New Day don’t want to be archetypical African-American Superstars: WWE After the Bell, Dec. 4, 2019

New Day don’t want to be archetypical African-American Superstars: WWE After the Bell, Dec. 4, 2019

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  1. I haven’t watch wrestling in 6 months…

  2. I can’t imagine life without the New Day.

  3. Mad Max is very very glad

  4. Yeah, t'hats amazing !

  5. The New Day

    WWE Champion
    United States Champion
    Intercontinental Champion
    WWE Tag Team Champion
    World Tag Team Champion
    Grand Slam Champion

    Big E:
    NXT Champion
    Intercontinental Champion
    WWE Tag Team Champion

    Xavier Woods:
    WWE Tag Team Champion

    Simply the greatest tag team/stable in the WWE and professional wrestling.

  6. Seeing this, I doubt they'll ever break up The New Day.

  7. Well they are. Black guys that dance about smiling and no other character.

  8. Who wants punk and Seth at WrestleMania

  9. Race is still an issue in wrestling. I'm glad the new day is breaking the mold for African American wrestlers. however it was disrespectful how the WWE sabotage Kofi Kingston's championship run on Smackdown debut on Fox.

  10. How is a white person not qualified to speak about race? White (Caucasian) is a race, white people do get racially abused, white people for instance aren't allowed to want borders without being vilified and exaggerated to be a racist when in fact , it is racist to assume that white people shouldn't be territorial and want borders. For instance if Trump was Black no one would say no to the wall ( Obama helped Mexico build a border wall on southern border, no calls of racist then was there)

  11. Mike Daniels is a funny guy i see why they are good friends

  12. I am a simple human

    I see Corey graves I dislike

  13. Corey Graves is a clown

  14. They make fools of themselves on a weekly bases, when they were serious (except Xavier because he’s always been goofy) they were nothing in WWE. Clear example, Kofi came in as a let’s be honest, racist Jamaican stereotype style character, won a bunch of mid card titles, got serious in like 2013 for a second and lost a bunch of matches until they formed New Day in 2015ish. Big E was the next big thing in NXT, then he came to WWE as Dolphs heavy (which is fine if you plan to do something with him after) he had like a week long IC reign and then was basically a jobber until New Day. I don’t agree with how ACH went about it, but unless you’re willing to be an open joke or stereotype in the WWE. Black people have no actual future in Vince’s world. There are no black Randy Ortons or John Cenas at the top of his cards and there never will be.

  15. Haters gonna hate me .. Girls gonna date me … Spoiler 😉 Ill make a surprise visit on Raw soon

  16. The New Day BAAAABEEEEE!!!!!

  17. I had a conversation with Punk and he’ll be returning soon .. Maybe .. In Rumble🙃🙃

  18. Greatest tag team.

  19. Seeing this, l dobbt they"ll ever break up The new day.

  20. I'm glad they said the don't want to be the archetypal black wrestlers whereas when they first started teaming up everybody wanted them to be. I can't be the only one that remembers when everyone wanted them to be nation of domination 2.0 but then started screaming racism towards Vince when they debuted the new day gimmick even though the gimmick was their idea. People wanted them to be the next nation simply cause they were a group of black guys which seems more racist if you ask me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  21. They are the archetype of the alpha Gen Z weebs. They can make fruit loops look badass.

  22. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😂

  23. Maybe stop having them face the same people every week and throw pancakes at children.

  24. Those three idiots make black wrestlers past present future they are kissing alot of and doing shooking and jiving where are the real Black wrestlers they can really wrestle 👀👀👀👀😒😕😐😞

  25. What archetype r the new day? Cus I can't place them in any one category

  26. You can't win a war when the enemy is your boss.

  27. Happy Birthday to Jon Moxley.

  28. What's wrong w/ Graves' eyes??

  29. I can respect what they are saying. And I love that they let X speak on it first.

  30. God cory is so cringe worthy

  31. You know what I love about Xavier Woods? He's injured, but it doesn't feel like he disappeared off of the face of the earth. It's cool.

  32. Don't go for country/colour or like that

    Just go for HUMAN

    We have to show Aliens that we human are much better than aliens……

  33. New Day, Cryme Time, Prime Time Players. Anyone seeing a pattern there?

  34. Smackdown sucked last night never watching except nxt

  35. Just because you’re white doesn’t mean you don’t experience racism wtf is he talking about?

  36. Not only they sell a lot of merchandise they also teach many people that nothing is impossible, that you can achieve your dreams if you believe on them, these are the reasons why I think The New Day will never break up.

  37. Not only they sell a lot of merchandise they also teach many people that nothing is impossible, that you can achieve your dreams if you believe on them, these are the reasons why I think The New Day will never break up.

  38. This how many people love New Day

  39. Xavier has to be real with the image of New Day. I understand if elavated thier careers but dancing, pancakes and twerking doesnt break any barriers for the image of a black wrestler. Kieth Lee we have hope he can change this narrative around.

  40. 🔥Long Time WWE Fan 🔥

  41. Still confused: which parts of the podcast are filmed and which ones are just audio?

  42. Big E is the best. Also please never break them up. My favorite thing can’t end.

  43. Does anyone want to sleep with me ?

  44. Archetypal* you freakin idiots

  45. Yeah they sure are going against that stereotype every week when they come out shucking and jiving huh? Lmao what a joke.

  46. For them to even have to express that is sad and shows how racism is surprisingly still around.

  47. Can we have New Day vs. La Resistance? Pancakes vs. crepes. and bring FiFi too

  48. Nobody wants to be African American FULL STOP

  49. Idk about all that…I'd say the only black man who is really changing the game out here is the Velveteen Dream.

  50. Well Kofi is not even African American he is Ghanaian American

  51. Hey guys it is Dean Ambrose's birthday today!

  52. Its a new day yes it is 👍

  53. two of them arent even african-american lol

  54. I love the New Day but with the twerkin and gyratin, they're essentially based on black archetypes; an image based on the slightly aggressive edge matched with the "power of positivity" aura they had in their rivalry with the Usos would definitely get them outta that archetype IMO.

  55. Im so glad that the new day get this spotlight. Can you imagine if Vince did the vince thing and made daniel go over kofi?

  56. They are stereotypical African-American wrestlers in the sense that they have had limited singles success. Compare them with The Shield for example.

  57. Xavier Woods: We don't want to be the archetypical African Americans

    New Day: Booty Booty Booty, Twerk Twerk Twerk

  58. Remember when Vince made Kofi lose to Brock in 6 secs and tried to make us forget he was champion? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  59. Because we have so many African american representatives in the WWE that we should try to be different …. Smfh

  60. New Day Thinking This sis NFL / NBA & Not NHL MLB

  61. Why are you talking like this Corey. Just have respect for their race.

  62. WWE push more black wrestlers often

  63. The Lame Day. They need a heel turn they suck so bad as faces now.

  64. The New Day, keeping racism alive and well.
    As long as you continue talking about it and continue to mention, reference and allude to being black as a personality trait and a special feature you possess, you continue allowing the ideas of racism to perpetuate. But I suppose that's what perpetual victims want. The gravy train stops when you're no longer a victim. Add another shovel of coal.

  65. Wonder what ACH thinks about this.._

  66. As a black man I'll take the goofy new day over the played out "Thug" gimmick(remember cryme tyme). Im really grateful for the new day! Future hall of famers


  68. The don't have to break up please WWE

  69. But then again, look at Naomi … or Ember Moon …. like, how many times do they have to steal the spotlight in matches before finally being at the top of the division ? Also, I don‘t remember two female minorities being champion at the same time in the WWE. When Naomi lost the title at SS, Sasha won it (2017). Asuka was SD! champion but Ronda was RAW champion (2018/19). Sasha was RAW champion but Becky had the SD title (2016). It just seems suspicious, idk…

  70. Why can’t y’all be just “wrestlers” why does it have to be a “black wrestler”or “white wrestler” a lot of a wrestlers career is based on if they’re character is popular and if your character makes wwe money Dwayne the rock Johnson is African American/Samoan he clearly had a great career stop making excuses

  71. Seeing this while knowing that the "Street Prophets" exist 🤦🏿‍♂️

  72. They don’t want to be stereotype but gyrate around like a bunch of women

  73. Charlotte is a magnificent athletic marvel super woman in WWE and she did a magnificent job I would have done the same exactly thing she did I would have work away Charlotte was wright no one like to be cauterize ok one word mite be spell wrong see you.

  74. Buenas noches genial Saludos 😀

  75. Wow what Big E says is beautiful. As a Black man, I’ve gotten disrespected for enjoying Anime and Comic Books being called a child and not being into ‘Adult’ themed tv shows and movies. But to each his own. If that’s what I like, that’s what I like.

  76. They should talk to ACH lol

  77. As a black man I like Comic books, Video games, and wrestling and thank God the new day is repenting me and other black men in general

  78. To late for that 😂

  79. Big E should avenge Kofi’s title by beating Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Then Woods should win it at the next one.

  80. I like WWE who who like
    Came and click my photos

  81. New day should get hall of fame when their time comes

  82. kofi kingston boom boom boom

  83. You trash how do you sound it should be African-American wrestlers

  84. They've been a stereotype since the group formed. Vince builds all black wrestlers very samey. Either they are gangsters/ex cons, dancing goofballs or "this guy is an athlete." or big and buff but despite this always lose. Ezekiel Jackson was a prime example of good look but absolutely no character.

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