Micro Business for Teens: Starting a Micro Business

Micro Business for Teens: Starting a Micro Business

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  1. Thank you to Western Reserve Public Media and all the video's sponsors, especially the Burton D Morgan Foundation, for their support in the production of this video.

  2. Click on the About page to see a link for a teachers guide, video discussion guide, sample syllabus and group discounts on the corresponding curriculum.

  3. What a great video for teens! Professionally done. Carol covers all the information they need to start their own business. I've shared this with the homeschoolers in my area.

  4. Great seminar. Excellent information. As a mother of 5, a small business owner, and a corporate accountant, I encourage many teens around me to engage in business. I'm so glad you are teaching this and equipping kids to be the next leaders in our communities.

  5. Thank you for making this available. It is terrific information.

  6. thanks for making this available. Are there different dvds for the other two books?

  7. No, sorry the other two books, Running a Micro Business and Money and Taxes in a Micro Business do not have accompanying DVDs. I'd love to do them, if WRPM, the producer and the sponsors are interested!

  8. How do I contact this woman?

  9. How do I contact Carol for consulting?

  10. I have a idea for a micro business but it requires another person to help me with the same interests. What should I do?

  11. i want to start but i had a clothing idea but to expensive 
    or a art print idea because i like art but it costs
     ive got money but i want to do clothing but i need a website  or company that would make my merch anyone plz help me i live in the uk by the way 
    someone help im sick of doing a paper round in the rain!

  12. I want to start one in the UK but not got any ideas

  13. lol the crowd's faces look funny… cx

  14. Is this an older video that's been reposted?

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