Outlets vs retail, and Winners prices: Sale fail? (CBC Marketplace)

Outlets vs retail, and Winners prices: Sale fail? (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. I never ever get a “ DEAL “ .. I pay full price for everything !!!!

  2. Companies never lose. Never

  3. I always want to get the original when shopping.

  4. stop harassing the damn workers. smh

  5. First off its an OUTLET …What are we expecting here I mean it's either left overs in sm quantity or a bunch of the brands KNOCK OFFS so the folks in Chinatown ain't the only 1s running game

  6. lol "similar"! For a comparison shouldn't they be the same product?

  7. Greedy sellers vs greedy buyers.

  8. I get most of my clothes at thrift stores and I also sell on Poshmark high end quality items . I never feel ripped off with thrift stores prices especially when you can buy tieks for $3.99 and resell for $160 or buy lululemon for $8 and sell for $60 it’s a win win fun game to play ! It’s called flipping and also getting a sales high at the same time !

  9. Bet you returned both those bags those … annoying

  10. THANK YOU CBC NEWS you officially have a supporter.

  11. They had the « experts » come in but kept the price tags for them to judge which is outlet and retail. Obviously the cheaper one is outlet. Dead giveaway. Like to see them judge without the price tags.

  12. Great video!!!

  13. Thank god I don't care about brands

  14. I never shopped at an outlet store expecting the same quality of the retail. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same product from the retail store that ended up in the outlet store.

  15. this whole time i thought the comparable price was the price that it originally retails for xD

  16. Where’s the next part?

  17. She wasn’t telling us something we didn’t know, if you really thought you were getting retail quality this stuff wouldn’t be on sale!

  18. The big exception is skincare, makeup and fragrance at winners. The Nautice cologne was an example but there is a lot of expensive make up at winners that you can usually only find at Sephora or a department store and the "compare at" price is the same as the Sephora price. Everything else is either outlet quality or damaged.

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  20. Shame on those Thiefs

  21. Depends on the outlet Nike for example does put their retail overstock in outlets and you can get great deals there.

  22. I have noticed the quality of products have since downgraded before outlet stores where thee big thing. I remember I bought a Kenneth Cole Watch that had a sapphire crystal face. It means that its man made but when you work at the jewelry industry which i have, its a steal. I didn't know at the time but when i banged it, on accident, i noticed no scratch. When I looked for dress shoes, such as Oxford Cap toe dress shoes leather upper I found them easily. Both products from Nordstrom Rack, 6-7 years later. None of their watches offer the same quality I bought years ago. Leather Upper shoes can't be found neither can I find all leather shoes except if i went to the retail store. Strangely Nordstrom Rack may sell the same pair of shoes and for the same price. Difference, guarantee. Rack: 45 days, Retail: no definite date available.

  23. That’s cool and all but I still can’t afford to buy my handbags at retail price

  24. 1. last longer …. you buy shirt every 5 years?
    2. the code is mostly in the label, so, you wear things backside to let other people see the label?
    price never lies, juts go with it.

  25. I thought this is already a well known fact

  26. Wow so companies make money off of their own boot legs?

  27. I shop at jcrew since they were honest !

  28. It very easy, now those companies are making their own counterfeits instead of other people from China. Louis Vuitton can do the same; make your own legal counterfeit and sell it for cheap and get all the profits!

  29. Watches are another item that are often marked up, then discounted to actual retail. Just don't let the major Swiss manufacturers hear about it…they will pull the selling contracts from those retailers. Had an outlet trying to sell a Hamilton Khaki for $1,000 when in fact it was $399, of course they had a 60% off sale 😛

  30. I need some Buyagara to cure my impotence for buying $1 shirts at goodwill.

  31. This is not new news.

  32. Regarding Winners, TJ Maxx, etc., “they” (the buyers who went into the sellers companies and purchased their “old” inventory for pennies on the dollar and the sales team who created the “new” prices for Winners, TJ Maxx, etc.,) knew exactly what they were doing, how to do it, and why they were doing it! It’s their job!! Plus all the perks and bonuses for being able to produce huge gains for the small initial investment is always a nice twist to the daily activities of that corporate structure/strategy!! Glad to hear that people in the States are finally holding them accountable.

  33. In torento we tuke ur begs beck. God bless Canada and their healthcare but I don’t miss hearing that accent when I leeved there.

  34. LOVED those clogs in the 70s show montage!
    The earth shoe thing was interesting, because my husband's friend had a colleague that he referred to as 'Professer Earth Shoes', & I never knew what that meant.

  35. From reading comments and my own observations I see that most of the people shop outlets, because they assume they can't afford regular retail prices. They go straight to the outlet, thinking a boutique is not for them. But guess what: as this gentleman in NY said: offer you get a better deal at a regular retailer. Every store has some seasonal sales, promotions, etc. It is better to wait and get I nice item at discounted price over there, which will be better quality, nicely wrapped, and the whole shopping experience will be so much better and more pleasant. It will make you feel you are really buying a luxury item, not just something off the rack. Don't buy too many items at outlets. You probably don't really need them. Buy less, but better quality. And treat yourself from time to time to a nice retailer during the sales season. You will get so much better products, better customer service and you will probably get it cheaper that in an outlet.

  36. I was wondering what about the brand name goods that are sold on Amazon or at TJ Maxx at marked down prices? Are they retail versions or outlet versions? (I am obviously not referring to the knock-offs in this case)

  37. What they expect ? They aren’t gonna sell quality clothes for cheap.

  38. Dumb 8 thgrade video.. like it was a homework assignment in 8th grade very boring

  39. everyone is a crook

  40. the exception to this is lulu lemon. a lot of the stuff at outlet stores are just old collections, patterns that not a lot of people want to wear, larger sizes, and collaborations with other brands that not too many people care about

  41. Why is anyone surprised? If the consumer wants to label at a lower price, let them have it! No one is forcing anyone to buy it!!

  42. And if it doesn't sell in the outlets then you'll see it at Ross.

  43. American Media would not do this kind programs some how , always Canadian media .

  44. LOL at anyone who would pay $300 for a purse. Also LOL at anyone who would pay any more than one-tenth that for a purse.

  45. U can try it, feel it, touch it, and the bottom line it is authentic, so thats your own problem if u cant tell the different

  46. Ugh! I would take those outlets over anything here in Jordan anytime!

  47. What about Nike outlet stores? I found a shoe at the outlet, that's been sold in retail stores for more. That means the materials are differents? Damn I am confused. Children's place do have hearts in the label on the clothes sold in the outlets, and you can't return the clothes bought at an outlet in any retail stores.

  48. Does an inside mall counts as an outlet? Or just outdoors?

  49. I guess Ross the Store is not authentic either

  50. Well Kate Spade died

  51. 18:06 — you said over and over. I mean not really.

  52. Most consumerist, first-world problem video ever.

  53. Jefreestar: CANT RELATE

  54. It doesnt really make a difference…. you are just overpaying for a label/name.

  55. Jesus Christ, that lady with a vendetta against Winners needs to calm down.

  56. most of people shop at outlets care more about the brand rather than quality.

  57. So the outlets are authorized knockoffs? Hmm.

  58. so what? the average person cant tell the difference. theyre getting what they want- cheap stuff.

  59. Canadian media are advertising where to shop! All BS!!

  60. very informative

  61. But its still coach

  62. No wonder there's law suits everywhere one big con

  63. two-three diamonds or a shiny button on a label ?? if that's the main difference then who cares.

  64. I thought this was known, that's why it's called a factory outlet.

  65. I’ll keep this in mind when shopping at Nordstrom Rack

  66. I can understand the brand names making a cheaper is a solution to counterfeits.

  67. You get what you pay for…. it’s a no brainer….. bunch of entitled cry babies

  68. Yes it’s a bummer , but why would I spend more ? Eeh

  69. I had no idea that the outlets were different than the retail stores!! Good lord…so glad I am not a fan of those outlet malls or shopping in general

  70. At least in UAE the merchandise in outlets is original, that comes from retail stores at the end of each season. so u'r not being duped with lower quality items.

  71. 8:15 YKK zipper is high quality zipper though.

  72. levi's jeans at winner are pretty good deals , can't really beat it.

  73. You see I got this shirt that really looks good, feels good when I put them on, makes me feel comfortable and all but the thing is, it's got diamonds on it's tag 🙁

  74. I think it's ridiculous that people are attracted to discounts in the first place. If a jacket is originally 100$ and you only buy it when it's on sale for 20$, maybe we should rethink how we shop. I love shopping online because it's a lot easier to filter out the prices I can afford, and I've always noticed that the cheaper it is, the lower quality it is, and to be honest, that is just fair. I find it a terrible idea to encourage customers to want cheap deals, it ruins economies and businesses.

  75. People are so naive to think paying less gets you the same quality. People are just hung up on the label and the alleged status they think they achieve by buying the brand name. You get what you pay for. All you had to do was make your own comparison, but, people are lazy.

  76. I like winners because of the selection. Not for the price of the items


  78. I don’t think outlets are such evil even if they aren’t the same quality as retail I see them as third brand or a third line of a brand.

    For example Michael Kors and Coach.

    Michael Kors has

    Michael Kors Collection which is super expensive
    Michael by Michael Kors though everyone just calls that line Michael Kors.- which is mid range prices they go from 100-400 dollars
    Michael Kors outlet.

    Now Coach has
    Coach 1941 which its most expensive brand
    Coach New York
    Coach outlet factory.

    A mistake both brands I think are making is putting together in the same store : their super expensive and mid range prices brand in the same store, probably their more expensive line is a different stant but it’s still in the same butique/Store as their mid range prices.

    They should get them separate and I think they better deals to their outlet stores since they are not giving them the same quality as retail.

  79. Its TK Maxx in the UK not TJ and was caught out a few years ago, the majority of brands they sell are actually there own, and the rrp is made up

  80. 🇨🇳 Might as well go to china town. Then you’ll be getting a bargain 😜🤙🏼

  81. I'm from the USA but i love CBC Marketplace iWatch Everyday 🥰

  82. Let's all act surprised "ahhhhhh!!! Wha????!!!!!""" Awwwwwww"

  83. Binge watching CBC Marketplace so interesting 🤙🏽

  84. It doesn’t matter that the price point of any of the goods are. The point is that consumers are told the outlet clothing are the same quality as the regular store. Its lying for profit.

  85. Outlets by definition are inferior than retail or boutiques. Outlets are the malls of yesteryear. Nothing wrong with them as I know what I’m getting when I go. You want to treat yourself, go to the boutique and if you don’t want to leave the house, order online.

  86. remember when we saw that middle aged white lady get mad over the phone at a customer service rep? lol goddamn it

  87. I'm disappointed that I'm paying less and getting a lesser quality product.

  88. Do we have outlet stores in UK?

  89. I'd rather pay $100 rather than $500 for a coach purse, so it wont last as many years but the outlet purses last and wear very well. Who wants or needs a purse to last 20 years??? Styles change and I saved $400!!!!

  90. Loved the original Earth shoes, they were just to comfortable. I wore them in the 70's constantly!

  91. Many products bought at Winners, tjmaxx, ross are older products that didn't sell at retail stores

  92. I'm fine with a $79 coach bag from an outlet vs $295 for a similar bag at Dillards.

  93. For the wallet, why would u spend that much money on a thing that is suppose to keep money

  94. You can take two of the same shirts: one with a brand logo and the other without… the one with the brand logo will retail for more. Doesn't prove quality, just marketing and brand identity.

  95. They’re SOME things from retailers sent to outlets, but it’s very easy to look at ones made for the stores

  96. I hate shopping, of any kind.

  97. A paper bag could say coach. People would be dumb enough to buy it

  98. The Guess outlet is COMPLETELY different than the real store.

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