My Biggest Mistakes in Business | Simon Kallu at GrowFactor

– Hey team. Just wanna share a quick video with you. I had a quick thought this morning while I’m just waiting
outside the CrossFit Box for the class to start,
hence my hoodie and attire. Just thinking about
one of the top mistakes that I’ve made over the
last eight years really and sharing it with you
primarily so you don’t have to make the same mistake and maybe this is to do with my mindset and maybe this isn’t something
that you lean towards but one of the biggest things that I did was mindset
wise constantly be focused on the gap between where I was at or where I’m at now and where I want to be, so I’ve got this really clear vision of what I wanna achieve in the business, where I wanna be personally but I just spent all my time focusing on the gap as in I’m not over here year, I’m really disappointed and disheartened because I’m not there and I’m missing all the
progress along the way. So, the big change that I made was worked with a coach and he mentioned to me at the time, you’ve got this great, grand vision but maybe would it be okay, would you feel successful
if you dialed that back to even 25% of what
those numbers look like, what you want to achieve? What kind of lifestyle
would that give you? Would that make you happy? And I kinda said yeah. That would. Our big dream, we had a big dream of 10 mill sales by 2022, certain amount of clients,
certain amount of people and that was what I was
always sort of focused on, getting up at 4:30 in the morning, hustling, grinding, sacrificing friends, not having any time for myself, not turning up to
CrossFit for a 9:15 class because 9:15 is peak working
towards my goals time and just not really doing anything else. Sacrificing relationships with family and just always thinking about work but primarily always thinking about where I’m not at that vision and it’s super important to have a vision and be motivated but the key thing here that
flipped it for me was patience. So, once you understand that actually you should be reflecting each day, each week, each month
on your accomplishments and on your progress, and have this, I now have this mantra especially in CrossFit where I’m rubbish and I can’t do half of the movements, I have this mantra of
progress over perfection where you don’t have to be perfect but what you have to do and the same in business is recognize your progress
each day, each week, each month on all those micro-wins and pat yourself on the back. So, one of my biggest weaknesses and I hope that you don’t
make the same mistake is not recognizing progress, not setting micro-goals and achievements, not setting rewards for you and your team and maybe just thinking about
could I dial back this vision to make it more or more easily and more quickly achievable? And then reset my vision
for something bigger once I get to that point. So, hopefully this was useful. It’s a bit of a rant from me, a new thing that I’m doing will be Facebook Lives, all the bits of insight hopefully that I’ve gathered over
the last 10/12 years of working in our business and with other small businesses. If you found it useful, or you’ve got follow-up
questions or things that you do that you think are useful that you want to share, please like, share this
video or comment below. Thanks. I’m now hopefully gonna go
and smash up some CrossFit.

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