Oil changes: How often do you need them? (Marketplace)

Oil changes: How often do you need them? (Marketplace)

[ ♪♪ ] David:This is
your Marketplace.
[ ♪♪ ] David:When should
you get your oil changed?
Six months,
or 8,000 kilometres. David:We put that to the test.Man:This is the used oil,
this is the new oil.
David:You might be surprised
what we find.
People have to recognize
this is a sales job every time you go in
to get your car fixed. David:You can’t afford
to miss your
Marketplace. [♪♪] David:We’re hanging
out at the pumps.
How often do you
get your oil changed? Every six months. David:To gauge what
drivers know about when
to get an oil change.David:Can I ask you a really
quick question for
CBC? Sure. David: Your oil
change sticker up there. Yes. David: How often do
you get the oil done? Whenever it tells me. Whatever that kilometres
on there, that’s when I take it in. David: And do you know how
often that is, every–? About every six months. David: How often do
you change your oil? Once every three months. Every 5,000 kilometres. Why? ‘Cause that’s what
they recommend to do. David: Who does?
-The– the dealership. David:But with oil changes
costing as much as a hundred
bucks a pop, is that
the right advice?
Can you read something for me? Sure. David: What’s that
line there say? Change the
engine oil every year. Davis: Change the
engine oil every year. Yeah. David: How often
are you doing it? I do it every
three months or so. David:Check out most owner’s
manuals and you’ll see more and
more auto makers now say
you can go longer before
replacing your oil.[ ♪♪ ] Siri From Phone:The
destination is on your left.
David:We want to
see what dealerships,
which are owned independently
from the manufacturer,
will recommend to us.So we choose six vehicles with
the same instructions in their
owner’s manual.That is, replace the oil when
the indicator light comes on.
Not to exceed 12 months
or 16,000 kilometres,
whichever comes first.[ ♪♪ ] David:Then we pay
a visit to one of each
corresponding dealerships.David:The service advisor at
this Honda dealership gives the
same recommendation
as the owner’s manual.
advice at this Acura garage.
David:But at
this Fiat facility.
David:How about
this Dodge dealership?
David:And at
this Ford dealer.
David:Remember, the manual
says as long as the indicator
doesn’t come on,
it can go twice that.
David:So who’s telling
the truth and who’s taking
us for a ride?Mark Wynnton is a licensed
mechanic and former instructor
in south-western Ontario.Oil changes, what if the
dealership says get it done every six months but your
owner’s manual there says only every year. The people who built the car
and engineered it and assembled it, all their
knowledge is in that book, and that is king. It overrides anything
a dealer can tell you. In most cases today, cars have
an oil change monitoring system where the car alerts the driver
to the oil change requirement when that might be. That’s what you follow. Nothing else. Otherwise, you’re changing
your oil too soon, you’re polluting
the environment, you’re wasting your money. [ ♪♪ ] David:So far,three of the five
dealerships we visit do not
even mention following that
oil change monitoring system.
So we head out for
one last test drive
with our 6th vehicle,this 2013 Jeep Wrangler.It belongs to Eric.He works for us.[ ♪♪ ] David:Just like our other
five test vehicles,
Eric’s owner’s manual says to
change the oil when that change
oil message appears.But no later than 12
months or 16,000 kilometres,
whichever comes first.It’s been eight months and
about a thousand kilometres
since the oil’s been changed.And there’s no
oil change message.
So what will they recommend
we do at this Jeep dealership?
I was looking at the owner’s
manual and it was saying that you can go up to 12
months or like 16,000 so —But why is it —
like why would —
David:A marketing ploy?Time to call in science.Fluid Life in
Brantford, Ontario.
It’s one of the largest
providers of oil analysis in
North America.Manager Mark Sherman
first pumps out
a sample to be tested.He also takes a
sample of brand-new,
unused oil.Mark:A little basis
of comparison.
David:Certainly looks darker
but does it need to be changed?
I’m using sample
stickers, Mark. David:The samples are
then shaken, weighed,
and placed in this
ICP spectrometer.
Mark:What we’re doing here
is we’re taking the sample,
inserting it into
the instrument
and it burns it
at temperatures
that are actually hotter
than the sun.
We’re really looking at whether
or not the oil looks like it is in a typical state for your
engine or whether it looks like it’s in an unacceptable state. David:The results should
tell us whether the oil in the
Jeep is still good.Give me the upshot. What have you found? Overall, these engine
oil results look really good actually. There was a slight
amount of oil degradation, but contamination level was
nice and the wear metals were quite low. David: Do you have a sense
of how much longer it could stay in that vehicle before it
needs to be changed? Well, it’s always difficult
to say that with a definitive answer but I can probably tell
you that this engine oil is good for probably another 3,000,
4,000 kilometres. David: Is there any
need to change it right now? I would not change
this oil right now. No, it looks good. David:So why might some
dealerships push more frequent
oil changes than needed?Lucas Leung,
he’s got a possible answer.
He’s a former service
advisor who’s worked
at six different dealerships.Because they’re
coming in more often, every time they walk in,
it’s an opportunity for us to find things on the
vehicle that may be wrong. David: So if you can upsell
the customer to have them doing an oil change more often than
maybe they need to do it, that’s your opportunity
to sell them other stuff. Correct. So every time they come more
often, it is a possibility that I can recommend more. David:We contact the
four dealerships whose service
advisors told us to change
the oil more often than the
indicator says.Dodge and Fiat say they stand
by the advice given by their
service advisors.Jeep’s got nothing to add.But the Ford
dealership confirms
drivers should consult theirowner’s manual to determine
their oil change interval.
So let’s take a look at this.Back at the gas station, we ask
people to take a look at their
owner’s manual.What’s that say there? However your engine oil and
filter must be changed at least once a year. It says every year, yeah. David: Yeah, it means maybe
you’re doing the oil four times more often than
you’re supposed to. Now I will go back to
Honda and tell them that. David: So, you’re going right
to the dealership? Absolutely. David: Why would a dealership
want you to come in to get something done more often? For the money. [ ♪♪ ] There’s 50 million cars in
Canada and they all take four, five litres so that’s a lot of
hazardous waste and it’s a waste of money. I mean, people have to
recognize this is a sales job. Every time you go in
to get your car fixed, there is no two ways about that.And I don’t know how to put
that any clearer than that.
[ ♪♪ ] [ ♪♪ ] David: Ever wonder what
happens when your email lands in our in-box? Oh, hi, I’m calling
from Marketplace. She thinks it’s an
accident waiting to happen. Asha: When you hit send,
it sends us into action. David: You count on
us and we count on you. And together, create change. So help us decide
what to investigate next. Asha: Because this is
your Marketplace. [ ♪♪ ]

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  1. simple learn to do your own oil changes, and if you use 0w-20 "full synthetic" do your oil change every 5k miles or every year witch ever comes first . If you use conventional oil, do it every 3k nmiles.

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  6. Not here to dispute anyone's point of views. Just want to tell you what I had learned from a friend of mine who is a retired mechanic for the Canadian Armed Forces. This is what he does: pulls out the dipstick, rub the oil on his fingers; take a sniff and notes the color of it under a bright light; then he determined the oil was still good for the time being.

  7. hotter than the sun? Anyway just use common sense. Do my own … not rocket science and done right …don't like it when they through the bung back in after 5 seconds while its still draining. All depends on the vehicle u have and how u drive it and WHAT oil and the QUALITY of oil u put in.

  8. "Full Synthetic = Once a year"

  9. Very misinformative video. Change your oil every 5.000 miles. Period.

  10. Eh, still gonna change the oil myself ever 3k miles. I drive her with intent and fun, so better to be safe than sorry.

  11. Once every 3 months or so, that is between 5 and 6000 miles for me, I go to the parts house and I'll buy the oil and the filter and it comes with a drip pan and 4or5 shop towels and a funnel and I get everything for about 30 bucks. I watched about 15 different videos on YouTube and learned to change my own oil. Way better than giving 80 to $90 for an oil change.

  12. I'm pondering doing the recommended 10k full synthetic oil change on my 2016 Tundra.I pull alot of trailers,hual loads up hills? Check us out finding gold and many adventures 😁

  13. Once again CBS leading people wrong. Have you ever seen inside an engine that does 1 year oil changes?
    I have seen it. The extra sludge build up cause 75% of engine fails due to oil sludge build up where oil needs to travel better for lubrication.

  14. My owners manual says you never need an oil change but you must buy a new car once a year

  15. my indicator comes on every 30 days WTF

  16. Oil change is good every 4K miles, oil changers are cheap, just do it

  17. You need to change oil more often to prevent engine damage.

  18. Soooo the Builders "Marketing Ploy" Would be 2 get u 2 Come in "Less" for Oil Changes?? Why "Lady Mechanics" Playing Receptionist?? 🤔🖕

  19. I change my engine oil by myself so it’s better for the engine to change oil twice a year. 👍

  20. Normally it's 3,000 miles on Conventional oil but I extend the Mileage to 3,500-4,000 miles and it's fine.

  21. Well when it starts turning black it does thickn and looses lubrication properties but not enough to make any difference. The longer the oil is used after it turns black, the worse it gets at protecting an engine. So I'd say to be safe every 5 thousand miles for conventional oil and every 8 thousand for synthetic, that's for all city driving in average conditions. Now Highway driving with synthetic oil I'd say 10 thousand miles and 7 thousand for conventional oil given you live in a mild climate. This information is confusing because everyone gives different answers but I'm just telling people with a straight answer no nonsense. Hope this helps

  22. It all depends how you drive a car or truck . Just like a tire or brake pad that would wear out faster on aggresive driving or harsh climate. On top of all those how do those car manufacturers make money? By selling stuff or making your stuff last longer where you won't need thier parts service or even a new car .

  23. (1:00) how does an oil Change cost $100?!?!

  24. i watched this video and felt motivated….my friends saw this video and felt motivated….my neighbours saw this and were motivated…we rent a projector in a big field and my village people saw this and felt motivated….thank you so much for this video. may god bless you.

  25. I got a 2016 Kia Forte in October 2017 and I didn't get an oil change until this month lol. My car is running fine.

  26. What IF the Owner's Manual is saying to change the oil only ONCE per YEAR because they KNOW that's BAD for the car and will CAUSE MORE PROBLEMS in the rest of the car, making them more money faster. Better safe than sorry?

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