Nipsey Hussle’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@NipseyHussle)

Nipsey Hussle’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@NipseyHussle)

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    speaks 4/15/19

  3. Dont listen to the littleman hit me hard

  4. Have u a game plan and have faith in ur self be creative always look forward etc.

  5. I think everything he said was on point. Be true to yourself, have goals, have a plan, and stick with it.

  6. Nipsey gave ALOT OF VALUABLE advice!! Thank you❤️🙏🏼 Whatever y’all want to do in life be consistent and don’t let anyone discourage you and potentially stop you from living your dream❤️ #RipNipsey

  7. “I’m not the talent, I’m the Executive representing the talent. Don’t play with me…”

    The man knew his worth & never gave up on his vision. I aspire to grow to that level of focus & determination. It’s heartbreaking what happened to him & to think what else he could’ve accomplished with more time. Long Live Nipsey Hussle #TMC 🏁


  9. Live your dream and do what you love to do everyday❤

  10. The formula of success is not to stop. The Marathon Continues 💪🏽 oh and get rid of all doubt

  11. Do for self cause the industry won't do for you

  12. All is well! We must continue.

  13. Evan let's get a part two please

  14. “Have a plan write your goals downs and follow through”💙

  15. “Kick doubt out the way have faith in what your doing”💙

  16. "My main focus was to leverage the global underground"

  17. I pray that Allah opens the heaven gates and lets his angel shine in spirit Rest In Peace my east Africa brother Ermyase Askgfom.

  18. Everything he said made me open my eyes. Long live the homie Nipsey

  19. Love! Love! Love! Stayed droppin JEWELS 💎. He will live on forever. ❤️🙏🏾

  20. He definitely lived up to his name “HUSSLE”.

  21. It’s hard to pick just one favorite that stood out. They all stood out. Very, very SMART! We can all learn a lot from HUSSLE. Although his physical (flesh) is no longer with us his SPIRIT WILL LIVE ON FOREVER. ❤️🙏🏾

  22. Rest In Power!!! I loved seeing this video when it was first published but now, for some reason, it means so much more to me. Salute to Evan!!!

  23. It's hard to watch him & listen to him because I get emotional… they took out a great man but I will fight threw pain & soak up all the knowledge… Long Live NIPSEY HUSSLE!!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙

  24. #8 stuck out for me

  25. “Be Proud Of What You Do

  26. "
    Articulate Your Vision"

  27. This man was golden. Don't know how I missed out on him…dang!

  28. Good vide bro 🙂 gj Nipsey is different than majority of rappers

  29. "IF YOU HAVE DOUBT your plan won't work"

  30. "I wasnt happy with my life once. I was waking up and it looked good on the surface, but I wasnt at peace. I'm at peace now".

  31. I have to give this man my full respect. I normally don't respect rappers. Last rapper i gave respect to was 2 pac. Very sad to hear this genius and legend died. I'll definitely remind myself of these principles while I attend graduate school. RIP Nipsey

  32. ~ Nipsey was a very Wise fool~

  33. "To Me, Respect comes first"

  34. Stay loyal and keep evolving… #RIPNIP

  35. He new his gifts and his purpose. He had VISION. He wasn’t trying to be just rich, he wanted to me EFFECTIVE🙏🏾. May you REST IN PEACE my 👑.

  36. "Never vocalize my visions, actions was my spokesperson
    Study rich niggas' moves like my homework"

  37. #4 Seek Respect ✊. If you don’t respect yourself, your time or your business no one else will. Teaching people how to treat you is a must in business and everyday life.

  38. Rest Easy King😭💔You May not Be Here Physically But Your Here Spiritually😇🕊
    "The Game Is Gonna Test You Never Fall Stay Ten Toes Down it's not On You it's In You And What's In You They Can't Take Away"❤And He Is In All Of Us🕊😇

  39. He said don't play with me. That was real talk. Respect respect

  40. Nipsey the good guy

  41. Dont take no for an answer.

  42. I've heard it before "you're only successful if you're happy with what your doing"

  43. Get rid of doubt, or it won't work and having faith!!

  44. R.I.P. Brother Nipsey Hu$$le!!!!

  45. He remind me of a young Snoop Dog man.

  46. Everything he said was good and strategic. It can be applied to any time industry.

  47. Have a plan
    Don't Alienate your brand
    Find Leverage
    Seek respect
    Be proud of what you do
    Live your dream
    Seize opportunities
    Don't listen to the LittleMan
    Keep Evolving
    Be Loyal

    Yeah, that part


    Gone too soon. I pray that his legacy continues to live on. The Marathon continues 💙🏁

    My favorites are numbers 7-10

  49. Nipsey had a BRILLIANT mind !! 🕊🙏🏽🕊

  50. He was a genius and he studied his craft from start to finish. Always a leader even when it was gang related. Nipsey realized early his gifts and abilities and utilized those gifts talents in a major way. Game CHANGER so what I took from this video is if you have a vision the keys to making that vision manifest is stay focused. Put it on paper and study your craft and spread the knowledge and the wealth. Meaning have a cause his was to give back to his community. Nipsey Hussel The Great…..

  51. "Strong Strength In Faith"

  52. "At Peace of what your doing."

  53. "Don't doubt…you got to have a plain. Keeping push but you got to have a game plain"

  54. 6:00–6:50. That part hit me sooo deep!!!
    “If my engineer says we can’t do that. I Engineer my self……….
    RULE NO 8 ✔️✔️✔️

  55. Have A Plan – a step by step list of things you do to get to your goals.


  57. Doing it on your own is best sometimes

  58. A great loss of talent and vision

  59. Possibly the greatest content on YouTube or any platform

  60. RIP the Great!!

  61. U were such a gem raising high level youth n humans. Leagcy continues. We all gonna live n do Nipsey Hussle

  62. "Seek Respect" "love the Respect underground artist" that's my mindset! Don't disrespect underground hustle hiphop! Grinding in their respect level!

  63. "I just on some Human Sh!T" #5 Be proud of what you do

  64. Thank you Brother!

  65. Don’t listen to the Lil man you have to know who you are & I am!!!

  66. VLAD👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  67. More videos keep it up

  68. More nipsey hussle keep it up

  69. Fok the middle man. (Walmart, Amazon, Target…) get ur products from Ali or wherever it comes from. Start with small money that will turn to habit and habits to success. RIP King!

  70. (Making a plan ) sticking by it by achieving your goals.

  71. SHAMEFUL gone so soon smh

  72. Nipsey was the greatest i love nipsey and i didn't even now him but i feel like i did he was very smart very eney would love someone like him for.real though i just love him so and i always lpve him no doubt 😃😃😃😃

  73. RIP LEGEND 🙏🏿

  74. "Have a plan" get rid of doubt.

  75. He is the King! He did everything!!!💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹💕💎🥇we are proud of you!!! We love u💕💕💕u inspired everyone!!!!💙💕💙💕

  76. In truth 7. Seize The Opportunity is what stuck out to me the most…Have A Plan was something I related to just the other day. Made me realize how important it is to know exactly what steps you are taking right after the next… #TheMarathonContinues 🙏🏿

  77. Is he in jail while he's explaining the first step?

  78. That's so cool that you knew his brilliance before almost all of the world did. Big ups to you!

  79. “It’s all in your mind, it’s cerebral.”

  80. Step one is highly crucial!!! Plan plan plan !!

  81. "8. Don't Listen to the #LITTLEMAN."

  82. This channel Is way ahead of its time ‼️💯 💯

  83. Bro can you do Ohgeesy

  84. Focus on myself, Thank You So Much Nipsey💯

  85. Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here:

  86. "Fuck The Middle Man"

  87. Thank u so much for speaking up for me I never knew how we influenced people. Again thank you.

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