OVERVIEW ICO🔥CRYPTOMARKETADS – Decentralized Crypto Advertising Marketplace!

Good day guys, in this video review we consider
CryptoMarketADS project, note it’s purpose and dignity.This video will be in english
format. So guys, especially for you, I will add Russian
subtitles for convenience, pleasant viewing. At the moment the advertising is very important
for impact of the product growth and then the value of the product in future so that
it must have a good implementations of solutions in advertising. we can easy for find the best of targeting
the audience by have a good marketing. The combinations by advertising and marketing
it must to establish and then that will impact for all audience became and interested and
first th marketing and advertising give the good services and good product so that will
make comfortable for all new people to became and contribute. The implementation of tech at moment is very
well so that will make solutions of better in advertising and marketing by on marketplace
so that make the connections to all publisher and then advertiser in one place so this is
make very well in future for growing. Now see cryptocurrency demand is very well
so we can implementations with combinations marketing and advertising because we can make
growing the future in services and then change the value of the product very well. Based on this, one development team decided
to implement such a platform where people could advertise something, buyers purchase
goods, and all this is in cryptocurrency. Crypto Market Ads is a decentralized Blockchain
marketplace where products or services on cryptocurrency are rendered. It ushers in a new way and manner of trading
in the cryptoworld. It is a platform which connects publishers
and advertisers. It is secured, cost free, fast and so many
other benefits which are further listed below. the good thing about this project which makes
it so different from the rest is that it is a medium where by advertisers can advertise
their goods or services, publishers can publish authentic services all very accessible to
everybody and to anybody been made available to be operated globally without any kind of
restriction of any form. It is an awesome platform that connects future
market places to the existing ones so as to give users the best experience. CMA is also a marketplace with different features
which includes forum signatures, social channels, websites and ICO listings, email newsletters,
marketing services, Blockchain services and advertisers. It is a market place which also brings crypto
market bounty hunters, other influencers and publishers together. This platform is a win-win for everyone including
advertisers and publishers. For example, publishers has a whole lots of
benefits, and one above all is that it gives publishers the lowest fee ever. So what’s are the benefits of CRYPTOMARKETADS? • Firstly, It is secured and Very transparent
• Secondly, It is beneficial to advertisers and publishers
• Thirdly, Very easy, and fast to use in terms of transaction
• Fourthly, Very beneficial to exchangers as well
• And fifth, low commissions for both advertisers and publishers. [6] With the use of escrows and other protection,
scammers and thefts are eliminated from the system. why do you need to go looking for influencers
and publishers in different platforms and segments with high prices when you can have
it all available in one single platform for your budget. No doubt CMA gives users the best experience
ever. If you have any questions about the project,
ask them in the comments under the video, or you can ask a question in the official
CryptoMarketADS group in a telegram, where they will tell you more about the project
and will not leave you without attention. All links in the description under the video. And I say goodbye to you. Thanks for attention. See you next time

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