NBN Plans for Businesses – Why Choose Telstra?

NBN Plans for Businesses – Why Choose Telstra?

Hi, I’m Catherine from Telstra.Welcome to your NBN pocket guideabout why you should choose us
for your business.
We make moving over to the NBN easy.We take the hard work
out of choosing a plan
by recommending some
based on your needs.
Then, once you’ve decided on a plan,we’ll be there with you
every step of the way
until the NBN is up and running
at your business.
That includes arranging
your NBN Co appointment
and, depending on what suits you,sending you everything you need
to connect the NBN yourself,
or organising
one of our qualified technicians
to come out and connect you up,including our
10-point install check
that makes sure your NBNis running smoothly from the get-go.And the reasons don’t stop
at installation.
Don’t forget about
our unmatched network
of local Telstra business centresand 24/7 business-grade
technical support too.
So we’ll always be here for you.Plus you can bundle yourNBN Internet and phone serviceswith your mobileon Australia’s largestand most reliable mobile network.So you can keep doing business
on the go.
No matter what industry you’re in,
we have a plan for you.
With bundles that combine
super-fast internet,
business fixed linesand technology designed to help
boost your business’s productivity,
you’re sure to find something
just right for you.
Take our DOT, or Digital Office
Technology, bundles, for example.
DOT’s an all-in-one
business bundle
that combines
your business broadband,
fixed lines and mobile phonesinto the one cost-effective
and simple account,
and it brings you a host
of game-changing features –
sequential and simultaneous ring,Voice2Emailand 24-hour business-grade support.So now small businesses
can operate
with the same sophistication
as big business.
So why choose us?With our size, support,
simple selection of bundles
and exclusive range of products
and apps,
we can’t wait to open the door
for your business
to an exciting new world.And there’s your guide
on why you should choose us.

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  1. what are the download speeds?

  2. Why does my Bigpond wifi 4G advanced II speeds are way faster than adsl? our adsl in our town are 1mbps to 5mbps and my wifi is 45mbps

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