Paris Flea Market Shopping + Tips

Paris Flea Market Shopping + Tips

Good morning! Good morning. We are off to the Paris Flea Market
and I love wandering around flea markets. And I’m even more excited for this one because I read that it’s actually
one of the biggest in the whole world. So we’ve arrived at Les Puces. Les Puces! Les Puces!
-Les Puces. Which means “the fleas.” And it’s actually a bunch of little markets
that make up the whole flea market. And we’ve stopped at this one first,
which is called Vernaison. Or Marché… Marché Vernaison. Marché Vernaison. And it has a lot of little objects, textiles,
smaller things like paintings instead of big furniture. So this is where we’re going to start looking around. I did find out by the way that this is
the biggest antique market of its kind in the whole world. It actually covers 7 hectares and they get between 120,000
and 180,000 visitors every weekend. That’s over 2 million visitors a year. That’s insane and I get it. That’s a lot of people. This is one of my favourite things to do
is just wander around with a coffee. So we got here early to beat the crowds and it doesn’t seem too busy
so we’re going to look around. I’m in heaven. There are so many amazing stalls here. I think this is the best flea market I’ve ever been to and I feel like I’ve been to quite a few. And I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface too. Yeah. We’ve been through maybe four rows in like an hour and my favourite so far are the place selling beads. They have like hundreds
and hundreds of kinds of beads. I don’t even know what I’d do with them
but I like them. And then also they have tons of old paper
and maps and just, I don’t know, things that you could use for other things. Old stationery…things like that. The textiles are gorgeous. So tons of old things you could use
as tablecloths or napkins. Lots of old clothing, which is beautiful. Old lingerie and nightgowns and things like that. I love the camera store. They have an old Leica camera that I’m in love with. It was 500 euro. 500 euro…we’ll let it pass for that. We’re like we’ll dream about that one. It was great! But then we also found cheap thrills at a pin store where they had all of these types of pins
organized and they were 1 euro. Well starting at 1 euro so we picked up
a couple that we both really liked. And I just feel like there’s something for everyone. Even if you don’t normally like
coming to antique markets, I feel like there’s something here
that you would find that is just perfect and seems like it’s meant for you
because there’s so much to see. It’s also just a nice quiet place to wander around. It’s very chill. All the shop owners are very nice. Very relaxed. Just a good vibe. Yeah – this is a perfect Saturday
or Sunday morning activity. We’ve been here for several hours. And even though we’ve spent a lot of time,
we’ve only really explored Vernaison. And I don’t feel like we’ve really even seen much. No I don’t think we’ve seen that much of it. There’s also a really cute little restaurant
called Chez Louisette, which looks so cute inside. So if you feel like having a coffee or something
to eat if you’re here, it looks great. We weren’t hungry so… They have boeuf bourguignon. Yeah. Enough said, right? But all of the sellers have been really friendly
and nice and wanting to talk and, I don’t know, I just…
I could spend hours here honestly. Days. Yeah. Because this place is really overwhelming,
I wanted to tell you quickly our favourite spots so if you don’t have a lot of time and you’re here,
these are the absolute must-sees. I think the best place to start would be stalls 29 and 31. They are full of old but never used
trinkets and you can find everything. Little things if you don’t want to spend a lot of money
or have something heavy in your suitcase. You can find something super cool. I’m pretty sure if you go in, then you’re
going to find something that you like. It was one of my favourite spots. The beads, if you want to look at
how beautiful they look all laid out, or maybe buy some to make something,
the beads are stall 6. And another place that we really liked was number 198 and they sell a lot of coffee grinders
and beautiful enamelware. So things to put your coffee or tea or sugar in. Enamel coffee pots and just beautiful stuff. We also saw really beautiful antique knives
that said Paris on them. Very elegant looking and they were at stall 125. And then where we actually bought
some things was at stall 140. The lady there was so lovely. And you can find little pieces for sewing with like buttons or threads…different textiles. She had a lot of old things from the schools
and so we ended up buying an old map game that was to teach kids about geography
and it’s of Scandinavia. Part of Scandinavia. And we also got something
to help kids learn with vocabulary. Which I think would just be…either of them
would be so pretty framed on the wall or to send to someone as a little memento
of coming to the flea market so that’s what we got. The other stall where we bought some pins
was at stand 88 – Pins Aux Puces. And they have amazing different pins and keychains
all organized into different themes. So I got a bunny pin and one in the astrology section
for Leo because I’m a Leo and I always have like my…
my Leo necklace on. And Marc got a cat. And there was so much to look at. We spent probably at least 20 minutes
just looking at everything they have. After looking around at some of the different markets, I would say that Vernaison
is definitely my particular favourite. The other ones that we looked at
seemed to be a lot…a lot higher end with very beautiful old furniture. And the price tags were in the
five figures sometimes or more. So a different kind of… So a different kind of shopping in those areas. If you just want to kind of browse and look at smaller items with a smaller price tag
as well that you can actually fit in a suitcase… More travel friendly. …and also if you don’t have a lot of time, I would say just zero in and come directly
to the Marché Vernaison because it is the best. I think it’s more fun too. Yeah I think so too. Well this was a dream come true. I wanted to buy a lot of things but,
of course, being a nomad, you don’t have anywhere to put them. You just decorate your imaginary Parisian apartment. But window shopping was fun. Yeah. And it’s a great opportunity to talk with locals
and get a sense of history, of course, because all of the items or most of them
at least are historical. Got a story. So that was really, really fun. Hopefully you guys enjoyed coming here too. If you’re in Paris, this flea market is open
on weekends and Mondays but apparently Monday is not so good
because a lot of the stalls are closed so come on a weekend. I don’t think you’ll regret it, we certainly don’t. And hopefully you enjoyed this video as well. If you haven’t already, please subscribe
to our channel for more travel videos and we’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

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