Natural vs. synthetic diamonds (CBC Marketplace)

Natural vs. synthetic diamonds (CBC Marketplace)

Doing that whole
down-on-one-knee thing? If you’re considering
buying a rock, you should know science
has come up with a way to make stones that look
exactly like natural diamonds. Sound unromantic? There are some pretty compelling
reasons to consider… Here’s what you need
to know about.. First off, when we’re talking
synthetic diamonds, we’re not talking fakes. These ain’t
no cubic zirconia. These stones are
virtually identical, right down to
having the same… as natural diamonds. See for yourself. These images from
the Gemmological
Institute of America show a natural diamond
on the left and a synthetic diamond
on the right. Or…or was it
the other way around? Natural diamonds are formed
when carbon is compressed deep in the Earth’s crust
for millions of years under intense heat
and pressure. Intense heat and pressure? Dude, try planning
a wedding. Synthetic diamond makers
simulate the same conditions, but speed up
the process. So instead of
millions of years, we’re talking weeks. Natural diamonds are mined; synthetic diamonds are grown. There are a couple of methods,
but both start with a diamond seed–
that’s a tiny piece of natural or
synthetic diamonds. It acts as a template
that forces carbon atoms to align in the same
lattice crystalline structure that makes diamonds
so sparkly. Ooh, sparkly! Natural and synthetic stones
are… You can only tell
the difference in a lab. In fact, since
a lab-grown diamond is virtually a diamond,
one growers’ group is lobbying the US Federal
Trade Commission to prohibit the word synthetic
when describing them. They prefer
the word cultured. Here’s what you
probably want to know– how much money
can you save? If you can afford to, it’s easy
to drop thousands of dollars or more in your quest for
that perfect natural rock. There’s a lot that
influences cost… and of course,
the number of carats. A synthetic stone
can cost you… And because the stones are grown
in a controlled environment, they don’t have the same
imperfections you find in natural stones. And money isn’t
the only difference– natural stones can
have significant… Mining can have serious
environmental effects. Synthetic stones,
on the other hand, have a much
smaller footprint. So before you go shopping,
here’s something to remember. There’s also
a difference between synthetic and
simulated diamonds. If a diamond says
it’s synthetic or lab-grown, it’s a diamond– just not one
that came from the ground. Stones that are sold
as simulated diamonds or diamond substitutes
like… are sparkly,
but they’re not diamonds. So if you like it and you
want to put a ring on it, there are options. If only the rest of the wedding
planning were that easy. Want to know more?
Check out our sources below.

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  1. Man are her eyes ever red.

  2. Wow .. suckers. Crazy women want common sparkly stones because De Beer's did a marketing campaign? We'll maybe the guys were fooled but the women sucked it up too.

  3. I don't like the way she projects.

  4. diamonds are not even rare though

  5. is there a pink eye infection at CBC?

  6. You're an idiot if you but a natural diamond.

  7. Buying diamonds for your wedding is just playing into the world that debeers created for their own corporate greed.

    I'd much rather do something unique on the rare chance I choose to get married.

  8. if the woman is really into you, she will marry even tho you only have an onion ring

  9. Diamond mining is an environmental catastrophe, not to mention damaging to the health of the miners who are paid slave wages. The prices of diamonds are artificially inflated due to the control exercised by government sanctioned monopolies which withhold the bulk of mined diamonds from the market.

    Synthetic diamond product, hopefully, break the control of the monopolies and reduce the price of all diamonds. The only problem with synthetics is when they are fraudulently marketed as natural.

    By the way, I like diamonds. I think they are beautiful. I also realize that it takes quite a bit of skill to cut them to maximize their beauty. It takes no more skill to cut a natural diamond than it does a synthetic diamond.

  10. Trying to find a woman you could love on Online Dating Websites is like trying to find a single Diamond, in a giant pile of Cubic Zirconia.


  11. Great to know anyway, even though I don't own or wear diamond jewels.

  12. One point is that "DeBeirs" would not allow the counterfeiting of a "Stone", they not only have control of, but also an industry they invested so much in, to create the 'Institution' of, The "Engagement Ring" and How much You are 'Expected' to spend! Kinda' like 'valentine's day"! To make sure You have a real Diamond You need to find a Flaw in it, That up till now was frowned upon and 'Synthetics don't have, but they are easier to make Coloured Diamond's that are 'Rarer' in 'Nature". 'Blood Diamond' does not refer to the colour!

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  14. Yes, buy synthetic from China instead of authentic from Canada.. thanks CBC!

  15. Where did this woman come from?

  16. So natural diamonds are fake? The earth is not millions of years old, but rather only around 5777 years old according to the Jewish calendar.

  17. The word, 'synthetic' is associated with things that are fake! Synthetic fur is fake fur. It's not real animal fur, but 'synthetic' diamonds are made of carbon and when hit with a laser, they put out the exact same raman frequency, 1332 and so man made diamonds are just as REAL as those made in the earth. If they are exactly the same and much, much cheaper, then we have advanced and now everyone can afford diamonds! Not just the rich!

  18. ¿What's the point of wearing a diamond ring if it's not a blood diamond? Status requires it to be the product of the suffering of the oppressed.

  19. synthetic diamonds means you can buy more hot rod parts..

  20. Synthetics are better. You get double the mileage.

  21. The question is does a synthetic diamond show up as a real diamond on a test? If so I'm fucking buying my future wife a synthetic one

  22. All you need to remember is that cultured diamonds are better than natural.

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  24. Also, you can turn your loved ones hair into a "cultured" diamond. 🙂

  25. damn i think she's so pretty. Beautiful.

  26. It's great that someone mentioned the fact that there are also ECO and ETHICAL costs for mining diamonds. People still think that we aren't doing anything bad to the environment by digging up diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are my No1 choice ever since I heard about them. I just recently learned that you can actually buy a memorial diamond that will contain carbon from your newborn babies hair or something similar. I think that is a great way to maintain an emotional bond over the years. Also if anyone wants to learn a bit more about the creation process here is a great explanation –

  27. Why I only but Lab Created gems

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  29. is it possible to define the way in which an individual lattice structure of diamond or any other gemstone grows so we are better able to use them in any desired application?

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  33. For me i dont like dimands. I like sapphires. Future boyfriend take note

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  35. Marriage is as pointless as dial up internet or analog phones. The sooner men in particular realize this, the better off the world will be.

  36. Im only gunna say yes to someone proposing to me if they give me a funion, or ring pop as my ring


  38. Is she high? Her eyes are so red

  39. Why will I want to buy a synthetic diamond thats bull shit real is the best an worth s more

  40. Mossinite shines more that diamonds just saying…

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  42. natural birth vs test tube baby

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  44. They're both natural. One is simply made by the earth and the other is made in a lab. Same thing though. Dirt diamonds may be "Naturally occurring" perhaps but they're both natural. Meaning cultured diamonds aren't made with anything that's not natural.. there are no un-natural chemicals in that diamond.

  45. Diamonds aren't rare, and hold no actual value. Only reason they cost so most is due to a monopoly in the diamond industry.

  46. Synthetic Diamonds are real Diamonds. Just man made. They have been around for a very long time. The diamond industries don't want people to know about them because then the value of mind Diamonds will go way down.

  47. you look high as hell lol

  48. If I want a ring, I'm getting a sapphire ring. Diamonds are bland as hell to me. Put some colours into your life.

  49. So if a “cultured” diamond were comparable to an actual one, and they’re virtually identical chemically and all, would they have the same moss hardness?

  50. There are no 'natural 'diamonds,' they're ALL man-made JEWels.

  51. All "diamonds" are man-made JEWels, a worldwide scam!

  52. If a company grew diamonds from carbon sourced from plant sources, specifically root vegetables (for extra sustainability), taking about 5 roots to produce 1 gram of diamond material, could you call that a 5-carrot diamond?

  53. What's the name of this beautiful journalist in this video ?! Who knows her ?! thanks.

  54. Yup, BUT THEY NOT 20% cheaper, BUT UP TO 2000 TIMES CHEAPER 😎

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  56. I’m a jeweler and this video is spot on! Consumer knowledge is powerful to know what One is buying. I wouldn’t hesitate buying a lab Diamond. They are one in the same like a test tube lamb is still a lamb.

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  58. Bruno Bucciarati on diamonds

  59. Dimond prices for mined diamonds are largely high due to history of monopoly and quite unethical buisness prectices, and not so much due to rarity. I would suggest on not reading up to much on it, if you still want to look down at a diamond ring and feel great about it.

  60. Synthetic diamonds can be verified as synthetic because most companies are honest and they are easy to trace and you can also test them for microscopic growth lines from the expanding process they use to make them, also UV radiation testing. If you want a diamond that retains inherent value go natural, if you want a diamond with depreciating value that will be rejected for resale go synthetic. Diamonds are valuable because they are rare and as a natural phenomena highly improbable and extraordinary not because of their chemical make up, as long as there is a way to distinguish and certify if a diamond is synthetic or natural synthetic as far as inherent value is worth will be classed as a knock off. Making them is revolutionary for the utility of diamond, ie phone and computer tec, lasers, drill bits and so on or if the value of the diamond doesn't matter to you but if you want a diamond for its inherent worth or as a valuable commodity isn't a concern. synthetic won't age well as a precious stone as tec gets better and verification technics and certification becomes more widely available, as for natural they will retain their value.

  61. If humans can make diamonds in a lab, would diamonds be eventually worthless?

  62. Is she high bc her eyes are red

  63. GREAT video. It really covered a lot of my questions and gave me some additional extra cool facts!

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