MOST EMOTIONAL AUDITIONS EVER…That Made Judges Cry! | Top Talents

MOST EMOTIONAL AUDITIONS EVER…That Made Judges Cry! | Top Talents

Hello Hello, what’s your name? My name’s Kathleen Jenkins hello Kathleen and Weary from I’m from newport in South wales and what you do for a living I’m a cleaner in a builders merchants okay, and if you brought anyone with you today I’ve brought my husband and my father they Know they’re over there this is This the biggest audience that you’ve ever per function frontal most definitely yes, do you feel a bit nervous? I’m nervous. I am I live in a place called newport in South wales the area’s getting nicer, but there’s not much He can do there really I Live with my mum my dad and my husband It’s okay. Leave you with puff air and so I’d like us to get our own place But at the moment we don’t really have the funds for that I do like my job because it pays the bills, but I daydream about being on stage Kathleen starting in she was about 2 years of age when we was pushing around in the pram And I well up every time I hear a thing the airs on the back of my neck stand on end And she makes me feel like like a flight I’m nervous of a audition insde I’ve done the old competitions I’ve done singing in a holiday path, but nothing conveys to a day like this I’ve told that she’s gonna have a demon lights. I could say that’s my girl That’s her she’s done it If I could spend every penny, I had to get her where she wants to go. I’d do it and Okay, I haven’t got much, but she could have it off Best of Luck roughly thank you very much Children’s live Is Easy to do? the things that you wanted But I bought them for you Gracelessly TV. You know You do know I can’t let you Just slide free my hands No Oh sweep and Nixon haha strange lat Welcome a bitch No Who couldn’t read? I just felt so emotional right from the start. I had never you’ve really sang it with all your heart and soul You’ve got this god-given talent and the world needs to hear it So happy for you. I know you said you were nervous, but I think all of that added to your charm and There’s something about your story in you that I want to get to know more I Think is becoming rarer and rarer to find people who was genuine and who sing with half So thank you for additionally Britain’s got talent’s you are what this show is all about I’ve been waiting for you all day someone. Who’s just got it I love everything about you. I love the tone of your voice. I love the way you control the song I think you’re really really special I love you Kathleen. It’s a yes. Yes. Yes from me. It’s a yes from me. Jesus yes of given today She’s amazing It’s an absolutely amazing. You’re thinking I Love this girl great Love her love her love her I can’t believe we’ve got four yeses you were brilliant affleck We told you to do it. It was the best day of my life I’ve been singing you know on and off flat as a little child, but couple years back I went to an edge here in gig yeah. I saw him just standing there on the stage just with his guitar I just wanted to be that I wanted to be him and do what he’s doing, but you know with him It’s all about the songs you know that I mean I write song with myself. So could we hear one of your songs? You can yeah? I’ve got I’ve got a Song I wrote for my brother who passed away when I was when I was on the young and it’s just a song that you know means everything to me and only only my mum has ever heard it, so Do you want to perform it? Can do, I feel like I’m ready. It’s entirely your choice Christian I feel like I’m ready to. you sure? yeah, all right take your time you good? I Would do anything just to be to be two years old again Imagine what we could have done my dream Or it could have been making paper planes till the sun goes down ill be holding your hand as you’re squeezing onto mine Hold on time. We said never let go Remember building castles out of all that go just to knock him down see these chains. No, you’re not you’re wrong I’m not the same But I hope you proud I wish a little face was still around with that cheesy smile and then little chubby cheeks imagine all the mischief we get up to Imagine noise tag team One plus two Imagine all the good bad Sudden happy times Imagine all the time out know each step crimes stay here play watch TV We couldn’t watch we go to school break the Rules play hopscotch And climb trees Chase bees just backed up and fire fight fight fight over brother stuff and sneakily Play football till the song knows my Thunder buddy. I will keep you safe I sleep doze off to sleep bad bars and counting sheep off to sleep nightlight, baby Brother sleep until we meet again stay safe my friend And I will keep you in my thoughts to the very end My little Charlie toffee in the sky with a smile my little thunder buddy. I will see you in a while Sorry little rainy but stars come out to play ho miss you Mister I Want to be with you my friends just wish we could be together Thank you for sharing that with us Christine Nick Honestly Christian on the first song I didn’t know if I got you and then you wrote that second song and I was right there all the way and You got me, so thank you for that Louie yeah Christian. It was a very honest audition. I think you were very I think your burgers yeah, very beautiful song very beautiful I like you in law You’re very pure and what you do. It has a great charm to it You know what Christian. He was very brave to share that song with us because he is so personal I? Don’t know how he did that But I think it was important that he did to it actually Because he told me and asked who you were as an artist and actually is a person and you’ve got a real talent I think you’re great with lyrics And I like you Louie Christian unstained, yes, Sharon It’s a yes from me Nick, I’m so happy to say yes to Christian Guess what? You go for you Like you know. Thank you minutes all the way we get attacked They did great Where’s mum and Dad mum dad beautiful you should be very proud Congratulations. Well done guys nice to meet you. Take cake. It’s nice to meet you It was real He was real yeah Actually really good with lyrics anyway really so relatable and endearing face lovely to meet you Simon saying he appreciated one of my own songs means the world another lesson learned You better know your friends, or else you will get it burned I gotta count on me cuz I can guarantee that I’ll be fine No No you Only God knows where the stories for me, but I know where the story to us whether we win ah One song that would give you a number one. I think for me. It’s the song that I wrote Not saying that I can write a number one. I’m not trying to toot my own horn like that I’m just saying this particular song that I’d wanted to sing today. I wrote for my little sister. Who’s 16 and He’s gonna either kill me or she’s going to love him, okay? Losing’s I but it’s alright Channel Nettle no longer a child on certain It’s part of life Now just a few natural shall I see you feeling insecure you cried But it’s alright my little Sister I Love you And I’m your journey through life Along with Peter by your side is true. Yeah, I’ll see you through Yeah, hey, hey little sister. I dedicate this soul to you You’re the first wish I made that everything come true You made me smile every day like I’m never blue you saved my life girl. You don’t even have a clue I know that. I’ve told sometimes you feel alone. I’m just the cooler. Where you live in digits from the phone I love you to the bone. I wanna make it known you. Will always be my baby even when you’re fully grown Lovino Sister Daphne Milica You are why we make shows like this To find people like you to give them a break and hopefully get better Because I did we scratch the surface with you. I really really do So much, so I’m really happy you’re here Mel no, seriously like your turn and your Versatility is just on point you pitch perfect You’ve got a swag you’ve got that husky going of gruff sound but it’s very controlled all-Round Head-to-Toe voice and everything done Louie honestly Monica. I love everything about your singing your song your passion I think you deserve a fantastic break You’re just real from the call, and it really touched me cuz MaySa narrates me pause And she has since I was little so I completely related to that song and for that to be your song tells me you are Super talented you just rough round the edges you haven’t had a break yet But I absolutely love that song in fact I would download it tomorrow. I think you’re fantastic I don’t forget about Louie Monica, you deserve this absolutely. Yes Well definite yes for me wow Cheryl thousand percent yes, oh You got four Years or they would have never missed a Christmas? What you get is what you got when the only information are they gonna? Bandits we keep waiting waiter Waiting on the world to change We keep waiting Waiting waiting on the world to change Yeah you

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