Module 6: Dealing With Car Repairs, Modifications, Detailing & When To Sell – Ideal Car Strategies

congratulations on reaching the final
module of the ideal car strategy if this is your first video your watching of the
series I suggest you click down in the description the playlists for the ideal
car strategies and start from the beginning now in this last module I’m
gonna be covering how to find a mechanic that you’ll want to work with to
maintain your ideal car how to keep your car looking great my thoughts on doing
modifications to your ideal car and when you should sell your ideal car and then
lastly I’m just gonna give you some final thoughts dealing with repairs well
it happens your car needs an unexpected repair this is why having a great
relationship with a reputable shop is going to pay off even the best
pre-purchase inspection by the most qualified technician won’t stop
unpredictable components to fail first thing I do is research online by
plugging some of the symptoms you experienced into Google more often than
not you can find information about someone else that has gone through the
exact same problem now if you don’t have a preferred shop I honestly like using
Yelp for example if you have a BMW search for a BMW repair shop look at the
reviews and location find one that’s relatively close with good reviews give
him a call tell him the car that you have and ask them if they have a
technician that’s familiar with that type of vehicle if the shop seems like
it checks out schedule an appointment to diagnose the issue and if they end up
taking care of you on your first visit and you plan on working with them for
the duration of your ownership with that car I think it’s always good to build a
relationship with them what I like to do is when I pick up my car I also pick up
a dozen donuts and drop it off to the shop the guys in the shop will love the
doughnuts and it will make you memorable I can’t tell you how many times a shop
has gone out of their way to help me because of this simple gesture keeping
your car looking great you are what you drive and what you drive is an ideal car
so keep your car looking great I’ve linked down in the description to an
inexpensive car kit to keep your car looking as good as you feel driving it I
clean my car regularly because not only do I enjoy it more when it’s clean but
then I don’t have to do a deep clean when it comes time to finally sell and
move on to my next ideal car again link to that car kit down in the description
go get it what about modifications so you got your
ideal car and now you want to customize it a little bit well that’s fine
I recommend performing any modifications that can easily be reversible why
because most mods are usually undesirable to other potential buyers
and if ever do they add value to the resale
price so if you’re going to modify your car my tip is to buy used aftermarket
parts if possible and keep all the originals so that you can put them back
on when it comes time to sell then you can sell the aftermarket parts for
roughly what you have into them and it’s a win-win when should you sell your
ideal car well we’ve spent a lot of time together covering how to purchase your
next ideal car but I wanted to quickly cover when you should plan on selling it
there are really two main components that determine when you should sell your
ideal car the first is mileage almost everyone’s first judgment on the quality
of car is how many miles it has it doesn’t really matter if they were easy
highway miles by default potential buyers will look at a car with low
mileage there are some key numbers to keep in mind when buying a car because
psychologically it seems lower think of the price at the grocery store when
something is priced 999 versus 10 bucks we think that one is way cheaper than
the other when it really isn’t essentially every ideal car has a low
mid and high mileage range and that’s for you to figure out with most cars
it’s based on the year the car was built an example of this is a car that was
built in 2000 and has 50,000 miles versus a car that was built last year
and has 50,000 miles the car built in year 2000 would be considered low miles
while the latter would be considered high so just keep in mind while you’re
driving your car if you feel that your car is going to crest into a different
mileage range use some investigation work and see if that’s the case because
if it is it might be a good time to sell before your car takes a hit on the price
you can get for it the second component is keeping an eye on and playing the
market if you bought an ideal car and it’s appreciated like crazy during the
time that you’ve owned it it might be a good idea to sell it and move on to your
next ideal car it’s always a good idea whether you think your next ideal car is
going to appreciate or depreciate – keep an eye on the market and check it every
couple months that’s what car gurus is good for
alright final thoughts Wow I can’t believe that you made it through
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you investing your time into this curriculum and I trust you’re going to
be able to pull some good information out of this the biggest compliment that
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