Name That Song Challenge with Liam Payne

Name That Song Challenge with Liam Payne

-Liam Payne. Alright, everybody,
here’s how it works — the Roots are gonna
start playing a song one instrument at a time. Liam and I can buzz in and guess
as soon as we know the song. -I’m scared about this.
I don’t think I’ll be very good. -No? Really?
-I’m worried, yeah. -No, I think
you’re gonna be good. You’re a professional musician.
-I’m supposed to be good, yeah. -No, no, you are.
-Giving it away. -If you guess wrong, the other
person gets a chance to steal. You can play along at home. Roots, let’s hear the first song
whenever you’re ready. Good luck, buddy.
-Feel the pressure. ♪♪ [ Buzzer sounds ] -“Sweet Dreams” — Eurythmics? [ Cheers and applause,
bell dinging ] ♪♪ I got it. [ Vocalizing to music ] ♪♪ ♪ Sweet dreams — ♪
Oh, I love it. Alright. Sorry, yeah. -I didn’t know the name
of that song. I knew what it was.
I was like, “Ah!” -You can guess “Ah!” if you want
to, but you won’t win. Alright,
let’s hear the next song. Here we go. One, zip. -One, two, three, four. ♪♪ [ Buzzer sounds ] -“Circles” — Post Malone. [ Cheers and applause,
bell dinging ] ♪♪ -Wow!
-I got one. -Wow, you’re bringing it.
-I’m just happy to get one. -[ Laughs ] You’re bringing it.
Alright, good. Here we go. It’s a barn burner.
Alright. Here we go, here we go. Let’s do the next song. -Two, three, four.
-That was good. ♪♪ -Oh, I know what it is. ♪♪ [ Buzzer sounds ] -“Mambo No. 5”? [ Cheers and applause,
bell dinging ] ♪♪ ♪ A little bit of Monica
in my life ♪ ♪ A little bit of Erica
in my life ♪ ♪ A little bit of — ♪
Nice one. Nice one! Who sang that one again? -Lou Bega.
-Yeah, yeah. -Does he get
an extra point for that? [ Laughter ] -Alright, here we go.
[ Exhales sharply ] Let’s do the next song.
-Three, four… ♪♪ -No, don’t press my button. ♪♪ Oh. ♪♪ [ Buzzer sounds ]
-“In Da Club” — 50 Cent. [ Cheers and applause,
bell dinging ] Yeah, come on. -Whoo! ♪♪ -♪ Go, Shorty,
it’s your birthday ♪ Yeah, here we go. Oh, my gosh.
This is the best game ever! -I suck at this game.
I hate this. -It’s too much fun. -You should stand back there
and give me a chance. -[ Laughs ]
Have a running start, yeah. I love that, Quest,
you make them so tricky. Man, I’m like, “Oh, my God.”
-They sound great, though. -I know. Yeah.
-You’ve hear that before. -Alright, let’s hear
the next song, Roots. -Two, three, four. ♪♪ ♪♪ -No idea. Nice, though. I’m feeling it. Whoo! ♪♪ ♪♪ Oh! “Señorita.”
-Yes! [ Cheers and applause,
bell dinging ] -I had no idea.
-What happened? -I had no idea.
I was so confused. I thought it was
like a ’70s groove. Of course I know “Señorita,”
but, oh, man. -Shawn and Camila, eh. -I thought it was
like a yacht-rocky jam. I didn’t know it.
I was like, “Oh, I dig it.” I was like, “Kenny Loggins?” I didn’t know what was
happening. Alright, good job.
Let’s do the next one. -Two, three, four. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ [ Buzzer sounds ]
-Is it “Walk A Thousand Miles”? [ Cheers and applause,
bell dinging ] ♪♪ -Mm! -No one knows
the name of the song. -I couldn’t get
the name of the song. -[ Vocalizes ]
♪ Walk a thousand miles ♪ -I was gonna say “White Chick.”
-♪ If I could see you ♪ [ Vocalizes ] [ Laughter ]
Ah! You knew the name of that song? -It took me a while to get that.
-That was great, yeah. Alright, it is time —
what is the score? Are we close? We’re tied 3-3? Are you kidding me? Oh, I can’t lose. [ Laughter ] I’ve never lost at this. Have I?
I don’t think I’ve ever lost. Oh, this is gonna bum me out.
-Did you beat Taylor Swift? -Yeah, of course.
-Oh, my gosh. [ Laughter ] Stand in the room
with an animal. -[ Laughs ] Alright,
it’s time for the final song. This is worth 10,000 points,
so it’s anyone’s game. -Alright.
-Roots, take it away, buds. -Two, three, four. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Buzzer sounds ]
-“What Makes You Beautiful?” -Oh, come on! [ Cheers and applause,
bell dings ] Come on. [ Laughs ] -I’m glad I got that. ♪♪ -[ Vocalizing ] ♪♪ ♪ That’s what makes you
beautiful ♪ Liam Payne, everybody,
is the winner! The champ!

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