NATO’s European allies want a deal on Iran: Secretary General

NATO’s European allies want a deal on Iran: Secretary General

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  1. Hear is the deal. Kick out Islam, take back your country, then we talk.

  2. Acts 16:29-31 (KJV) Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas,
    And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?
    And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

  3. That man wants troops to stay in Afghanistan, then send some from your country or another country.
    Why does Americans have to die for other ungrateful countries?

  4. Why am I not surprised?

  5. You can’t reason with the Taliban, or Iran. They like killing people that refuse to be radical Muslims.

  6. President Trump is the best president ever! TRUMP 2020!..ROCK ON..

  7. Can't make a deal
    with the Devil.

    He always lies.
    Then you die

  8. Dickface European sat here talking shite.

    Fact: America has caused many of these problems so don't say Russia land grabs when America has done it since WW11 also.

    Let's talk about the nine11 attacks on their own country first


  10. Stop being weak, and do what you have to, to protect yourselves.
    If you don't get rid of the islamic scum that are infesting Europe, then don't whine to us.
    If you people are to afraid to protect yourselves, then deal with the consequences of your OWN INACTION.

  11. Let the Globalist pay for their fair share for USA protections against these other countries!

  12. For Crimea, Putin let Obama~Hillary~Biden etc ~WET THEIR BEAKS IN UKRAINE.~

  13. NATO and EU want a deal no matter what. A bunch of pussies. Sad EU is so weak. If not for the US troops stationed in Europe Russia could walk right through their wimpy nations in days.

  14. Darn the Ukranian President gets around

  15. Great questions Maria. They want Iran's trade but want the USA to fight them. The Iranian people are not our enemy, just those in charge. Britain wants OUT of the EU but u need them and steal their country. But why did Trump have to beat the money from the EU????

  16. How many countries has Russia destroyed in the last 20 years?
    How many countries has nato?
    Dam hypocrites
    You refuse to look at yourselves

  17. If nato will not stand with united states we should with draw from nato…………..Sick of the united paying for e.u. protections

  18. Eu ma chinui sa nu ne bobardam . Si voi na futeţi ca de obicei . Si miaţ futut si România

  19. Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  20. Only the members who are contributing their 2% commitment will be heard. Rest can just be quiet.

  21. f off you muslim lover

  22. Secretary General why don't you tell the truth, queen trump in a phone call or meeting with you said he will support NATO again if you go on Fox/ tass and lie to cover for her (reminder queen trump does not keep her word like a good communist). Time to release your conversation with queen trump

  23. The Iranian nuclear deal was corrupt bs run through in the middle of the night by one party in a backroom deal

  24. america is evil and nato is evil which means combined half of the worlds "power" is led by evil mass murderers and neo colonialists from the west

  25. If I was the President of Iran I would actually sign the deal with Trump as long as its backed by the international community and if the US walks away from the deal sanctions would be placed against the United states.

  26. Remember, Obama & Hillary let Russia invade Ukraine. Plus, gave Russia Urainium, which they sale to Iran.

  27. NATO you mean Israel

  28. Let Ukrainian be free. Let Texas be free.

  29. European NATO countries are on rails for Islamic domination.
    Don't call on the US when you wake up to the reality resulting from your choice.

  30. What's happens with stolen national gold from Libya and Ukraine after US made there peace and democracy.

  31. Crimea belongs to RUSSIA. Russia took it back. Get over it .

  32. United States backed out of the treaty deal with Iran because they couldn't afford to send them no more money so I think that is up to the rest of the world and the other countries to chip in and make this treaty still good and that's what it should have been done in the first place they're trying to keep Iran from being nuclear-capable which they should but I don't understand why all the other countries don't chip in and give them the money to keep them from going nuclear capable United States shouldn't have to do this every time and pay the big money out time for the rest of the world to step up and start paying

  33. US friends? US only have vassals, purpet regimes.

  34. Time to end the decades old Iranian terrorist regime. NATO is ineffectual if our allies allow our desire for peace to be used as a weapon to delay and gain nuclear weapons.

  35. France and Germany wants EU army not NATO without US because is too expensive.

  36. It makes no sense what they've done to me . it has no reason orpurpose. Its a senseless crime.

  37. It hurts worse then you want to know.

  38. Any country that drops the dollar is an enemy of the US. That is the only reason why Iran is being targeted. Everyone wants the Iran nuclear deal except the US. That is a shame. That makes us look weak and nobody takes our word seriously on the global stage anymore.

    US soldiers are dying for no reason in Afghanistan. It has been over 18 years. Why are we really there?

    Yemen has been bombing Saudi Arabia because they have been committing famine and genocide in Yemen. It wasn't Iran. They have the capability and they bombed Saudi Arabia the month prior with the same technology.

    15 out of the 19 terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered and the people of Yemen are facing famine and genocide caused by Saudi Arabia. Men, women and children are being blown up indiscriminately. Why is there no outcry here? Why do our soldiers have to be sacrificed for Saudi Arabia to fight Iran over fake allegations. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin. Remember 9/11. Respect our troops. They are not pawns.

  39. It's like even though I talked in the solution to the problem they're insisting on keeping it a problem when it doesn't benefit anybody at all that they keep an eye on problem a problem

  40. They are part of the global crimes against humanity and children.

  41. I don't like Or trust nato There a Wolf in sheep's clothing Nato and the EU Want To Rule the world That's where this global warming hoax is all started from

  42. We dont negotiate with terrorists.

  43. Deal? Dismantle 100% Nuclear Facilities, and free you people!!

  44. Nato's European want deal go ahead make your deal. But don't expect US to fall for your BS. The US will stand alone.

  45. US wants EU allies to stop taking cash from US and then stabbing US in the back

  46. Iran clerical mullah is root to all evil and regime terrorism. Iran leadership must be isolated.

    European Union and Germany alike Communist-Socialized Nation's are associated with Iran clerical mullah leadership.

    NATO is a Military asset and works very effective than Nation's leader's who are taking easy on Iran leadership. USA Military and NATO Military presence at a required rate stay's knowing the situation under continuous observation.

    USA-EU-UK easily crushes China and it's breeding road OBOR. USA already put tariffs upon China and legal actions for stealing USA Proprietary Information and theft of USA Intellectual Property.

    That's a good discussion.
    Effective and Productive.

  47. 10:16 of health and collective discussion.

  48. Remove communist and Islamist from America, watch us thrive !


  50. usa started the f war remember9/11 ben ladan,saudi arab.

  51. 9-11 was a staged event perpetrated by deep state in America.

  52. As for that unity America does not need any hangers on. If all countries stay in there borders things will be fine.

  53. GEE, it seems to me that the people Crimea VOTED to be re-united with Russia by over 85% of them, so democracy is not welcomed to these people ?????

  54. Listen to the President’s speech at the United Nations. It 💕🐥amazing!!!

  55. Russia will never give up Crimea. You know this, but you need an excuse for NATO’s very existence, gotta make the stock market up.

  56. Maria and this Guy both Globalist puppets want endless wars

  57. Lol lol just y have a nice suit.
    Your arguments are completely nonsense.
    You don't have any proof to blame Iran about Suadia Arabia Oil facilities.
    According to the NATO it haven't been successful in each country where they starts war Afganistan , Iraq and so on and just they trying to killing innocent people.
    On the other hand they show they are fighting against terrorism but in reality they Support terrorism as IsIs which made it by Suadia Arabia, Isreal and America and a part of Syrian people who are against government.

    If You are in charge of NATO and you think you are able to do something for peace and humanity standings against those countries which sell weapons and killing people in Yamen.

    Iran did what it should be do and it will continue to kick out of the American out of the region and it has been succeeded as it kiched IsIs from Iraq and Syria.


  59. Haha Listen to that dumb Norwegian,it Was USA who grabbed Ukraine,Biden Obama and that USA woman who gave out cakes at Maidan.

  60. NO DEAL …Trump is going to need a war for diversionary tactic …REAL SOON! can anybody spell armageddon??

  61. If the Eurotrash was concerned about Russian incursions into Ukraine they would step up and put their money where their mouths are. The EU is not our friend.

  62. Globalist want us all Communist. Lying POS

  63. No more wasting time. Just go in and finish them for good!

  64. گه خوردن کس کشا ما یه دونه قرارداد داریم اونم اگه .ه خواستن برقراره

  65. America is the only country that prefers war over peace.

  66. Ben salman ben ladan ben zayed ben fox

  67. کیر تو ناتوkir too nato

  68. NATO does give a fig about sagely, just their own pockets and perceived personal power.

  69. Boy they strongly oppose iran attackingsaudi arabia, whe what a relif to the countries around iran im sure iran is shaking in their boots, fierce words, wow, 👎🏻😅

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