Moving company scams: What you need to know. (CBC Marketplace)

Moving company scams: What you need to know. (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Quite common in India. The techniques used for swindling, are well practiced in India, but does not work easily, as most people are aware. Hence, move to a new place and try out the techniques.

  2. Woman in sparkly blue shirt. Proud you sued those jackals. Go girl!

  3. You paid them… Yea you sure showed them, haha.

  4. Stop recommending me these videos I need to go to bed

  5. Sikhs are the most honest upstanding people in the world.

  6. Should have checked the owner's immigration papers. Typical non-citizen, typical Pakistani. Probably his real job is smuggling weapons. No joke.

  7. They smell I don't think a lot of those certain types of people wear deodorant

  8. deport these bastards.

  9. Well this is a bit radical, but if some of these scammers started showing up face down in the river, others may think twice…..

  10. I worked for a moving company for 10 years, and never heard of anything like this. And I worked with convicted felons. Never any hidden charges or scams and never an item stolen. What is wrong with people!

  11. Every time I watch those shows I remember all those Canadians bragging how nice everyone in Canada is. 😀

  12. The dude with piercings sounds just like Johnny Knoxville

  13. I recently was scammed by a company "Moving Relocation System". Now half of properties have not been delivery yet and it has been 3 weeks after since they pickup. Please tell me how can I sue this company.

  14. don’t hire anyone who doesn’t speak good english

  15. All scammers are Indians, but not all Indians are scammers.

  16. that's why u don't trust anyone that is not white

  17. dirty jindos scam people

  18. U should only trust the Mexican guys that have bandanas those are the real ones

  19. Thanks cause i have to choose mover tomorrow

  20. They make more moving furniture than working a 7-11.

  21. Jesus I’m one person and I can do 100% better job moving everything shown in the video lol tape would work wonders with drawers or anything that slides open not duct tape but scotch tape would work lol and tarp or something for beds and soft grip work gloves I means it’s so easy lol

  22. Good rule of advice for dealing with people in any business , if they are black or Indian hang up the phone immediately and seek no services from them , if they are white or Mexican you can seek services just be a little cautious some are good some are bad , and if they are Asian then you are good to go and you’re in good hands

  23. Omg I’m cringing! Nothing wrapped… Unreal!

  24. Honestly in this situation buyer beware…. You're trying to save 5 bucks to get your stuff moved…. Call a reputable company

  25. Why would you hire a company like that? I would call the police and file charges for extortion which is illegal. Take them to court.

  26. Funny they were foreigners.

  27. I would have pulled out my pocket knife and slashed the tires on that moving truck, then I would have called the company and told them that they were just hit with hidden fees

  28. Didn't even mention a gratuity. Get that in writing also. Otherwise you're screwed.

  29. word had it they are still doing this till this day..

  30. These are such pussies. I would have just told them to get the hell out of my house right off the bat.

    These people wouldn’t stand a slight chance in a courtroom. At least a US courthouse.

  31. Call a couple buddies, offer them free pizza and beer and you're done!

  32. They seem like Indians

  33. 45 dollars an hour thats a bargain theyre loosing money at that price

  34. Good business model I need to start

  35. Dude take that awful ring out of your eyebrow, seriously how old are you!!!!

  36. You really got them! paying the whole bill…

  37. I'm a painter and decorator in Edinburgh, Scotland. I hate to do it, but I don't deal with Indians, Africans, or Asian customers. So much trouble over the years getting money from them after all the work is done. Weeks of hassle and claims of bad workmanship etc, anything not to pay up. They must live by another mantra entirely. Charge a good amount for a good job and make a viable business with happy customers, you make more in the longterm.

  38. An estimate is just that, an estimated price, a guess, it means the price could go up or down (usually up). A quote is a fixed price. Always get a quote.

  39. An estimate is just that, an estimated price, a guess, it means the price could go up or down (usually up). A quote is a fixed price. Always get a quote.

  40. I'm sorry about the large amount of posts. I don't know why this is happening only since I updated Windows 10.

  41. I'm sorry about the large amount of posts. I don't know why this is happening only since I updated Windows 10.

  42. This is why we have Uhual, do it yourself.

  43. stab their van tires and light it on fire

  44. Notice no black people 😂

  45. for anyone watching in 2019 the police finally arrested these guys.

  46. Wow, this is crazy

  47. i know what the problem is and i’m not even Canadian. The movers are not Canadian. Wise up.


  49. When you hear an Indian accent, be very careful who you’re dealing with.

  50. The guy still paid them lol oh Canadians

  51. Mia is really cute. JS,

  52. The way this is directed is funny ..

  53. Me as a currently living latino we ourselves move our own things on a small car all in one day

  54. I’m Asian from London, and from this video what I saw is a total embarrassment to my kind,
    Then again I’m from the west so with got more dignity and self respect unlike these thieves.& i certainly do know that even when i go to india,
    I’ve been ripped off a few times although I do not speak at all,to give them no indication with my accent,
    They still know that I’m from Abroad I was told it could my shoes or my way of walking.
    ( smart hey).
    Any way I’ve learnt how to deal with these people whom have no self dignity, and steal from innocent people.
    Take an indian with you,
    They both will try to take each others pants off.
    That’s when it gets funny.

    I’m bloody ashamed with such people.

    On top of all that these fools start bringing god and mother in to trusting them.
    Example like:I swear on my mums grave, or god can see dare you not trust me.
    Yep!!! to that level…

    Guys you know what…all five fingers ain’t the same.
    Don’t trust any one unless they proved to you otherwise.
    Learn to haggle show no fear and show them the door.
    They’ll soon come back..

  55. Husky Movers should be called "Hustler Movers".

  56. These people are kinda dumb… dont do business unless you signed a contract…. that simple.

  57. This is so shocking!! These ppl are horrible

  58. Why sign the contract if you weren’t ok with the extra charges though? Seems pointless to argue after you signed and knew what you were getting yourself into

  59. these movers are middle esstern decent. these people are shaddy asswdholes

  60. What do you expect from a people who still worship the cow and drink the cow's urine?Do not believe Indians no matter what they do 2019

  61. Adding that lady at the end about her winnin the case got me hyped af lol

  62. I do no businesss with Indian people because they always try to scam you for more money.

  63. That lady was kinda rough with all those empty boxes she appears to have won.

  64. I don’t even live in Canada. How did I fall down this rabbit hole?

  65. WHY did you even PAY THEM??

  66. what do you expect from a bunch of dirty indians

  67. Thank you for exposing these bastards.

  68. Just pay & cancel charge = done

  69. Wait a minute.. you mean to tell me that this video degrades this moving company throughout the whole video and then turns around and states at 18:30 that extra costs for stairs and heavy furniture is clearly posted on their website???!!! So the makers of this video is worse than how they were making the moving company to be.. why didnt they simply say in the beginning that the moving company had their policy posted on their site??? Because they wanted to scandalize the moving company!!!

  70. we all know why they are scum bags.

  71. 7 years ago a Moving company lost a box of toys I had.

  72. As a former mover, we hated when our bosses pulled this crap. It made us look bad and blows whatever tip the customer would of gave us right out the window. I miss being a mover but not for rip off moving companies.

  73. I would have hung up the moment I heard that accent. That accent means scam 90% of the time

  74. You do know that you can buy counterfeit money on line right. That’s the only way to win with these crooks.

  75. $100 says the office is their father sitting in a cab ripping other people off. Why don’t they get fined or even jail time for theft.

  76. That would be hard with 4 flat tires.

  77. Try Charlottetown vet School. You never walk out without a $300 bill and no matter what you take your pet in for they do MRI, X-ray and a CATS-CAN. All lies. Oh yes and possible Pancreatitis if you Dog is over 4yo. I will never go there again.

  78. stairs? lol just call it a labor charge

  79. I don't want them to be sued, I want them to be hit with a pipe.

  80. all moving companys are thieves they just do it legal are try to make it seem that way. the ones who realy get screwed is the driver he the one that usualy does all the work atleast a good one and gets all the greaf

  81. This is my moving company out of Dallas Texas. This is how he operates

  82. I can relate to this overpaying for vet. Services they are trying to charge me 700$ to spay my dog

  83. Those movers are…….like cops

  84. Just save money and use uhaul my pay was only 60$

  85. So there's no hidden fees?
    Them: well yes,but actually no

  86. They need Chris hansen

  87. They trap her there and hold all the stuff, then they bring up other fees.

  88. I never trust Indians

  89. I still watch this clip in 2019. It is so good.

  90. Friends ! Family ! Good old pick-up truck a lot of TLC happy moving ! 🙂

  91. Never pay til the job over

  92. ok so be a competent person and call the police and tell them of the deal you made and how they’re adding unexpected fees that weren’t talked about and holding your things and not letting them go, get them arrested and sue for false advertising

  93. Haha this show should be sued for stealing NFL films music 😂

  94. CBC is the best for exposing these frauds

  95. Did non of these ppl do research before?? Smh

  96. Those little mountain brothers will never lose the first goat of the day

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