‘OMKalen’: Kalen Recites Slam Poetry About Food

‘OMKalen’: Kalen Recites Slam Poetry About Food

[JAZZ MUSIC] Ow, what the hell is that? [JAZZ MUSIC CONTINUES] Karen, oh, Karen. [DEEP INHALE] (RHYTHMICALLY) Why
don’t you listen-uh? I’ve told you once, and
I’ll tell you again, those raisins don’t belong
in my potato sal-lad! [SNAPS] I know it’s not your fault that
you don’t know what seasoning is, but I’d like to introduce
you to my homie, McCormick. He’s really not hard to find
if you just go down his aisle. But you act like
you scared of him. It hurts his feelings. I can’t lie. But I wanna thank you because
you’ve got me a check. Look out, world. Now I’m working with DeGeneres. Karen, oh, Karen. [SNAPS] Ow, god! OK, I get it! [SNAPS] What is love? L-O-V-E! To me, it’s peach
cobbler because I reach to teach how
to season your peach. I preach for all the juicy
fruits that I love to eat. Strawberries, raspberries,
pineapples, and chicken. But I must cook in my own home
because y’all don’t wash them in your kitchen! Pasta, waffles, Kit-Kats. Lemonade, Beyonce make us
all want to get an upgrade. See, I leveled up from
fast food to hibachi. So when you see me, take note. Still a country boy from Kansas
with limited eating habits. But I’m still real picky. [HIP HOP MUSIC] [CHEERING, SNAPPING] Ow, jeez! OK! OK! Security! Jesus! Ever found a love like this? Can’t nobody love you like I do. I love me. I love me. [SAD JAZZ MUSIC] [SNAPS] [CHEERING] Oh, I forgot my phone.

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  42. Seasonings not just salt or pepper
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    Lemmon pepper. Those seasonings are not just thoughts. They make your food taste good and not like wood .

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