One Card™ | Your Digital Business Card

One Card™ | Your Digital Business Card

To the Entrepreneur, to the Small
Business Owner You start everyday with the opportunity
for a new adventure an opportunity to build something that
matters this journey does not come without a great
cost or risk and there will be many struggles to overcome along the way it is your courage to persevere and
fight for a better tomorrow that inspires us to create innovative
technology that will hope you along your journey we as entrepreneurs understand that with
the venture you must have the right tools we created the one card because the
paper business card is ineffective in this is the world think about it more and more professionals are
connecting business for social media than ever before some consumers want even visit a face
book page before they will go to your store or website the idea is simple everyone communicates differently and
everyone loves choices one car was created to be your digital
hulk that works on smartphones tablets in computers with no afrikaner were potential customers can pick and
choose how do i communicate with you whether that be through a phone call or
a text message connecting with your personal bio following on hold your social media for learning more about your products
india post this can all from ghana right from your
one car the one card becomes part of your wife
alice an entrepreneur imagine you’re at your favorite coffee
shop the strike up a conversation with
someone enjoying a lot space heehee and use paper business card and you texts in your one card now dogs are you’re going to lose or
throw away as paper business card but with the one card he can save your information directly
into his contacts or as a custom ap icon on his device for easy access and instantiate for one entrepreneur to another it’s time to rethink the way you can

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  4. True Story! Here is something that I have found to be hugely successful when you order your next business cards. Thousands of people will see your card vs one at a time.

  5. For a Video Format DIGITAL business card here is sample

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