Mood Designer Fabrics Swatch Club 🎀 First Impressions + Honest Review | SEWING REPORT

Mood Designer Fabrics Swatch Club 🎀 First Impressions + Honest Review | SEWING REPORT

buckle up cuz we’re doing an unboxing
and first impressions review of the mood fabrics swatch club welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
and yes we are doing the mood designer fabric swatch Club subscription box is
we got another subscription this one’s a little bit different they don’t really
send you a project this is a kind of a various assortment of different fabric
swatches that are available for mood and it’s sort of just so you can get a feel
for some of the fabrics that this online and physical store offers so they
reached out and asked me if I wanted to receive one of these boxes I said sure
why not you know I’ll try anything once right and this is what came in the mail
so we’re gonna open it together I’m gonna let you know what I think and
let’s let’s get into it alright this is a fairly thin box
alright comes with this wrapped package and a couple little cards Jen hope you
enjoy looking forward to your future content very very cool
thank you very much mood alright and this I think is a little book explaining
the swatch club alright let’s read it this is the June
2018 box alright so there are 25 swatches this book explains what they
all are and I wonder if they have any like inspiration or okay yes it says
need inspiration keep reading for a look at seven highlighted fabric ok so they
sort of go into some of the fabrics ok and you know what this was actually
gonna be one of my suggestions but it looks like they’ve already thought of it
swatch club members get 10% off your entire purchase so that is a perk to
joining this swatch club and I wasn’t sure if they did that but I’m really
glad to see that they do because because these fabrics you know I mean this isn’t
enough to make a project and clearly they want you to order some of this
fabric I think it’s good that they give a little bit of a discount for the
members especially since they’re pay money every month to receive the
swatches comes nicely raft okay so Wow okay one has some major
sequent action going on it appears each swatch is about four by
six so the size of like an index card and they’re all labeled on the back with
the name of the fabric and the price per yard which is helpful I guess if you’re
trying to make like a swatch book personally that’s not anything I’ve ever
done but I guess if I wanted to I could you can have these as a reference point
you also it’s kind of nice that you get to like touch and feel the fabrics to
see what they’re all like they definitely have been an interesting
assortment here’s they like red cotton gauze and then there’s this this is
green quilted coating with striped ribs oh and it also on the back gives you a
the width of the fabric so like this one’s like 55 inches so that’s
interesting alright butterflies okay so some of the fabrics are a little outside
my comfort zone I’m not sure if I would order some of these on my own but it’s
interesting to look at okay here’s some linen but these are certainly unique
definitely unique Fabrice okay this one charcoal distressed French terry it’s
definitely distressed because it has holes in it okay I’m gonna be honest
this is this is not something I would buy mood I’m just being real here this
is this one’s a little strange this white stretch denim
okay that’s sort of cool and it’s sixty four inches wide and it’s a sick $15.99
yard okay that’s sort of cool this one’s like a
like an embossed vel Oh emerald green damask embossed velour wow this one’s
really silk chiffon $11.99 a yard okay so out of all 25 all right some of these
just don’t seem very practical some of them I like the substrate but the colors
are not quite my thing like this cotton and poly pick is sort of cool fabric I
just would probably not buy this color I not sure if I see a need for avocado
print fabric and my future but if this is you just letting you know it’s out
there so far most of the fabrics that we consider purchasing are very practical
fabrics and they’re more of the solids like there’s three denims this sequin
fabric is sort of cool this is blush baby sequins on mesh Wow $35 a yard
though whoo mood fabrics here’s what I think so out
of all of the 25 swatches I would say there’s probably four that I would
consider purchasing in various colors like I like the substrates they’re kind
of more practical like everyday fabrics some of these like more unique fabrics
I’m just not sure if I have a need for I may not be your ideal demographic for
that but someone that’s into like cosplay or does a lot of sewing for
other people or has like some sort of sewing business I can see this swatch
club coming in handy for you if you want to have a selection on hand to show
clients to show people that you’re making things for so I think the club
might be for you if you’re in that type of situation
one plus that I do like is that they give members 10% discount on orders I
was actually gonna suggest that if that wasn’t already a thing but it looks like
the mood you’ve already gone there so kudos to that but a lot of the fabrics
in here and I did read some reviews and that was sort of the general consensus
some of these fabrics in my opinion are just not very practical for my like
everyday sewing again the avocado print sort of quirky novelty fabric but you
know unless you know someone that’s obsessed with all the picados I’m not
sure if this is something I would order and again some of these fabrics are more
like for like costume sewing or for something a little more specialized and
I don’t personally do that type of sewing a lot so I’d say if you have some
sort of sewing related business where you want to have a lot of samples on
hand to show people like clients then I would definitely recommend this swatch
club especially since you do get a 10% coupon code it looks like in each box
hopefully and I think that would be cool if you order for mood fabrics all
I’ve ordered for mood fabrics a couple of times but I actually haven’t sewn the
fabrics I ordered for a mood yet some a little behind the ball there but I think
it’s a cool concept and it’s interesting that you do get to see and touch all of
these a unique fabrics I think this is sort of interesting what I personally
pay for this probably not but I’m also probably not the target customer for
this box look mood I’m just being honest here and you wanted by my real opinion
this is it but I like mood fabrics as a company I think they’re doing some cool
things and I think this concept is very interesting for certain types of
customers so anyways that’s just my thoughts on this box if you’ve tried
this let me know if you have any questions you know feel free to leave
them in the comments but I’m really glad I got to try this out mood thank you for
thinking of me and if you are with the fabric company or with some sort of
sewing or crafting related company and you want me to try something out let me
know hit me up I’m always down for it because you know I just like doing new
things if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that thumbs up button and
subscribe to the sewing report for everything sewing crafts and DIY
projects I’ll be back for another video I’m Jennifer Moore you

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  1. I love the variety! I make journals and these are the perfect size to mix and match. I like the idea. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Maybe you can make some curtains for the doll house. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion 🙂

  4. Personally, I would not pay for swatches.  It's a lot of money per month and you can't even make a project.

  5. Hello, not really nice fabrics!!! So maybe that is not a good idea to suscribe to that club anyway…

  6. Thank you for "trying anything"! I love your channel. :o)

  7. You could make a crazy quilt with the swatches. Personally, buying swatches isn’t my thing.

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  9. come on mood! the pricing is ridiculous
    thanks for a honest review Jen!

  10. Yeah! I am saving up to get fabric from there.! Yeah! Try Sy got 30 yards ranging from 7.99to 69.99.and 50 yards 149.99 any thing over I think 50.00 or 75.00 free shipping. That is there discount fabric in a box gonna that stuff!

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  13. Thanks for doing this review and showing us what's in the box. I personally love it. I'd like it for applique work, patch pockets , patches on old pants or shorts. I could go on and on. This was a very honest review to prove it's not for everyone and even though im way older with grandchildren that is what's taking this box back around to me liking it better than some other boxes that are specific project. Keep up. The great work Jen!💞

  14. Hi Jenni! Love your videos thanks for sharing. Never tried mood.

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  16. I think that is is more targeting New York runway designers

  17. Love that concept as I’m always reluctant to purchase garment fabric online. Love the assortment of fabric. Fun prints. Thx for the review.

  18. Would also be nice if they had an option to order them every other month or once a quarter.

  19. Did it include free patterns? The Mood website says:
    25 Curated Swatches

    Free Shipping
    Exclusive Coupons

    Free Sewing Patterns

  20. This would be good for a new sewer who might not be familiar with different types and weights of fabric. They can have a hands on comparison of woven vs knits etc etc.

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