OSHO: How Best to Deal with Fear

OSHO: How Best to Deal with Fear

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  1. Osho, you are so awesome

  2. Thanks for the upload

  3. I needed this video.. thanks for uploading just in time.

  4. I didn't get the ending. Claim what?

  5. here-now all the time

  6. would be cool to spend a month with this guy (would've been)

  7. Wow 1st time in my life i'm first. 😯😄

  8. Nice….Upload more videos

  9. ஓசோ ஒரு புதையல் பெட்டகம்..
    பதிவிற்கு நன்றி..🙏🏼

  10. finally! thanks for uploading 🙂

  11. These videos are diamonds.. thank you for uploading

  12. As always…..Inspiring, Amazing and and the True Nature of Human Beings !!

  13. Do you upload same video with translate in Hindi

  14. Please read Osho book, Fear: Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of life. I have read this talk in his book. They are not uploading complete talk sessions of Osho. They narrated talks into books.

  15. I want french traduction pls

  16. thank you osho 💖☄️🌷

  17. thank you for sharing

  18. Gold what it is compared to the words of a wise man

  19. Osho you are everything for me nowadays

  20. Yes it is true osho

  21. Thank you OSHO for Wisdom !!!

  22. Wow. Mind is coward.

  23. Vietnamese sub. Plz…

  24. Osho is simply unique, APPRECIATE IT !

  25. i heard this speech in some of the discourses

  26. religious -> re ligio us -> that which -> re aligns us

  27. Thank u very much….

  28. Thank you for sharing!!
    Love Osho:)

  29. Great teacher very inspiring video 👍👍👍

  30. Thank you for taking the fear out of me 🙏

  31. Fear is an illusion….. Shall we educate ourselves and our children that. Peace and Love from Algeria.

  32. Good vid.thanks

  33. Mind is in fear of getting witnessed 🙋

  34. I am scared of dentists and their procedures :X

  35. The best way to start your summer

  36. Thanks for guidance🙏

  37. Un maître en méditation qui a survécu aux épreuves

  38. I'm struggling with women I'm 29 getting older buy the day I know it doesn't matter. But these video is awesome

  39. 🌹🙏""देखते-देखते,सुनते-सुनते एक अद्भुत मौन और शांति से आप्लावित महसूस हुआ।भीतर गहरा सन्नाटा…और ऐसे में ओशो ने भी तुरंत हमारी ओर देखा,ऐसा दो बार हुआ।
    !! नमन ओशो!!🙏🌹!!प्रणाम!!)))💐

  40. I wish he lived in this generation

  41. This Man has absorbed, and transmitted vast truths. Bless

  42. Vine aca para escribir esto:
    Cada vez que escucho un psicologo, un filosofo, un politico o cualquier intelectual hablando….Siempre termina diciendo algo de lo que osho dice en sus videos.
    La verdad, este hombre era muyy muyyy culto, debe de haber leido muchisimo. Y en la epoca de el decia cosas que ahun recien hoy estamos queriendo empezar a descubi, todo un revolucionario.

  43. i dont feel fear anymore just anger

  44. Osho makes fear funny

  45. Osho clears all doubts

  46. Can someone tell me what discourse is thisnfrom?

  47. How a man like this came to be, a sheer miracle.

  48. More uploads every now and then pleaseeee… These are helping me. I love you Osho. He saved my life!

  49. where can i get the ending music?

  50. I'm a muslim but I admire osho's wisdom. So intelligent.

  51. Can someone please answer my question. Osho has said that you can start either from awareness or relaxation. I get the relaxation one where you just let go of tensions but if one wants to start with awareness does this mean you have to kind of force some awareness all the time? Ive tried this but stopped because it gave me a headache and made my mind very tired. Would greatly apreciate an answer thanks in advance.

  52. Arabic sub????????????????

  53. Fear driving me crazy…

  54. Powerful words ..OSHO tells it like it is .. 🙏🏽✨

  55. Por gentileza, em português.
    Grato pela atenção:-)

  56. As I understand it: basically the mind and the body are programmed for fear but through meditation we can catch glimpses of a mind and a body that is free from the slavery of the programming. The more we practice, the more powerful and skillful we can get at extending these glimpses of freedom and peace. Great advice.

  57. Hard to hear his words clearly enough…maybe that's too bad

  58. Thank you, Osho 💙

  59. Osho~ what a gift!!

  60. Which word did he say @ 15:00…"And it was all the time your_____?" Thank you…😊

  61. Please more subtitles in Turkish. VİDEO

  62. not sure if many realize this man was an absolute genius in matters of introspection and self-realization… the Zorba Buddha :))

  63. Mind is a prison…awareness getting out of prison…ausome

  64. only very fearful people pressed the dislike button…

  65. Very few understand.

  66. Thank you for posting this video!

  67. Osho's brilliant insights are priceless! It's also hard to match his great sense of humour.

  68. It feels like He talks from Eternal place.

  69. I cry whenever I listen to his voice

  70. Wow I really like osho

  71. Silence shared in words😂😂😂😂

  72. Portuguese subtitles please

  73. What did he say? Man and cockroaches are similar. Where there are cockroaches there are men. WHAT?

  74. I know we adapt to every situation but comparing us to cockroaches? Call it my EGO, I wouldn't this holly present with that ugly insect? Why people enjoy nonsense

  75. My mind is dead because your lectures! Thanks osho

  76. Wow this fragment i have readed not much time ago on the book of the ego and is not even close read it to listen it by Osho.

  77. Wow what a great wisdom

  78. This guy is a bit mad, isn’t he..

  79. “Cockroaches are among the most common of insects. Fossil evidence indicates that cockroaches have been on earth for over 300 million years. They are considered one of the most successful groups of animals. Because cockroaches are so adaptable, they have successfully adjusted to living with humans. About 3,500 species of cockroaches exist worldwide, with 55 species found in the United States,” reports Department of Entomology of Penn State.

  80. Wish there were english subtitles to this, bit hard for me to hear what he is saying 🙁

  81. french traduction plz

  82. Great words of great master.

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