My Stalker Fan Story & Dealing with Hate | My Online Safety Story & Advice

My Stalker Fan Story & Dealing with Hate | My Online Safety Story & Advice

Hello. I’m Lucy, and I run
the YouTube channel, “English With
Lucy,” which teaches English as a second language. And today, I’m going to talk
to you about online safety and making your online
experience a positive one. When people take
an interest in you, they really do pick up way more
information than you would ever imagine. When I just started
my channel, because I didn’t have that many
subscribers compared to other YouTubers, I felt
quite safe with the information that I was sharing. Little did I know that
somebody was keeping an eye on what I was sharing. This one ran that did manage
to scare me quite a bit actually found out my full
address and phone number and sent it to me. I never put my address
out on the internet. He’d managed to
piece together lots of different bits of
information from all of my videos, and
photos, and geotagging, and work out exactly where I
live, right to the house name. The best thing you
could possibly do is start off on the right foot. So define exactly what you
want to share, and stick to it, and always have that in
the back of your mind. Also, be open with it. Be open about what you
are comfortable with and what you aren’t
comfortable with. There’s a line, and
it can’t be crossed. You are a real person, and
you need to be respected. One thing I do get is
a lot of criticism– sometimes constructive,
sometimes not so constructive. And I must admit,
sometimes, it’s a little bit hard to swallow,
because let’s face it. You’re putting yourself
out there on the internet. People aren’t going
to like it always. So when I get constructive
criticism or a really negative comment, if it’s politely
worded, then I will reply. If it’s really negative, I’ll
reply with a sort of joke, or I’ll make light
of the situation. I’ll try and put a
positive spin on it. I get a lot of hate
comments, much more than you would ever imagine. When I started out
the channel and I was getting some funny
comments, I sometimes would name and shame or
really respond to them. And I’ve just found that the
best way of dealing with them is ignoring them, just
a very quiet report, or blocking them from the page. Never say a word, and keep
it really, really positive. So I like to be seen
to be rewarding really, really positive and
lovely messages publicly. And so people realize that
the best way to get response is by being nice and friendly,
and that being negative gets you nothing at all. A worst case scenario, if
somebody is misbehaving, block them. They’re not welcome anymore. I think my biggest tip to
anyone who uses the internet and receives any
sort of hate message is try to imagine the person
that’s writing that message. It might be a 12-year-old
that’s having a really bad day. It might be somebody that’s
just going through a breakup. You don’t know what
they’re going through. Why are they doing it? Why, instead of being
out on a lovely run, or out with their friends? Why are they sat in
their room, on their own, writing horrible
messages to you? It’s because they’re not happy. And so that’s why
they’re spreading hate. And I find that
imagining that and trying to envision that instead
of feeling angry with them, it actually makes me
sympathize a little bit and feel sorry for them. The best thing you can do is
feel sorry for the haters, rather than angry and
offended by the haters. Kill them with kindness. Be nice to them. And if you still don’t get
a good response, leave them. It’s really, really
important to be aware that what you’re sharing
can be seen by anyone. A while back, there was
a huge trend on YouTube about sharing story times. I shared a story about
a miscommunication from a student. But it was a bit
of a naughty story, because he asked me if
I wanted any peanuts. But he mispronounced the word,
and it sounded like something a little bit dirty. And I shared this
video and this story, thinking it was going to
be really, really funny and going to motivate my
students to be really, really careful with their
pronunciation. I didn’t expect it to
get that many views. I didn’t have that many
subscribers at the time. I wasn’t getting that
many views on each video, but it did go a bit viral. Sometimes, I’ll meet people like
my friend’s mums or something like that. And they’ll say, oh, yeah. I saw that video that you
made about the peanuts. That is not a good
first impression there. You never know
who’s going to take an interest in what you’re up
to, where you are, who you are. You just don’t know, so it’s
better to be safe than sorry. I would definitely think twice
before geotagging anything around your house,
where you live, or where you work, or places
that you visit frequently, because if somebody
wants to find you, and they see that you have
coffee at the same cafe every Monday at 7 o’clock in the
morning, they could be there. And they could find you. Also, one more thing
that I didn’t think about is disclosing when
I’m going to be on holiday, because if
somebody does work out where you live and they
know that you’re traveling the world for two months,
you might come back to a nasty surprise. So looking back, I wish
I had been more careful from the very, very beginning. Just don’t forget
that it’s your page. It’s your social media,
and you have the right to have it as you want it. Thank you for
joining me here today to learn about online
safety and make the internet a better place. And don’t forget to check out
my channel, “English With Lucy.”

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