hello hello how are you I’m good how are
you I’m all right thank you are you the last Georgia SHINee tonight I am the
last one today okay been a long day right it has been a long day
but I’m ready you know but this is if you ever watch The X Factor before it
often goes it’s the end of a long day and our last contestant is silently
waiting in the wings yeah and you know what happens then yeah it either goes
very good or very bad yeah whatever sir so tell me about you
so I’m 21 I’m from Billingham and Teesside yeah I’m a car mechanic yep and
then obviously I sing a little bit as well and you live on your own I live
with my mom okay just me my mom a little bit you see mom like me yeah she’s my
rock sir what are you gonna sing I’m gonna sing jealous by labyrinth and tell
me why you’ve chosen that song and it means a lot to me for a different reason
I think – how labyrinth wrote it which is um I lost my best friend a couple
years ago and I kind of interpret the lyrics in a completely different way I
lost my best friend two years ago he was only 18 at the time and we were really
really close we did everything together we got a call saying we had to go to the
hospital because he wasn’t gonna last the day
and I know that was tough on Josh so the lyrics kind of said I’m jealous
that you’re happy without me and I kind of see it in the sense that I’m jealous
that he’s not happy in heaven that he’s moved on to a bad place and that I can’t
still be with him well best of luck Josh thank you unless of the way it’s closer than what has happen own
stylist answering cuz I was you the cooking and I told you
oh when you love me there’s no but I always thought you come back tell
me all you found heartbreak and misery it’s
hard for me to say I’m jealous all the way you’re happy without me ah this world cookie can I told you but I always thought you come back tell
me all you found her breakin is me it’s hard I’d be with and it’s hard for me to say I’m jealous
of the way you’re happy with them you’re happy with and do you know what Josh honesty Wow that was the most captivated a screen in
all the auditions so we’re emotional and you really touched
me I believed every word you said and I kinda want to help you
I love a hug Alex as the Hajj Oh well John
loser thank you lace Oh Josh that really got
me right in the heart I was completely transfixed like I know
I didn’t want it to end thank you Josh I’m gonna kick this off with very
emotional yes also you’re getting s for me Josh yes dresses meantime I appreciate Oh oh boy so–but isn’t proud you did do improv so
you did I don’t watch thing I do a bow to us tea and I remember is your Hawkins was the airport leaving shocking
you have a 15 to see you Thank You Tommy what you didn’t want to but he is my piece he collected me up
our ground when you abandon things he’s by PC held old and you burned in me at
six years holding and no he never walks to way he never asked for money
he takes having me he loves me he is my peace you saw my face then a man could
be kind and a father could way he’ll never break take care of
things he loved High Peace Rapids you stored my thing they don’t make them a
man could be kind and the father should be that was that was alright you’re a force
to be reckoned with I never like cry about this stuff and it’s not even about
me but when you’re talking about your parents and that song was from like my
dad like picking me up when I was dating stuff so that’s record I have the same
thing like my parents I don’t ever talk about them but nothing without them so
just related to you on that level so anyways you’re awesome thank you so what
Caitlyn I think 15 years ago I was on a show in America and a girl came in and
told me she wanted to be a star and hadn’t had a break and her name was
Kelly Clarkson then she went on to win American Idol
for a moment there when I heard you singing the song it was like going back
15 years I think you’re the best singer we’ve had something about gee you’ve just was all
over it we have to vote Louie Caitlyn say yes is
all this Hey
yes from the you’ve got three yeses I have to say something do you know why
sometimes people get bullied it’s because they’re good cuz you’re good what are you been singing you know on and off light
as a little child but a couple years back went to an edge here in gig yeah I
saw him just standing now on the stage just with his guitar I just wanted to be
that I wanted to be him and do what he’s doing
but you know with him it’s all about the songs you know that I mean I write songs
myself so could we hear one of your songs you can yeah I’ve got I’ve got a
song I wrote for my brother who passed away when I was when I was on the young and it’s just a song that you know means
everything to me and only only my mum has ever heard it so do you want to
perform it um can do I feel like I’m ready it’s entirely your choice
Christian I feel like I’m ready to you sure yeah all right take your time
you good I would do anything just to be two years
old again imagine what we could have done by June
wahoo we could have been making the paper
planes till the Sun Goes Down up holding your hand as you squeezing onto my hold
on time it’s a never let go remember building
castles out of all that go just to knocking down see it’s changed now
you’re not around I’m not the same but I hope you proud I
wish your little face was still around with that cheesy smile and then little
chubby cheeks imagine all the mischief we get up to
imagine noise tag team one plus two imagine all the good bats and happy
times imagine all the time out know each step
crimes stay here play watch TV we couldn’t watch we go to school break the
rules play hopscotch and climb trees chase bees just to act tough and fire
fire fire fire over brothers stuff and sneak on a play football till the song
knows my Thunder buddy I will keep you safe I see doze off to sleep bad boys
and counting sheep off to sleep night night baby brother sleep until we meet
again stay safe my friend and I will keep you in my thoughts to the very end
my little Teletubby in the sky with smile my little Thunder buddy
I will see you in a while sorry my rainy
but stars come out to play oh I miss you let me see
I want to be with you my friend I just wish we could be two again thank
you for sharing that with us Christian Nick Oh honestly Christian on the first
song I didn’t know if I got you and then you wrote that second song and I was
right there all the way and you got me thank you for that Louie yeah
Christian it was a very honest audition I think you were very I think you buried
yourself yeah very beautiful song very beautiful I like you along
you’re very pure and what you do it has a great charm to it
you know what Christian he was very brave to share that song with us because
it is so personal I don’t know how you did that but I think it was important
that you did do it actually because it told me and asked who you were as an
artist and as she is a person and you’ve got a real talent I think you’re great
with lyrics yeah I’ll be and I like you Louie
Christian I’m saying yes Jared it’s a yes from me
Nick I’m so happy to say yes Christian guess what
you go for you thank you thank you I’m gonna get the tax he did great
where’s mum and dad mum dad beautiful you should be very proud
congratulations well done guys nice to meet you take cake it’s nice to meet you
it was real he was real yeah actually really good with lyrics they were really
so relatable and endearing all right person lovely to meet you Simon saying
he appreciated one of my own songs means the world come on
okay so this song’s about an a real couple that I saw and so yeah tom was
born in 1942 with eyes of blue and the doctor said his birth was far too fast his heart stopped twice but yet he
survived as he took his first breath his mother took her last and he rarely spoke about her but when
he did he said your mother used to say this when the skies are looking up my
dear and your hearts lost all this home after thunder will be sunshine and all
the dust will go the skies will clear my darling I wake up with the one I love
the most and in the morning I’ll make you up some tea on toast well we met through a friend who
introduced them and the first thing Tom said was would you like to dance but two
quick years I went by there were side by side
and without a plan they can see the little child
the little girl girlfriend so did they they said that they loved each other
every day I’m 40 years later that brings us to now and as I’m walking down the
street her grip loosens on his hand he puts her arm around a side as she falls
to the ground he hears her breathing and he sitting by a bed in the hospital
warden that daughter walks in with a family of her own she says that I don’t know she can hear
you now but there’s one thing mom would want you to know when the skies are looking pop my dear
and your hearts lost all its hope after dawn there will be sunshine and all the
dust will go the skies will clean my nothing now it’s
time for you to let go I gonna wake you up in the morning with some tea on toast I am your wife is shaking I’m really
really nervous yeah sorry sorry I’m Christopher Meloni I’m 34 and from
Liverpool and I’m customer service advisor that this X Factor is alike the
biggest thing that I’ve ever ever done all right well I didn’t realize how big
how big the clouds just going to be I never apply for anything like this
before it’s just it’s took me five years to actually build up the courage to
apply it and download the application for filtered output in an envelope rips
along there I have always wanted to you know sync what people have discouraged
me and said that you know you’re not good enough they’ve really not the confidence
they’ve discouraged me from from applying and me as I just think I’m not
close enough and that’s what stopped me from doing
just nervous just dead dead nervous I can see it in yay
you gotta be back now copy wobbly in from yeah me and my Nana died their
cloaks you can’t add diet and then I moved in with that to look after day be
nuns the only base and that’s believed in me single I’m not very interesting
all the time I am simply item this means everything to me never son
confrontive thousands and thousands of people before and it’s just going to be showers of the system Juwanna trying to
calm down who is your biggest fan whose support sure me none how old is you not
me none 76 are you really close with that close yeah brother yeah she’s here
tonight she’s here yeah and what would it mean to you to get through today it
would mean the world to me I mean there’s some that I’m singing and it was
played at miglin dad’s funeral and I’m not meant a lot to me it was a
celebration of his life and this means a lot to me so that’s why you know I feel
like I want to sing it today for you I’m gonna take it away some sailor that rounds the tender me
some say love it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed something I’ll say love it is a flower and you
it’s only seen – that you think love is only for the
lucky the just remember
oh if the winter Oh far beneath
that bit of snow last to see that with the sun’s low in spring me comes the
roar kyla still named Monica Michael tell us
a bit about yourself Monica I like to song write in my spare
time and I work with the DJ MC Academy and we have a van that we go around with
to council estates that Dex come out and Mike oh and the kids come out they were
called for free and they get to write their own songs so it’s quite a
fulfilling job who takes weeks hello hi welcome to the expected thank you
I think growing up and I found it hard to fit in sometimes when I was about 17
18 up alright I see it and I rebelled really badly I just you know I
definitely went off the rails music was the only way that I could feel better it
is my life it has saved my life I am so nervous not my most like your ways my
yeah he’s mine me I have a younger sister called Natalie the song that I’m
singing today follow the judges is actually so I’ve written for her I hope
you like it I hope I like it they like it I mean she witnesses me going off the
rails and that obviously affected her and if she did do the things I did all
the rebellious stage that I went through it will break my heart so I just want to
let her know that I’m there for her I love you so much if I get four yeses from the judges
today would definitely inspire her to achieve you know what she wants to
achieve in her life and also make my family proud of the fact I changed my
life around and I went for my dreams what’s the one song that would give you
a number one I think for me it’s the song that I wrote not saying that I can
write a number one I’m not trying to toot my own horn like that I’m just
saying this particular song that I’d wanted to sing today I wrote for my
little sister who’s 16 and he’s gonna either kill me or she’s going to love it
okay come few things I
but it’s alright no longer a child it’s a part of life you not to show I see you feeling
insecure you cry but it’s alright I wanna say I love you and dine your
journey through life I’ll always be there by your side is true yet I’ll see
you through yeah hey hey the little sister I dedicate this song to you
you’re the first wish I made the ever dig come true you made me smile every
day now I’m never blue you save my life girl you don’t even have a clue I know
that I’ve left home sometimes you feel alone I’m just a cool away 11 digits on
the phone I love you to the bone I wanna make it known you will always
see my baby even when you’re fully grown pretty little sister wanna say I love
you I love you Oh enough slavi low sister Danny Monica you are why we make shows like
this to find people like you to give them a break and hopefully get better because I think we scratched the surface
with you I really really did so much so I’m really happy you’re here
Mel killed it well seriously like your turn and your versatility is just on
point you pitch perfect you’ve got a swag you’ve got that husky going a gruff
sound but it’s very controlled all-round head-to-toe voice and everything done
Louie honestly Monica I love everything about
your singing your song your passion I think you deserve a fantastic break
you’re just real from the coal and it really touches makers Mesa sell rates
meet pawns in she has since I was little so I’m completely related to that song
and for that to be your song tells me you are super talented you just rough
round the edges you haven’t had a break yet but I absolutely love that song in
fact I would download it tomorrow oh I think you’re fantastic I don’t forget about Lois Monica you
deserve this absolutely yes well definite yes from me Wow Cheryl
thousand percent yes oh my god you got four years

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