News and Community Spotlight | September 5, 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Amanda: Hey, everyone. We hope
you have had a wonderful week. We have certainly
been busy around here. It’s release time! Unreal Engine 4.23
is now available, and it’s chock
full of new features, and important bug fixes. Looking to destroy your World? The Chaos Physics
and Destruction System has arrived in beta,
including Niagara integration. We are also excited
to introduce virtual texturing, the Unreal Insights Profiling
Tools, HoloLens 2 support, as well as a number
of improvements to ray tracing and our virtual
production pipelines. Download Unreal
Engine 4.23 today. In addition to a brand
new Engine version, the latest round of featured free Marketplace content
is now here. Download a versatile
Blueprint Dialogue system, an Ice Cool Material pack, a custom icon generator,
fully-animated skeletons, and a VFX Grenade Pack
before the month runs out. A robust Horror Game system
and Modular Prototype Pack have also been added
to our permanent collection. We are hosting our first
ever Unreal Film Jam. Between now and October 19th, create a short film or animation
based on the theme, “Oh, the places you’ll go,”
and enter for your chance at a package
that includes $5,000, a personalized project review
with Blur Studio, creators of Love,
Death and Robots, and Epic Games,
and more fantastic prizes. Get full details on
the Unreal Film Jam page and show us your creations. Human anatomy is so complex, that just visualizing it
in traditional ways is insufficient
for easy understanding. That is the problem
that Hirofumi Seo and his team at the University of Tokyo
are working to address. Now they have built
a real-time visualization and training application
for brain surgery that more accurately portrays
the brain structure and how it deforms
during surgery, which will help surgeons
visualize a patient’s unique brain structure before, after,
and even during an operation. Read more about their
incredible work on our blog. Gaming enthusiasts
from around the world recently gathered in Cologne,
Germany, for Gamescom 2019, a massive multi-day event
with 370,000 attendees from more than 100
different countries. From triple A blockbusters,
like The Coalition’s Gears 5 and Square Enix’s Final
Fantasy 7 remake, to the newly-announced
Everspace 2, and innovative indie projects,
such as A Juggler’s Tale, we would like to congratulate
all the Unreal Engine developers demonstrating their project
at this year’s show. We encourage you to view
the fullest of over a hundred amazing teams. Squad is a battle game that is
as tactical as it’s moddable. The multi-player shooter
has earned accolades for its realistic scenarios,
visuals and sound effects that are able to replicate
real conflicts and combat. Learn more about
how Canadian studio Offworld Industries transformed Squad
from entertainment into a VR framework that will support the creation
of virtual training applications that helped to simulate
real-world combat situations. And this week’s karma
earners are: ClockworkOcean, Shadowriver,
MCX292, IndieGameCove, KristofMorva,
Luos, kevinottawa, mightyenigma, Atlas35 and splodginald. Thank you all so much
for helping your fellow devs on Answer Hub —
y’all are rock stars! Our Community Spotlight section
this week is dedicated to our Summer UE4 Jam winners, so check out
the results of the Jam, and see their great projects. Thank you so much for tuning
in to this week’s News and Community Spotlight.

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