OFFICE LOOKBOOK | Business casual outfit ideas! ✨

OFFICE LOOKBOOK | Business casual outfit ideas! ✨

Hello it’s Allison I hope you’re having a super happy day so far I’m so excited to finally be filling this video and sharing all of my business casual outfit lookbook inspiration I am especially excited because in this video I am partnering with one of my favorite brands Warby Parker if you haven’t heard of them already they are a brand that creates beautiful glasses and it’s very unique and fashionable and vintage inspired glasses so such a fan of that and they are extra awesome because it is also super affordable so if you’ve bought prescription glasses before you know how expensive it can get but or we prepared the frames start at $95 so super affordable for prescription frames they even have sunglasses as well so Halle Florida girl has to protect her eyes um and my favorite thing about them is with every pair of glasses that is purchased they donate one to someone in need so how incredible is that so you can check them out by going to Warby Parker comm slash Allison and you can order your free home up Tryon kit and this is completely free they mail it out to you free and they even include a return shipping label so you can mail it back for free so it literally costs you nothing and there’s no obligation to buy so you don’t have to feel pressured if you end up not liking them so it’s super amazing you will like them though spoiler alert so I ordered five different pairs and I’m going to style them for you in this video let’s get into it for my first look I paired these beautiful eugene rose crystal glasses with a polka dot jumper which I got from saffle and this blush blazer which I snagged from forever 21 for accessories I threw on these pink air youths from Target and for shoots I am wearing these black sandal heels that are also from Target I have to say I think the Eugene and glasses are my favorite Warby Parker’s I just love the rose color and it’s so cute that the name is Eugene because it reminds me of Flynn Ryder’s real name entangled next up and feeling extra girly in this outfit I mean how can you not with a pink skirt the frames that I paired with this outfit are the percy Warby Parker’s in striped sassafras I mean what a name and then I am wearing this striped shirt from Ann Taylor Loft and the black blazer is from forever 21 but you can snag one of those pretty much anywhere the skirt is from Target and then the shoes again are also from Target I absolutely love rain skirts especially in Florida when it’s still pretty hot outside because they’re nice and airy for my next look I styled the Felix frames which are in sandalwood of Matt with this jumper that is from Zara and this blazer that’s from forever 21 and the heels are from Target but they are in nude this time as you can see these heels are a staple in my closet for accessories I styled these earrings from a new day it’s really amazing how the worry Parker glasses are so portable because then you can view them not as something you have to wear but as a fashion accessory okay the force is definitely with this next outfit love this outfit and I absolutely love the frames that I styled these are a close second to the Eugene they are the Warby Parker Belle frames in lychee crystal and I feel like they paired so nicely with this outfit when I was picking out all these outfits I actually just stumbled upon creating this look so I styled this pencil skirt that is from H&M I believe and then this Star Wars tee that is from Target and then my classic hot pink blazer that I absolutely adore it is from forever 21 I bought it quite a few years ago but you can always do a little google search to find a hot pink blazer and I just feel like the crystal frames looked so nice last but certainly not least I have my Rigby frames from YB Parker and they are in the color black ink and I feel like there’s such a bold pop to frame my face and then I have my black and white polka dot pants that I wear all the time to work and these are from Old Navy and then I have this blouse which is from chic wish and then I have my pink blazer at once again in my heels you know statement and an outfit when you’re working with a budget just reuse what you can and stick to those neutrals that you can wear constantly and then my purse I got a lot of questions about this it is from Target a new day and of course I can’t forget to put my classic Disney name tag on it’s I hope you all enjoyed this video and got lots of business casual outfit inspiration be sure to check out Barbie Parker and order your free home try on kit again you can find that at Warby Parker comm slash Allison after you order your home Tryon kit be sure to download the app they have two in the App Store and you can take pictures and try on the glasses that way as well if you can’t wait for your home Tryon kit to arrive and if you have an iPhone X the technology gets even crazier so you’ll have to download that as well and use the find your fit feature it’s so much fun but anyways I hope you all enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing you in my next one hi guys

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