My Illustrator Workflow Changed Forever (Illustrator CC Tutorial)

My Illustrator Workflow Changed Forever (Illustrator CC Tutorial)

if you’re somebody who uses illustrator
CC there is actually a specific panel that can literally save heaps of time
for you and your graphic design workflow sponsoring today’s video is mini notes
the best place to plan and streamline your next graphic design project
millinery allows you to generate ideas and concepts with ease and then to
evolve those creations to final design solutions as you probably know I use
millionnaire myself my design projects and you can learn more about their
awesome project planning software later in today’s video and just how helpful
milliner can be for your creative design process you will come back to you to
Tory graphics and I hope you’re doing well today
now from illustrator CC 2018 up until 2019 Adobe has revamped and added
several new features to the properties panel you can locate and I open the
properties panel here in the drop down window menu now the first thing that you
want to know about the properties panel is that the actual interface and options
change depending on what you have selected so right now I have nothing on
my artboard so there’s no fun sore shapes or designs so love the settings
you can see in a properties panel relate to the document set of itself the main
advantage of the properties panel is that it has so many different list
writer settings functions and resources in one panel so firstly here I can
actually turn on the rulers just by clicking this icon here so of course I
can also change the measurements used for my rulers and I can even change the
size of my artboard the name of my eye board and other our board settings right
here here we can activate the grid and also
we can change the document to alpha channel here one setting I’m always
changing is the keyboard increment settings which is essentially how far
you move an object by pressing left and right up and down on your keyboard this
doesn’t need to change depending on your artboard and your graphic designer you
working on so again I can just change that in the properties panel without
having to go into the illustrator preference settings for example if I
feel this doesn’t move fast enough across my board I can just come in here
and change it really really quickly this is the charm of the properties panel it
just got so much open to you in an easy-to-access single location but let’s
keep going and reveal more power in the properties panel now a really cool
feature is here in the document setup if you’ve forgotten to add some bleeds you
can just quickly add them here after creating the document yourself and also
there are other settings as well that you might want to take into
consideration but being able to add bleeds after creating the document is
really really powerful indeed so those are the document settings that you’re
gonna find in the properties window but let’s see what happens when we have a
shape or a design selected so I’ve got some squares on my artboard here and
you’re gonna notice that when I click this shape itself the options in the
properties panel instantly change it’s such a powerful resource because you can
literally find almost everything within one single panel I can quickly change
the square to 25% of the original size by adjusting the height and the width
numeral values I can also rotate the square as well and also take notice that
you can add fill stroke and change the opacity as well as add effects all
within the properties panel one of my favorite resources that I
think illustrates has to offer is the appearance panel and yeah you’ve guessed
it you can even find that here in the properties panel I’ve made a few
tutorials on the appearance panel and I think you need to be using this in your
graphic design workflow one of the functions I use the most when designing
a logo or pretty much anything illustrator is the Pathfinder options
and you can actually find them below the align options and you might have seen in
previous tutorials that if you use the Pathfinder window and you hold down to
the command or control key you actually change the selection into a compound
shape which means I can actually move around the cutout section of my square but anyway moving back on with today’s
tutorial you’ll notice at the very bottom of the properties panel there is
a stark global edit setting now this is only for those who have illustrator CC
2019 and this is a really needs and a new feature whatever you do to the
initial shape you have selected you will do to every other shape similar to that
and you can see how powerful this is when you’re working on a design that
uses say a logo across a whole branding stationery setup this is one of the
reasons why elasticities CC is so so powerful you also have other options
here to arrange and you know recolor artwork so finally what happens when we
select text with the properties panel open so starting on the bottom we have a
whole host of paragraph settings here where it is more than we have understand
that interface at a very tough we also have access to the font choice
the font kerning tracking size and so forth and then of course we have the
effects the fuel color the stroke the opacity and the location and size at the
very top which is a transform window it should also be noted that you can drag
and drop other windows into the property panel and this is why it’s so useful
guys it really will help your graphic design workflow if you just leave this
panel open if you don’t need the keyboard shortcuts for moving objects
back and forth they’re located in the arrange panel at the very bottom but yeah big thanks to Mullen 8 for
sponsoring today’s video I really do highly recommend it and I’ve been using
it for nearly two years now myself you can easily streamline your creative
process from start to finish on any project that you’re working on but also
it’s very easy to share your ideas and your projects with other clients or even
work colleagues so yeah do check out the links down below for more information on
milla notes and start streamlining your creative design process in a more
efficient way today so yeah and do let me know if you use the properties panel
in your graphic design workflow and if you don’t please ain’t gonna start using
after today’s video if you want to keep learning essential skills as a graphic
designer make sure to subscribe to my channel for weekly graphic design
content and if you already have do press the bell icon so you never miss an
upload I’m Tom Satori and I hope you have a great day and until next time
design your future today peace

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