Paris Alexa Performs “Pity Party” (Original Song Performance) – Songland 2019

Paris Alexa Performs “Pity Party” (Original Song Performance) – Songland 2019

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  1. We wanna see Leona again 💕💝


  3. I can see ariana grande singing this song

  4. I'm lowkey upset that this song didn't get picked considering it fits Charlie's r&b vibe. But, I do understand that the song sounds much better from a girls perspective, so I respect Charlie's decision.

  5. Love the song 👌

  6. Speaking of that chord since #HallandOats and #MilesDavis trumpet it’s so sad that music of the day is not that organic but microwaved

  7. Yasssss this was the winner ❤️

  8. Dassss alot of autotune

  9. I was surprised this wasn't picked. I liked it better than the winning song. I liked this song just as it is

  10. This song was made for Jasmine Sullivan Just saying 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. I'm getting major Brandy 90s R&B vibes from this. That's a great thing, because that's when R&B was at its best!

  12. The lyrics though! It's killing me!! HAHAHAHAHA

  13. She's the first person (after Able Heart) that I see being a VERY successful solo artist…

  14. Please cut this record! Reminds of Lalah Hathaway!

  15. Why couldn't they just put all these great songs on Charlie's new album? I'm blown away by this one already. And Pill for This. Then I saw that Bad Habbit is the winning song. Man. All these songs are great.

  16. That voice. Rasp. Im loving it.

  17. Charlie should have picked all those songs!

  18. That jazz roots of Charlie showing. Sorry for spamming. I'm really blown away by this song. I do understand why Charlie didn't take it.

  19. "Go throw yourself a pity party, I'll even make as toast to you"

    Dang girl! HAHAHAHAHA

  20. Jordin Sparks would kill this song!!

  21. This song is straight FIRE 🔥🔥🔥!!! I've played it back to back like 20 times!!! That 80's/90's vibe on the instrumentals takes it to another level!!! I think Jazmine Sullivan, Lalah Hathaway or Fantasia would definitely do it justice!!! 🎤🎶

  22. Very good song,Charlie,you are a genius,I love that.

  23. I can see Ella Mai singing this song…….hey Ella!!!!pick up your song please

  24. Awwwe Ryan so sweet hugging her. ❤️

  25. Somebody needs to sign this girl quick she has the tenacity to compassion the voice and the lyrics that she wrote herself this is a big time hit top 100 a 1-minute clip and I listen to it about seventy times already this definitely needs to go somewhere and this girl needs to be the one to sing it as well she has the look she has the voice and of course the song writing skills somebody pick her up ASAP

  26. Omg. This song was the shyt! Borrowing from the traditions of her elders (Tamia, Brownstone,…even contemporaries like Elle Mai). My favorite of the season by far! Get is, young sister!

  27. Y’all she dropped this single and it’s out on all major platforms ! This was def made for her 😍😭

  28. This song slams!! 💯💯🔥🔥

  29. This song should be sung by a woman – maybe that celebrity singer that was on last week.

  30. when she completes this song and puts it out, I am definitely buying it !

  31. That melody and entire song was a 10 amd they know it.
    She might be able ro write for others but she does a perfect job singing it herself. Her voice is beautiful. This song is ready. I don't like what they would've done with it anyway. I'm ready to make my 1st song purchase and it will be this song. I absolutely love it.


    Please tell me that someone else loves this song as much as me UwU

  33. Wow. She’s dope af 🔥🥰

  34. This song was soooo good; I had to go back and listen to it again

  35. Another song that was too good for the show!

  36. Love, love, love this song! I'm glad it didn't get picked. Definition of a star: She sang it better than anyone else could!

  37. This is my second comment and this girl needs a record deal she's a songwriter and she got a great voice and a great look sign this woman immediately….

  38. I forgot this was charlies eppisode and when i saw his face i nearly fell if my bed dang i love him so much

  39. This is straight 🔥 . Amazing song and so talented

  40. Good song, thought he'd pick it, but made sense why he didn't. Ester could do something and make it a hit!

  41. Rihanna should get this song. It reminds me of one of her other song take a bow🤞🏾

  42. I can hear Charlie singing this song

  43. You guys should listen to her original music, I love her song Water Me 😍👌🏻



  46. Really like Ms. Paris Alexa. Hope she gets her shot.

  47. I can keep listening this song forever.

  48. That was awesome!!!

  49. I love this song!! Omg!!

  50. This song would be perfect for Miley right now

  51. I feel like a collab with Mary J. Blige should happen for this song…omg so see this as a hit…or a TLC come back like seriously 90s vibes of my childhood!!

  52. So what was ester talking about. This was faya!!!!

  53. This song so needs to be on the radio. You can find this song on her YouTube channel and on spotify.

  54. Y’all just gone let her walk away? That’s alright. This just put her right where she wants to be. She’s getting some calls and DMs today. #shesgotit

  55. Love Love Love this song!! This was the best song last night

  56. The best song last night… love it

  57. this song need to be a thing i agree should be a singer like maybe brandy or someone with a nice tone. u go girl

  58. This song needs to come out. I want to hear a full of this song.

  59. This song is stuck in my head.

  60. I love your voice and writing ✍️! You make me think of Fiona! Ok please Easter produce this! It’s awesome 👏 who has that? Pity 🎉

  61. I used to go to church with this girl! She deserves all good things 🙏🏽🙏🏽 so proud of you Paris

  62. Is this available for download? I need this song. Girl this is your own hit. I love Charlie but it's a hit whether he picks her or not.

  63. Who has seen this at least 20 times ?????? 🙈

  64. This song is for Beyonce. Please Ester or Ryan take this girl on. She is so great.

  65. He could have done a duet with her. Like the boy part and she does the girl part.

  66. Call Taylor Swift….perfect.

  67. This is🔥🔥🔥
    I ❤❤❤❤❤ this
    This my song .
    This song is
    # Exclusive , Period.

  68. this is definitely a "girl power" jam so I get why he didn't pick it for him…but it's a BOP

  69. Can't wait for this to come out on Spotify!

  70. Thank you all for the love! Pity Party is out now on all major platforms! <3

  71. I know what Charlie means that it wouldn't suit him but it's ima damn good song and it deserves to be out there

  72. Still listening to this one when it comes up to the recommended tracks.. Hahahaha

  73. Inspiration behind the instrumental: George Benson: Let me Love You One More Time.

  74. If it’s bad for a guy to say that to a girl, why is it ok for a girl to say that to a guy? Oh yeah, double standards and hypocrisy.

  75. I need to hear Maria Faulk, Fionna Faulk, and Christiana Bohorquez cover this album #PRONTO!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Excellent song and singer. I wish Beyoncé would record music of this high quality instead of the generic mediocrity of her song choices.

  77. I think Brandy would be perfect for this song!

  78. I really like this song. I am so lovin the vibe. Keep writing girl. Truly lss on this song. 💕 giving me nostalgic 2000s vibe.

  79. I love this song😍

  80. Love this and I wish it was a full song! Someone needs to pick it up!

  81. 2:35 that trumpet tho

  82. Rihanna should sing this song. Instant hit!

  83. Anyone know the intro chord progression? I've gotta' jam over this!

  84. They need to give this to Normani for her new album

  85. Anyone else glad charlie didnt pick her song? she deserves to get recognition for this and its perfect the way it is. it wouldve had to be completely remade to fit him but it fits her perfectly

  86. I hope someone picks up this song, I want it! Lol

  87. Wowza bowza. This didn’t even get picked for the top three? And they were so excited too. OH BANY SHAME ON YOU!

  88. Charlie said I take pride in my mouth😁

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