ONE Jacket 5 WAYS to Style LOOKBOOK, Spring & Summer, Women over 50

ONE Jacket 5 WAYS to Style LOOKBOOK, Spring & Summer, Women over 50

Hey awesome ones, so I bought this
beautiful pink jacket and I thought to myself, ah it’s gonna be perfect for
going to business meetings and all that sort of thing and then I thought how
very un-awesome of me. I can use this jacket for many many other looks and why
don’t I share them with you. So stick to this video, this sounds right, and I’m
going to show you five different ways I can wear my new jacket….and it doesn’t
matter whether you have a blue jacket….a purple jacket…..a black jacket or even a
leather jacket. This video is going to be for you. So let’s mix them and match them
and find some great ways to wear your jacket or blazer. Lets go! So my number one outfit and this is what
I bought for that business kind of look. I call it pretty in pink and I’ve
got a white cami underneath of course the pink jacket. I have some stretchy
capri pants, a little bit shorter and I’ll try to balance here a little bit.
I’ve got some pretty in pink shoes to go with it.
And there you go….also as I mentioned before pretty in pink….so I’ve got a
statement necklace….I also have some pretty rose gold earrings and I actually
did the video of being pretty in pink. It’s all the rage for spring and summer.
I’ll put that up there somewhere for you and….but I’ve got four more….why just one….let’s do four more. So for my second match with a jacke,t I’m wearing a dress.
Why not and it’s a floral dress at that. I have my kitten shoes on or kitten
heeled pumps on and also this dress is …..florals are really really big this
season, so make sure that the dress kind of has some color to go with the jacket.
So if you’re wearing blue it might have a touch of blue or or whatever along
those lines. This is a great outfit to wear for business…yes…also for maybe going to a dinner date with my husband or maybe out with
friends, because you know the spring and summer, you never know what the weather’s
going to be like. So I can always just take my jacket off. I’ve got a little cap
sleeve here and put my jacket over a chair and I’m ready to go. So for my
third look I thought I’d sort of scale it back a little bit and be a little bit
casual here. So I rolled up the sleeves a little bit and I also matched with some
turquoise bangles and a pretty little turquoise….turquoise necklace and I just
think turquoise and pink they go together so nicely don’t you think. What I’ve done here is I have a pink cami underneath and what I’m going for
is like I said something that I could wear….maybe to go out with my girlfriends
or to a festival or something like that. I’ve got my stretchy boyfriend jeans
which I absolutely love and some jeweled I love, love, love these sandals…they’ve
got a little bit of arch support there as well, which we we need and the other
thing that I have got going on are my cool sunglasses. So hey baby I’m ready to
have some fun. So my fourth match for this jacket has to be the ultimate
wardrobe extender….the scarf! Now I really really looked for a nice scarf that
would go with this, good for spring/summer maybe even take me into
fall a little bit. And all I did with this scarf is….I just folded it in the
triangle and just kind of looped it in the front a little bit, but I think it’s
very very pretty and you know what? I did a video on 20 different ways to wear
scarves so I’m definitely gonna put that up there somewhere because it is by far
the ultimate wardrobe extender. So let’s take a look at the rest of this outfit
here. I just put on a pair of beige pants and I kind of matched it with a really
pretty little, not a very high heel, but a slingback kind of beige shoe there and I
could have definitely sort of matched this with whatever color maybe even a
blue skirt or something along those lines. I could have worn a pair of capris,
whatever and another thing I like about a scarf is that if it starts raining you
can cover your head or if it gets a little chilly it’s a good bundle upper.
So my fifth look for this jacket has to be something classic and I thought what
I would do is I just paired it with a camisole and a pencil skirt, but by all
means what you could do, is you could put a little cocktail dress underneath as
well and I’ve got a little bit of a heel here. You know you could wear maybe a little higher
with this kind of look but again I’m kind of going more for the kitten heel.
Now this is a great look to go from let’s say business to evening wear. So if
Bill said…. hey you know what? Let’s go for cocktails tonight or something like
that….I’m ready! Baby I’ve got my little cocktail look underneath and the jacket
can go and I’m ready to have….I don’t know….a Manhattan….Bill, maybe something
like, but you know this is so versatile and the jacket just kind of works with
it all. The other thing that I have here is a statement necklace and Bill, if you
want to get a little bit closer to here we can sort of show that off and I
thought that that’s a nice look not only for the jacket, but also for you know the
cocktail type of idea that’s going on afterwards as well. So, oh and by the way
if you’re interested in some of these items we’ll try to find something
similar. I know we can’t find the exact match but we’ll try to find something
similar to the jacket and necklaces and maybe even the scarf if we get lucky. So
and if you do go back to our blog it’ll be in the first comment of the link. We
do make a little bit of commission so thank you so much for that. Every little
bit helps us to keep going with these videos. So we appreciate that, but the
classic look….mm-hmm. So there you have it. five other ways to wear a jacket or a
blazer. And somebody else who wears a jacket in the wintertime, it’s too warm
for him to be wearing it today, but Hurricane you also have a raincoat don’t
you? Yes we take good care of you. He’s also got a raincoat and you know I was
thinking about this video that I just made and I was thinking….wow there’s some
good ideas there for if you’re traveling. I also did a wardrobe….sorting your
wardrobe kind of video and I’m gonna put it up there somewhere because you don’t
need an awful lot of items in your wardrobe or when you’re traveling if
you’re seeing a matching like this. So I just
have to tell you too….Hurricane and I and Bill behind the camera….say hi Bill.
Hi Bill! We’re so excited for all the subscribers that have been subscribing
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meantime keep it awesome….keep mixing and matching and have a great one folks.
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