Merchant & Marketplace Guide – Clash of Streamers Explained

Merchant & Marketplace Guide – Clash of Streamers Explained

Hello everybody and welcome back to Clash
of Streamers Explained. Today I’m going to be talking about the two
different vendors in Clash of Streamers: the Merchant and the Marketplace. The Merchant and Marketplace are actually
two of the best places where you can spend your resources, so it’s important you know
exactly what they are all about. Without further ado, let’s get right into
it! You first build the Marketplace at Best Game
level 11. However, it’s not until you’ve reached Best
Game level 16 and upgraded the Marketplace to level 2 when you’ll have access to all
of its features. When opening the Marketplace, you can see
a list of 8 sales, a button which allows you to refresh the sales, as well as a notice
board which states the rarity of the sales. Let’s take a look at the sale rarities. You have a total of three different sale rarities:
Legendary, Epic, and Rare. The rarity determines the overall value of
each item for sale, where you’ll find the more expensive and valuable deals at a Legendary
rarity, and the least expensive and least valuable deals when the sales are Rare. By default, the sales will start at a Legendary
rarity. Every 8 hours you are given three free refreshes,
and after purchasing discounted items at a certain rarity, the sales will eventually
switch to Epic, and then eventually all the way down to Rare. At the daily reset, the sales will return
back to a Legendary rarity. You can also lock certain offers in the Marketplace. This way you don’t lose a certain offer after
using your refreshes. By default, you can only have one offer locked
at a time, but at VIP Level 5 you have two locks, and at VIP Level 10, you have three. Although most offers seem like they would
be affordable, just like every other area of the game, you can get upgraded loot. You can potentially get some very high level
streamers in the Marketplace if you are lucky enough. In this case, I managed to find a 6-star hero
in the Marketplace which is pretty lucky. By default, the deals in the Marketplace are
offered at quite a good value – even the ones which aren’t discounted. In fact, the default non-discounted sales
are offered at around a 5% discount off the true value of the resource or streamer. If you remember back to our video where we
discussed the most valuable resources, you’ll remember that the value of a Get Lucky Chip
is 60 thousand Gems since that’s the cost of spinning the Get Lucky wheel for Gems. If we look at this deal which offers 3 Get
Lucky Chips for 171 thousand Gems, we can see that it’s about 5% off the normal cost
of 3 Get Lucky Chips, which would be 180 thousand Gems. This automatically makes the Marketplace a
far better place to spend your Gems since you’re getting resources at a better value
by default. In addition to everything being offered at
a 5% discount by default, you also have stuff offered at even higher discounts. When you see something offered at a 10% discount
or better, it’s actually a 10% discount off of the already 5% discounted resource, making
it almost a 15% discount overall. If we head over to the Marketplace odds, we
can see the chance of the sales being discounted at certain rates. As you can see, you can get discounts which
range from 10% to 100%, and at a 100% discount, the sale would obviously be free. One of the more significant aspects of the
Marketplace is a mechanic called free rebuys. Every time you purchase a sale, you have a
chance to be given a free rebuy of the exact same sale immediately after. Since some of the sales offered in the Marketplace
are worth quite a lot, having the ability to get sales a 2nd time for free is a huge
deal. So, how can you improve your chances of getting
free rebuys? The first way is through achievements. There is an achievement which you can get
simply by completing purchases inside of the Marketplace. The more sales you purchase in the Marketplace,
the more achievements you will collect, therefore increasing your chance to get free rebuys. Once you’ve collected a few of these achievements,
you can view your free rebuy percentage from achievements inside of the Marketplace. The second way you can improve your chances
of getting free rebuys is through pets – specifically, PogChamp pets. Equipping the ‘Deal Specialist’ ability on
your active PogChamp pet will increase your chance of free rebuys by a given percent. If you have a 9-star PogChamp pet and have
collected the achievement a ton of times, it’s very possible that your chance to get
free rebuys can grow up to as high as 15-25%. Now, let’s shift topics for a bit. What exactly can you find in the Marketplace? There are quite a few resource types which
can potentially go for sale. You can find streamers, seasonal currencies,
as well as pretty much any common resource. For the most part you should look to purchase
pretty much everything sold at a discount. Stacking up on these resources will put you
in the best position possible to complete Merchant deals easily, complete Weekly Events
quicker, and build a stronger and better team earlier on. In terms of being able to build a stronger
and better team, this is extremely important early on. In the early game, streamers are a huge help
to your overall progression. They allow you to quickly improve your team,
so that you can get a solid amount of progression quickly from the Campaign Tower and the Arena. When starting out, you should buy any streamers
you find for offer until you run into your first major progression wall which usually
happens once you have a full team of 6-7 star heroes. This means you should be picking them up even
if they aren’t discounted. In the early game, every hero you get will
be a huge help in improving your team. Once you find yourself out of the early game
and have a team of 7 star heroes or better, then you should only really look to purchase
streamers from the Marketplace when they are discounted. At this stage, they won’t be top priority
anymore since you’re not likely to improve your team much by getting a few 3-5 star heroes. Another thing to keep in mind is sale priority. If you’re low on Gems and need to make a choice
between a few deals, it’s important to know what resources will be best for your progression. Of course, this is often highly situational,
but for the most part we can group the Marketplace resources into two categories: high priority
resources and low priority resources. The high priority resources can be seen as
the ones that help you work towards completing your standard Weekly Events: resources like
Kappa Scrolls, TriHard Scrolls, Get Lucky Chips, and any other seasonal currencies. These resources are key to helping you progress
through many of the Weekly Events that reset on a weekly basis as well as the seasonal
events which occur during certain weeks of the year. You can see these as resources which are needed
much more often and immediately. On the other hand, the low priority resources
would be Casino Chips, VIP Tickets, Athene Coins, and Community Chips. While these resources do contribute to their
own special events whenever spent, they aren’t needed as often and immediately as the high
priority resources. Because of this, if you are ever low on Gems
and have to make some choices between some resources, you can keep this information in
mind. While this info might be useful to help you
make choices between different resources, they shouldn’t be seen as rules that you need
to stick to at all times. Sometimes the right trade at one point in
time would be the wrong trade at another. It�s up to you to figure out what the best
call is in your situation and figure out what will have the greatest impact on your account
progression. To summarize the Marketplace, here is what
you want to do. Every 8 hours, you are given three free refreshes
in the Marketplace, so make sure you always use them. With regards to purchases, you want to buy
pretty much anything discounted at all times. Streamers are great purchases early game since
they help you build your initial team, and high priority resources should be valued over
the low priority resources at times where you can’t afford to purchase everything. And it should go without saying that you should
purchase anything with extremely high discounts, which I would consider a discount of 50% or
higher. Just make sure you’re not completely out of
Gems so you can afford these really cheap deals when they come around. Now that we’ve discussed most of the important
points of the Marketplace, let’s shift to the Merchant! You’ll first unlock the Merchant at Best Game
level 15. When entering the Merchant, you’ll be introduced
to 3 deals. 2 of the 3 deals will refresh and change every
day, and 1 of the deals will refresh and change every week. Unlike the Marketplace where you only spend
Gems on sales, you can complete the deals in the Merchant by spending any other random
resource. Everything from simply Casino Chips, to Mega
Chips, and even PogChamp Orbs can appear on some Merchant deals. Perhaps the biggest difference between the
Marketplace and the Merchant is the value of the trades. In the Merchant you can have trades which
are worth millions of Gems. At that point, a simple 10% discount is really
significant, as it would net you hundreds of thousands of Gems in the form of different
resources. Similarly to the Marketplace, you can also
lock certain Merchant deals. By default, you have one lock which you can
use to have one of three deals survive through the daily and weekly Merchant refresh. However, at VIP Level 6 you are given an additional
lock, so you can have a maximum of two deals locked simultaneously. These locks are best used when you happen
to find an insane offer which you can’t afford at the moment. Apparently it’s possible to find an offer
for a Madness Chip in the Merchant, so you should definitely stay on your guard and be
prepared for some pretty crazy deals! Like I mentioned earlier, even 10% deals are
significant, since the Gem value of certain deals can grow up to the millions. If you check out the odds of the Merchant,
you can see the chances of getting different discounts on the Merchant deals. The fact that getting a 100% discount is so
rare should give you a good idea at just how valuable these deals are. You can actually improve your chances at getting
better deals in the Merchant as well. Similarly to the Marketplace, the more trades
you make in the Merchant, the more achievements you will collect. As you collect more of these achievements,
you will improve your chances of getting better deals. Also similarly to the Marketplace, your PogChamp
pets have an ability to help improve the Merchant deals. In this case, the PogChamp pet ability you
are looking for is Trade Master, which simply increases your chance of receiving better
deals from the Merchant. Seeing as the Merchant offers some pretty
crazy deals, this might be an ability you want to equip on your active PogChamp pet. So, what deals should you aim to buy in the
Merchant? Well, you should pretty much get everything
you see. Every trade will net you better value in the
long run. Despite that fact, you should be aware of
which resources you need at any given time. For example, if you are extremely close to
having enough resources to complete the Summon Event and there is a trade which requires
you to spend some of your Kappa Scrolls, it may not be the best trade if it stops you
from completing the event. Similarly to the Marketplace, the trades you
make will be highly situational. While every trade may give you better value
in terms of the resources gained, not every trade will give you the best overall account
progression. Since this building is so highly situational,
it’s hard to give exact rules as for how to approach it. However, one thing is clear: you should always
keep a reserve of pretty much every resource type. Even in the case of your rare resources like
Mega Chips and PogChamp Orbs – you should keep some in reserve because you never know
when you might run into an insanely high value deal. Allowing yourself the opportunity to complete
every deal in the Merchant whenever possible is key to good account progression in Clash
of Streamers. And that is pretty much all I’ve got to talk
about for the Merchant and the Marketplace. As you can probably tell, there is… quite
a bit of depth to the two vendors which are seemingly so simple on the surface. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to
leave a like and subscribe for more, a lot more Clash of Streamers content on the way. Until the next time!

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