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Hi everybody, I’m Sabine Lenz, the founder
of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of paper inspiration. Oscar Wilde was a firm
believer that success is a science. If you have the right conditions, you get
the best results, and that does not only hold true for playwrights. But when a
designer is in complete control of their tools, their paper choices, their
inspiration, the art of design arguably becomes much more like the perfect
science. Very fitting for the identity that Chad Michael created for
Sespe Creek Distillery. Very fitting because the distillery’s founder and head
distiller, a former drug researcher and developer, approaches the art of crafting
fine bourbon like a science. But where does that rooster come in? Well the
rooster is actually the mascot for the distillery’s Warbringer Southwest
Bourbon, whose name and labeling were both created by Chad. The Sespe brand was inspired by the Old West and the style that surrounded the era. Think antique
feedbags, farming equipment, old General Store items – you get the drift. At the
center of the bourbon’s label, a rooster stands triumphantly on the body of
another, no doubt the competition, beneath the self-explanatory tagline “The cock of
the walk.” So when it came time to create the identity for the Sespe Creek
Distillery, Chad kept the rooster motif and played up the cartoonish
possibilities of the rooster. As you can tell by the catchphrase, this distillery
is all about attitude, and the business card has it in spades. It starts with the
choice of paper. Never one to leave well enough alone, Chad chose two Gmund Colors sheets duplex laminated into a chunky 220 lb.,
attention-grabbing card. And that, my friends, is just the beginning. It is
time to ruffle some feathers. With the help of frequent collaborator Clove St. Press, Chad took the rooster from Warbringer
and letterpress printed a cartoonish, cigarette-smoking version of it on the
front of the card accompanied by the Sespe Creek Distillery name and
tagline. Along the sides of the card in Red ink is a repeated stamp are the
distillery’s name and the phrase “Always good for business.” None of the stamps are completely intact though. Yet taken together you can
instantly tell what they say. The back of the card holds the founder’s name, contact details and more, again all letterpress printed, this time in Blue. The final
flourish, and my personal favorite, comes with a finger pleasing deboss
pattern featuring a distinctive chain-link fencing, deep impressed with a
nearly blind letterpress run – just a hint of color was used to enhance the pattern.
These amazing cards are a true testament to Chad’s creativity and his obsessive
eye for detail. The more distinct and detailed your printed piece is, the more
success depends on the passion and talent of the letterpress printer you
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