My 2019 Video Business Plan

My 2019 Video Business Plan

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  1. What are you most excited about in 2019? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. I had to watch 1:50 like 3 times because I thought you were walking and grabbed that little package off a fence without even looking. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Love it girl! And the new site is perfect!

  4. Welcome back! I hope this is the new style for your videos even though they take longer to make because it looks GREAT!

  5. Amanda – this was awesome! I think your 2019 plan sounds awesome and I'm going to check out your new site now. Woo hoo!!!

  6. Excited for you Amanda! Looking forward to what you create in 2019.

  7. Hi Amanda! Loving your channel. Have you ever done a video about the transitions and templates that you use for your channel? I would love to create something similar for a project that I am working on. Regards from sunny South Africa πŸ™‚

  8. keep up the great videos coming!

  9. Great vid! Stopping by from DCA 🀩

  10. Great 2019 goals! We're both getting on that video course game πŸ‘Š can't wait to see your results!

  11. Your website looks amazing! You are killing it, Amanda!!

  12. Awesome Video Amanda! Always love your videos

  13. charming video – liked and shared

  14. Nice work Amanda. You've got a great video editing/production style. Very watchable and professional.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You've totally inspired me to change some stuff up with how I promote my biz

  16. How exciting for you! Niching down is a great way to focus your business and narrow down the type of client you'd like to work with. Good luck!

  17. Love this vlog! So cool to have an inside look at your life but also get some insight and learn in the process. Thanks for sharing, cheers!

  18. id be happy to do a behind the scenes!

  19. I like the uncluttered look of your new website..congrats!

  20. When were you in budapest?? I went in december as well. I'm excited to see your brand video. Keep up the great work!

  21. Keep up the amazing work! Let's get her to 1k subs!

  22. The new site looks great. Love your enthusiasm, you've got great things in store for 2019, go get 'em, girl!

  23. Hey Amanda – I love your focus on doing brand videos. And I know they work really well. I am confident that you will find a way to convince more and more people to take the leap and create brand videos for their companies. Of course you may go close to the edge of madness in the process, but it will work!!

  24. Getting to 1K subs haha. nice vid

  25. Smashing it just like the last time I stopped by. You have such a good grip on what makes a compelling vlog! Congrats on the new website and the brand video workshop and soon coming online course. I teach visual storytelling and I'll be sure to add a few of your videos to my class playlist. Quick note: the link from your YouTube homepage is incorrect. Looks like the YouTube URL wasn't deleted before you pasted in your own URL. Keep killing it, Amanda 🌻

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