NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Pre-Show: August 31, 2019

NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Pre-Show: August 31, 2019

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  1. Someone has the card?

  2. So are we getting this arena and crowd in 2k20?

  3. Wwe is the best? Of all


  5. Best Best Best super Best video

  6. اكو واحد ينشر هسة اليوم اول يوم محرم

  7. Not a single match

  8. Also we need more time in the breakout after the match

  9. Wwe is boring without undertaker

  10. i just got a aew ad wtf

  11. McManns' 🚫🔽⏬🔽⏬⬇️⬇️⬇️

  12. Someone 2019?


  13. I think this games only, just acting hmmm

  14. Pre-Show starts at 3:40

    You're welcome.

  15. Let's go toni storm you're my champion beatiful

  16. This is taking place in my kingdom

  17. Are The WWE & AEW Already Competing With Each Other On Pay Per View. These Smarks Are Helpless/Hopeless. That's Not All I'm Going To Say About Them. The World Will Come Crashing Down On Them. Now, See Ya.

  18. Hahaha mainevent mafia

  19. Who else got an aew ad

  20. Great stories for almost every match !

  21. Poeple that dont like wwe they suck 😂

  22. MF shout-out Boston Manor

  23. The NXT UK titles are by far the most prestigious looking and best looking titles in the whole WWE company

  24. Undertaker undertaker undertaker


  26. 댓글을리고싶은데요~~영러가안돠서요

  27. Who's Ready to See Hometown Heroes Mark & Flash Walk Out as NXT UK Tag Team Champion
    In Cardiff Like If You Wants 🙂

  28. Dave Mastiff vs Walter for the UK CHAMPIONSHIP

  29. Wow NXT Champion !

  30. Lol what. Aidan quoting Tolstoy? XD what do they have him doing in the UK. Fantastic lol

  31. One of the most epic NXT Take over, and best to date UK Take Over

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