michaels give him Sweet Chin Music at Wrestlemania 29?

  17. Seems like Paul hey man has had more pain than any other wrestler lol

  18. Great list, but you forgot when The Undertaker tombstoned Heyman in 2004. >:)

  19. Dear people complaining about them not showing the Cena soap scene,

    Making someone eat soap does NOT equal beating them up…

  20. Where’s Chris and Cena making him eat sope?

  21. This would have to be Paul's greatest hits. Hahaha


  23. Thank you for this video

  24. Paul heyman didn’t see that rko coming 😂

  25. This is immature, boring, overly-repetitive and beyond RIDICULOUS. Doesn't make any sense, isn't entertaining or enjoyable. DISSATISFYINGLY PATHETIC SUCKWAD TERRIBLY UNENJOYABLY bad, heelish and repulsive weakassed dissatisfyingly and non-interesting behavior.
    ** BIG YAWN**
    Z – Z – Z – Z – z – z – z…

  26. Well paul,you still kiss up Vince McMahon's butt hole till this present

  27. Brock Lesnar's responses made a lot of sense! That is AWESOMELY 😎😊😀👍👍
    Very Much Appreciated and Terriffic Leadership!!!

  28. They left out Cena putting soap in Heyman's mouth smh

  29. A few years later

    My name is Paul hey man and my client is brock lesnar

  30. don't do it paul heyman just don't do it,,,,,,,just stay away from him now,,,,,,,,,just take lession's ,,,,,,right now,,,,,,,,let kane do it just for you ,,,,,just for for you,,paul heyman,,,,,,,, watch this now,,,,paul heyman watch it now,,,,,,kane go for it,,,,,,do it now,,,,,,

  31. Damn they showed cm punk

  32. help him now,,,,,brock lesnar,,,,,,do it now watch this now

  33. How about a playlist for every time he destroyed someone on the mic👌😂😂😂.
    Happy birthday to Paul btw😎😎.

  34. Ever since July 30 2018 I've lost my respect for Brock Lesnar

  35. Cm punk in a vid?????

  36. This is easily the most satisfying video ever

  37. What the hell happens to Rusev? Where's he now? Injured or released?

  38. 3:46 Cmpunk
    9:06 Cmpunk

  39. IDk what about you but I feel bad when people are cheering WWE stars that Paul Heymans tukhes

  40. The founder of ECW Paul Heyman is the son of the single most greatest professional Wrestling commentator in the world JIM ROSS now there a Blue Chipper if you will.

  41. Seems like this is a sign that Heyman's gon get beaten up again.

  42. Paul Heyman sounds like Jacksepticeye (7:04)

  43. Why didn't they have when Undertaker tombstoned Paul Heyman in 2004?

  44. This list is incomplete without the moment where brock hit him with paper! 🤣

  45. Goldberg was a monster in WCW.

  46. That's Paul Heyman Ryona

  47. Cm Punk in the screen? Error 404 or…

  48. Where’s Cena with the soap when you need him


  50. This is the most satisfying video I've seen😋

  51. 10:41 Heyman's back was covered with a plastic😁😁🤣🤣

  52. The best video 😆

  53. hey kofi you stupid, stupid, stupid, …….etc.

  54. Cm Punk had Wwe lit asf 2011-2013 was the best of Wwe. It’s still lit but no where lit as it was back then.

  55. CM Punk is the best in the world.

  56. This video was seventeen and a half minutes of pure bliss for me! Thank you WWE! <3

  57. You missed the Tombstone that The Undertaker gave him

  58. Hahaha shame Paul Heyman he got knocked OUT

  59. Who ever runs this YouTube doesn't get enough credit.

  60. Paul would make a great penguin

  61. They are fake security guards anyway

  62. 11:44 Randy is Always proving people are stupid.. lol

  63. Brock Lesnar is a loser that stupid farm boy from Cameron in Australia here

  64. At 5:12 look at heyman now he's moving like an cockroach👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  65. Where is stone cold stunner

  66. Did I just see a video made in 2019 with CM Punk in it ? 😱

  67. hey i remember that raw episode at 1:30 clear as day lol

  68. Damn I missed these days!

  69. How can there be so much CM PUNK in one WWE Video ?

  70. Undertaker also destroyed Heyman @ No Mercy 2002 & on Smackdown 2002.

  71. this is the best playlist ever

  72. He deserves all of it

  73. happy birthday paul !!!

  74. What about when undertaker choked in him to death. Before WM 30

  75. Only if they showed Heyman getting forced to put soap in his mouth.

  76. FINELY!! wwe shows the best in the world CM PUNK!

  77. I enjoy every bit, every second of it. This video give me pleasure for few minutes.

  78. No ecw paule dangerously

  79. Paul have sacrifice enougj for this company

  80. Somoa Joe's was savage

  81. And now hey Man is the boss

  82. Not gonna lie they I'm surprised they showed punk

  83. What happened to Lesnar and Heyman feud last July 2018? I thought it was going to run continuously.

  84. "You're hurting me! I can't breathe!"

    That's the point, Paul. That's the point.

  85. I'm surprised they even showed CM Punk.

  86. I'm surprised they showing cm punk !!

  87. I wish they showed John cena putting soap inside of his mouth too bad they can't cuz if Chris B*noit

  88. heyman is the greatest heel entreprenuer ever in wrestling

  89. the video started with brock and ended with brock 😂😂

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