One Tap NFC Business Card Near Field Communication

One Tap NFC Business Card Near Field Communication

Hi, so it’s about that time in the nfc life cycle as it were that we’re starting to see a blend now between just nfc chips, oh great, we can scan them, we can read data from it, brilliant, and actual functionality that the
general public and business users at large can wrap their heads around. How is nfc going to work practically for me? Not just, here’s a load of chips and now what do I have to do with them? But ooh, I can see what this does, it’s a fully formed something. One Tap is such a company. What
they’ve done is come up with a new style of business card. Now we’ve started seeing business cards with nfc coming through already. And they’re quite cool, you can store your information on them, great. But you can’t store a huge amount of information on them, certainly not a fully featured contact card for instance. At that point you’re going to have to start using
some of the larger nfc chips, the costs go up exponentially. So what One Tap have done is to think their
way around it and it’s something that I’ve been advocating quite a lot. Don’t try and store all of the information onto the nfc chip use data processes to store simply a
universal resource indicator a web address of where that data is stored and bring that down to the phone, so effectively this becomes an enabler, it’s simply pointing us to more information. Fantastic So, with One Tap what they’ve done is they provide a card and this has an nfc chip inside it on the back it also has a QR code. Inside here is just an ID number with a url. When I scan this it will access the
One Tap website and then provide me with a full suite of information about this cardholder So I would simply hand this to my friend or
business contact and then say scan it. They scan it, it then provides them with all the information which they can then save to their device. So the One Tap service has a website that you first set up all of your contact information in. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do, scan and it will then load the website. And so here you can see Practicalnfc. It’s a simple web page,
has access to the social networks the content details and then quick launch icons along here
which will quickly move me into either making a phone call sending a message an email or there’s an SMS option there if it’s enabled. Or I can download the entire
contact card directly to my phone. I mean this is a really good practical use of nfc. That on one hand, from an nfc practitioner’s point of view we might say it’s a bit simple but from a business user’s point of view, from a client point of view, from a simple method of showing how nfc can connect us to information this is magic and it’s going to go a long way I think
to convincing business owners to actually adopt this within their business needs because if you turn round to someone and say you can store contact information on it but not all your contact information, well, people aren’t going to do that are they? They’re going to look at it and say, well I want all of my information there, I want to store a photograph maybe as well. Nfc is not quite to that point yet but by using database devices and nfc which is simply pointing to more information on the larger web we can create a more fuller service for people and we can show people how nfc is actually going to work in practice for them.

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  1. Now this is very intriguing indeed.

  2. It's a great idea..

  3. Apple will launch NFC in their next iphone they are only out of the market right now because their unibody and battery tech isn't designed for NFC. No security technology is really secure if someone wants to break it. Apple like Microsoft loves to spread F.U.D when they are caught behind.

  4. Its too impractical until it becomes web free. I go to conferences and my data jumps onto super slow networks and even you had to wait to load the page. Until one can tap and have a contact instantly this wont take off. I do love the idea though and I am very excited about it, I may get some anyway

  5. awsome article in nfc cards
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  6. is another excellent implementation of the same concept.

  7. In india is the first company to launch the NFC business cards in india and it gives the full contact info offline. just transfer your business card with just a tap,

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  9. There is a Free Mobile app called Kax Card that doesn't need NFC too.
    Its a very Innovative way to share Bcards.

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