My Everyday Professional Makeup Looks!

My Everyday Professional Makeup Looks!

Hi guys! So for today’s vlogmas episode, I’m gonna
be showing you guys how I do my daily makeup. I don’t wear makeup everyday but there are
days when I wanna look a little nicer so I do wear a little bit of makeup. So to get started, I don’t do much in terms
of skincare in the morning. I just wear this sunscreen. This is from Glossier. It’s called invisible shield, daily sunscreen. It looks like this. It’s really light and absorbs into your skin
really well. And then I follow that with Glossier Priming
Moisturizer, which I talked about in the night time skin care routine. In terms of foundation or powder or just the
base of the face, I use this laura mercier tinted moisturizer. It’s the one that’s oil free. It does have an additional SPF 20 sunscreen. So I just basically put some dots on my face. I’m a little more tanned right now so I don’t
know if this color is gonna be right for me. So I just put some dots here. And then, this is my favorite new discovery
which is the artis brush, which is a little more pricy than some of the other brushes,
but I feel like it makes such a big difference. This is basically the only reason why I wear
any kind of like tinted moisturizer or a foundation because it makes it so easy to blend in. So basically you go like this… and then
that’s it! It makes it super easy. It has really some nice soft bristles and
it’s easy to hold. It’s basically an extension of you finger. I don’t think I can do the endless tapping
of the beauty blender or whatever so this is my go-to brush for face. If I want a little more coverage, which sometimes
I do because around the noses I red and under the lip and things like that, I use this concealer,
it’s from Glossier. It’s the stretch concealer. I use dark because medium was a little too
light for me. So this is much closer to my skin tone. So I put some here and I either use my fingers
but I do have the smaller version of the artis brush that I sometime will use. Like this! Sometimes I use it under my eyes. That’s it! I don’t even really set it. I don’t really reapply makeup throughout the
day. Whatever I do in the morning and whatever
that stays… that’s it. The next thing I do is my brows. I use this brow pencil from benefit. It’s called the goof-proof brow pencil. It basically has a brow pencil on one end
and then has a brush on the other so you can brush everything out. So what I do is I basically outline my brows. And then I do the other side and basically
I think they call it goofproof cause it’s really easy. It’s pretty hard to mess up. So then I just brush all the pigment up. I brush until you can’t really see the line
that I just drew. Brush, brush, brush. So I get my brows waxed like once every like
6 weeks or something. I find that it just less painful than getting
it threaded, which I used to do. Yup and that’s it! I do set this one. So I set it with ready, set brow from benefit. Basically it’s a clear gel. I put it on over the brows and then the next
thing I do is I put a little bit of bronzer. I’m using Nars. The color is Laguna and I’m using this Sephora
Brush. It is Sephora 74 pro contour. And basically put it over like this. I was told that you should draw like an E.
Like E. Like a capital E. So that’s pretty much what I do. I don’t know if it’s gonna do anything because
I’m pretty tanned right now from my vacation. Same thing over on the other side. Sometimes I just outline the whole face. If I’m feeling extra, I do the sides of the
nose and that’s it! It just warms up the face a little bit. And then, if I’m going out night or sometimes
during the day. I do a little bit of highlighting. This is the hourglass ambient lighting palate. So it has three highlighting colors. Honestly, I can’t really tell the difference
between the three of them. They’re highlighters. And then I use this brush, it’s actually from
Mac number 168. And then I just kinda go through all three
colors like this and then I just go through whatever this part of the cheek is called
and then go down the middle of the nose, sometimes a little bit of forehead and just the whole
middle of the face and that’s it! I’m not gonna do any eye makeup and I usually
don’t if I have my lashes in. I have lash extensions in right now. They’re actually pretty popular amongst a
lot of the residents because they make you look more awake and you look like you’re wearing
makeup even though you’re not and if you’re a resident, you don’t have a lot of time and
your hours are really weird, so it’s just nice to have lashes in at all times and you
look kinda presentable at all times. I’m not gonna do eye make-up right now but
I will show you guys what I would use if I wear to. So I have this really old palette from urban
decay naked. This is the very first one that came out I
believe. And I have all these colors that are gone
now. Because I use all the same colors. I have this brush from bare minerals. It’s called the full taper shadow brush. I use this in place of the brush that comes
with the kit. I like this one better. So after doing the shadow I would do the eyeliner
and this is my favorite eyeliner. It’s from Dior. It’s called Dior Show proliner. It’s waterproof and the reason why I like
it so much is because it has this slanted tip here, like this. So that’s what makes it super easy to make
a straight wing liner. So I would just go over my eyelid and then
tip it upwards a little bit and then you can get a really straight cat eye eyeliner easily
with this. This one is also really hard to mess up. So I like this one. And last but not least, I either wear nothing
on my lips in which case I’ll sometimes use this.. this sugar treatment. It has SPF 15 on it which has no color. It looks clear like this. Or if I wanna wear a little bit of color,
I use any of the 4 Glossier generation g lip balm set that I have. So these are tinted. Some of them more than others. But they kinda go over your lips like chapstick. So I really like them. They’re really easy to wear. My favorite is “Like” it’s like a berry color
and it goes on my lips like it’s clear. You can’t really see anything. So this is basically just to add a little
bit of pink to my lips. So to not really make it look like I’m wearing
lipstick. Some of the other colors… this one is called
“Leo” it has like a brown color but it’s never all that harsh. It actually goes on pretty nicely. This one is called “Zip” it’s like a brighter
orange-y red. And this one is called “Jam” it looks really
purple. It actually goes on more like a berry color
than it looks. I got a lot of questions about one of my pictures
on instagram. I was wearing the strive sweatshirt and people
were asking me what lip color I was wearing. I believe I was wearing a little bit of “zip”
and then mixed in with jam. So that’s a little bit of zip on and that’s
on top of like and basically you get this really subtle color that’s a little orangey
red. This is really as red as my lips will ever
get cause I don’t know if I could pull off like a bright red lipstick but I feel pretty
comfortable with this. So yeah, this is pretty much my day to day
daily makeup. Hope you guys found it interesting. If you guys have any questions. Definitely let me know and I will link all
the products in the description box below so let me know if you guys have tried some
of these items or if you have any recommendations of items that you think that I might like. Definitely let me know and I will see you
guys in the next video. BYEE!

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