Sunny Lenarduzzi: Entrepreneurship isn’t all
about the fast life, even though it may look like it sometimes, like everyone else is moving
at warp speed, and you’re stuck here thinking, “Yeah, hi, what the … am I supposed to be
doing, and how do you grow a business?” (singing) It is a journey, and there’s no shame in that,
so I’m going to take you through basically what’s happened in my business over the last
couple of years, and how I went from this teeny, tiny, little social media consultancy
where the only way that I was bringing in clients and actually growing the business
and bringing in revenue was completely reliant on word of mouth. At that time, I truly didn’t even know what
the term lead generation meant. True story. Then something shifted. I started making videos and posting them up
on YouTube to help my clients learn new marketing concepts, and all of a sudden, I had a ton
of traffic. I’m talking my website was getting flooded
with traffic, but I had no idea what to do with it. That’s when I started learning about how to
turn that traffic into actual sales and customers in my business, and that was the start of
building a million dollar business. (singing) Sounds super glamorous, right? Well, keep in mind, as you grow a business,
your expenses also grow, so no, I’m not over here making it rain, and I don’t have a Lambo,
but I do have a little Fiat, and her name is [Noni 00:01:33], and I love her a lot. I want to show you the nitty gritty behind
the scenes. Inside of Noni, we have a little roadmap that
I’ve created to help you build your business. Let’s take a look. This is the roadmap to how I built a million
dollar business. Now, it’s all about execution. Let’s do this. The only way to get going is if you have an
engine, and the engine is you, spoiler alert, so you need to make sure you’re clear on how
you want to impact people and what kind of value you want to deliver to the world and
to your customers. It starts with your vision, it starts with
that one light bulb moment, and you take it from there. Obviously, you need some kind of a vehicle
to get you there, and that vehicle is your platform of choice. For me, it was YouTube, which helped me generate
a ton of traffic for years and years. You can also choose things like podcast and
other social media channels, but you have to have a vehicle in order to get where you
want to go. The vehicle doesn’t drive if you don’t have
gasoline, so you have to get gas, and the gas is really the content. That’s what’s going to fuel this vehicle. It’s what’s going to help you build momentum. You want to focus on content that’s educational
and also proof-based, to prove that you’re an actual expert and you’re a credible source. Teach, solve, help answer questions across
platforms. That’s what’s going to help you get you noticed
and build that expertise, and then also share case studies, testimonials, examples of any
clients or anybody that you’ve worked with where they’ve had a positive result. That starts fueling the fire and fueling your
vehicle to take you way further for a way longer period than just a flash in the pan. Of course, you need traffic. Not the bad kind of traffic where you’re stalled,
but the good kind of traffic that just kind of flows to you. That’s how you build an audience. You need to have traffic coming in which you’ll
get from that content, the gasoline, and the traffic will build your email list, your Facebook
group, and your entire profitable community of potential buyers and loyal lifelong brand
ambassadors, fans, and basically your online friends. Then you’ve arrived at your destination. Here’s the really cool thing about finding
your destination, which is really your offer. It’s what you’re going to sell and put out
there to world. I know it can feel overwhelming and confusing
as to what you should sell, and it did take me a little bit of time, but everything that
you’ve done leading up to this point, including your content, including your audience, will
tell you what’s going to be profitable for you and what will be the thing that you should
be selling. You’ll hear it in people’s question that they
ask you over and over again. You’ll get people reaching out to you saying,
“I’d really love to learn X, Y, and Z from you,” so they will actually tell you, and
then you build an offer for them. That’s what happened with me when it came
to YouTube. I realized, “Oh, I’m good at teaching entrepreneurs
how to build their businesses with YouTube, and I’m doing it anyways, and more and more
people are asking for it, so I’m going to create my own proven process around it that
I can sell and is my own unique intel.” That’s how I’ve really built up not just one,
but several destinations where entrepreneurs can work with me, and my clients and customers
can work with me on a whole bunch of levels, whether it’s buying a course, working with
me in a group setting, or working with me one-on-one. But we’re not quite done. See, now, now it’s really fun because you
can actually add more gas because you’ve generated some revenue in the business by having an
offer that is selling, and you’re starting to get some capital, which it means money
in the bank, which is why it’s really, really important to put money away when you’re earning
it in your business. Why? Because by adding more gas, what I mean by
that, is you’re basically adding fuel to the fire. You’ve paid, or you’ve been paid, by your
warm audience, meaning that’s people that know you, that you built up with that traffic,
that audience that you built. There’s a whole world out there who has never
met you and never heard of you, and a great way to reach them is through paid promotion. We didn’t do any paid promotion until a year
ago, and if I’m honest with you, about a year ago, we’re spending maybe $50 a day on ad
spend. We were testing our offer on cold traffic,
people who had never heard of me before, had no idea who I was. Now, today, because it works so well and we
tested for a long, long time to make sure it worked, we’re spending about a thousand
dollars a day, but we’re generating about $3,000 a day. Of course, you have to oil it like a well-oiled
machine, so at this point, once you have everything else in place, you can automate, create systems
and processes and continue to elevate and grow and tweak the products and services you
already have to make them even better, and the most important piece? Having the right passengers along for the
ride, having the right team with you when you’re at the place that you’re actually able
to bring on a team, having mentors around you and people that are going to elevate you,
but above all else, you have to remember that this entire machine is fueled by you, so you
have to take care of yourself. This business is also fueling you and your
personal brand and the other endeavors that you want to do, so it’s a mutually-beneficial
relationship, and you have to keep that in mind. I hope you enjoyed this video. We had so much fun with it. If you did, comment below with bossclub, #bossclub,
and let us know what you thought about this. Next week, I’m going to be talking all about
growth mindset, how to develop a growth mindset because if there’s one thing I’ve learned
in growing to this place is that you have to have the right mindset and you have to
be able to think bigger and beyond your wildest dreams because truly at this point in this
business, I can’t believe this is real life. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you
for being here. Smash that subscribe button, and make sure
tat you’re tuning in every week for brand new episodes on how to be your own boss and
build your own life. Thank you, and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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