MEN’S SPRING LOOKBOOK | 5 outfits for the Spring Season

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. My name is Kelvin Krupiak and today I’m finally
getting another look book up on here, which I’m really excited about. I haven’t done a look book in, I think it
was 9 months ago I uploaded the first video, and there was a lot of positive feedback on
that video, so I’m really excited to get more content like that up her on the channel. I also have some more time now to finally
get those videos made, so if you haven’t already, like this video and subscribe to the channel
so you’re notified any time I upload a new video. And just like I did with the business casual
video, before we actually jump into the outfits themselves, I do want to highlight some items
that you’re going to see across multiple outfits in the video. And since these outfits are all going to be
much more casual, you’re going to see me wearing lighter wash distressed jeans paired with
white, high top Vans on a number of different outfits because there’s so many different
ways to style this pairing. It’s incredible versatile. The combination of those lighter wash distressed
jeans with white high top Vans is going to work with virtually anything else up top,
which just goes to show you that one or two key elements can actually help you create
a lot of different outfits. I also do think it’s worth mentioning that
number of the items you’re going to see in this look book video I picked up at a consignment
store. So I spent $40 to get the jeans, to get a
number of different shirts you’re going to see, and much, much more. So definitely don’t shy away from checking
consignment stores and thrift stores. You can find some really cool stuff there. So without any further adieu, let’s go ahead
and take a look at the outfits themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your
attention. I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying
news story. I need all of you to stop what you’re doing
and listen. Alright guys, so the first outfit on the list
is going to pair white high top Vans with lighter wash distressed jeans and a patterned,
buttoned up shirt. And you’ll notice the pattern on the shirt
is somewhat unique. Now stripes and polka dots are excellent patterns
always, but never be afraid to experiment with the type of patterns that are on your
shirts. Also on this outfit you’ll notice a lot of
blue and white and in the spring and summer, that’s one of my favorite color combinations. There’s just so much you can do with it with
virtually any level of attire from suits all the way down to more casual attire like what
you see here. And next we have floral prints shirts, guys. Springtime and summer means floral print shirts
are back in style and there are so many different floral print patterns and color schemes that
you can play around with. Yup, bro, I’m going to be honest with you,
that smells like pure gasoline. 60% of the time it works every time. That doesn’t make sense. And you’ll notice right away I kept the same
distressed jeans and white, high top Vans, but the look and feel of this outfit is completely
different than the first one. I also think that the fraying right up here
on the intersection of the shirt pairs very well with the distressed jeans and just kind
of adds to the whole vibe of the outfit. Now another trend you’ll see in the spring
and summer is vibrant color patterns and graphic tees. So here I have a bright blue t-shirt paired
with bright coral shorts and white, low top Vans. So everything on this outfit pops. Now in regards to the graphic tee you go with,
find something that fits you well; not too tight, but definitely not baggy. The fit makes a huge difference with an outfit
like this. And the shirt here is actually an original
penguin, which is one of my absolute favorite brands. Everyone just has those brands where they
know the fit is going to be perfect for them. The fourth outfit on the list we’re going
to be pairing a bright blue gingham shirt with a red, polka dot tie. Again, we’re keeping the vibrancy of the colors,
but we’re also adding in contracting patterns, which is another fun thing to experiment with
that I don’t see enough guys doing. Now the combination of a gingham shirt and
tie, I could have easily dressed up, but I decided to keep dark blue jeans. So it’s still a very casual outfit, but it’s
definitely a more elevated level of casual than the previous outfits on the list. And you’ll also notice right here I have a
four hand knot and that’s just adding to the casual elements on this outfit even more. This is just a great outfit for a night out
on the town. Now the final outfit on the list is actually
going to have darker colors. And the reason I’m adding this on the list
is because I know I just said that vibrant patterns are definitely something you ne want
to use and experiment with in spring, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get away
with wearing darker colors that are still stylized appropriately for the season. So here we’re actually bringing back the distressed
jeans and white, high top Vans, and pairing it with a three quarter length sleeve shirt,
which again just shows you how versatile the pairing of lighter wash jeans and white, high
top Vans can be. This outfit has a totally different feel than
the other two outfits that were using the exact same jeans and the exact same shoes. And again, just like with our graphic tee,
the fit is very important here so make sure that these shoulder are covered appropriately,
not too baggy. And also make sure that the seams under your
arms aren’t digging into your armpit too much. If they’re digging in, the shirt itself is
too small. Also, if you want to add a whole nother element
into this outfit, I would encourage you to experiment with hats. To compliment the darker color scheme of the
shirt, I’m suing a black and white Adidas trucker hat. Trucker caps for me just seem to be a style
that compliments my face shape better. The flat billed hats and any other style just
doesn’t seem to look very well on my face. And I actually think this is a great outfit
to gap this video off with, so thank you so much for watching, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please leave a like right down
below and subscribe to the channel. And if you guys have any questions, leave
a comment and would love to answer that for you. And until next time, guys, I’ll talk to you
soon. Bye.

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