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We have already lost track of how many cell phones TudoCelular has reviewed in the last few years And you should also get lost among so many available options in the market. The truth is that we need to be careful because certain devices are not worth the money. Some are good, but very expensive, while others, while cheap, are not worth buying. If you want to make your money count, we’ll help you by listing the top ten most cost-benefit focused mobile phones of the moment. We started with the Mi A2 from Xiaomi; it can be found around 800 reais and is by far the fastest phone in this price range The Mi A3 can already be found in the domestic market, but it is 400 reais on average more expensive. and delivers worse performance in exchange for longer battery life. Both are part of the Android One program and feature the same stock Android experience without Xiaomi’s MIUI. The camera quality is almost the same between the two, so we chose the A2 as a better buy. If you didn’t like the Mi A2 because of its battery, then, our second choice is the right one for you. The Moto G7 Power has the best autonomy of all the devices we tested. It can be found in the same price range as the Mi A2 and, although not part of the Android One program, also has an almost stock Android – in exchange for longer battery life, you’ll have a lighter phone but the G7 Power runs games smoothly and can deliver hours of gameplay. It has no dual camera but is not behind in the quality of photos. In addition, Motorola’s digital TV can be an interesting extra to pass the time. If you want the best cell phone for under a thousand reais then the Redmi Note 7 is our indication. It’s not as fast as the Mi A2 and its battery lasts as long as the G7 Power’s, but it has a more balanced set among the three. Its performance is very good; the battery lasts all day long; its cameras will capture great photos and it still excels in multimedia, with a great quality screen and powerful sound. For the price you pay for it we can even call it “mid-range killer”, since it offers more than much more expensive cell phones available nationwide. 900 reais is the average price of the Note 7 via the Brazilian marketplace; if you prefer a domestic product With one year warranty, in this price range there is the Galaxy A30. Of Samsung’s new releases this is the most complete. It is a bit slower than the Redmi Note 7, but delivers better battery despite not having the same quality in photos as the A30, it brings an ultra wide camera as a differential, allowing you to take pictures of the whole gang without cropping out anyone. And just like the G7 Power, it also offers digital TV as an extra. A mobile phone for less than a thousand reais that takes good pictures in the dark is really hard to find. If you are the type of person who wants to record moments in the club and share with friends You’ll need a phone with an optimized camera to see well in the dark and this is precisely the differential of the One Vision, which costs an average of 1,400 reais. Of the new smartphones from Motorola it is the most interesting and has a screen in standard 21:9, the same as cinema which lets you watch movies on your phone without having those black bars. Its performance is slightly below the A30 – the problem is the battery that doesn’t last long, but still stays above Mi A2’s. Want a flagship paying a mid-range price without having to import it? The LG G7 can be found around 1500 reais and this value delivers great value for money. You get the best LG phone released last year, which still far outperforms recent mid-rangers, especially on camera – its performance and battery may not be the best but you will have a great multimedia phone, With water resistance and a body reinforced by military certification. And for those looking for a more affordable option to record videos in 4k The LG G7 delivers best quality with a quite complete camera app. If you are wondering what is the best cost-benefit mobile phone overall, maybe the best answer is The Mi 9T; if the Redmi Note 7 is the mid-range killer, this one could be a new flagship killer around 1700 reais you get a great cell phone without a notch, performance above the competition, long battery life and cameras that register great photos. Of course this price is the value found via the marketplace in Brazil. and you will have to pay more if you prefer the official one sold by Xiaomi with warranty. If you choose to import from stores like GearBest and BangGood you can pay even less for it. which makes its value for money unbeatable. Want the best imported phone? The Mi 9 is a flagship that delivers excellent performance, being the second fastest Android we’ve reviewed. It is only behind the OnePlus 7 Pro, on the other hand, the Xiaomi device brings better cameras. The only thing that doesn’t excite about the Mi 9 is its battery life It is not bad, but if we compare with others models of the brand it really leaves something to be desired. Overall you will have an excellent top of the line smartphone costing around 2100 reais via marketplace. Being an iOS fan in Brazil is quite complicated – the iPhone prices here are among the most expensive ones in the world. and Apple’s phones take longer to drop in price than their Android rivals. If you are looking for an Apple phone but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on recent models We recommend the iPhone 7 as the best value for money. Its price is on par with Xiaomi’s Mi 9. Just keep in mind that you will sacrifice performance and especially battery autonomy to stick with the iOS. We close our mia with the best flagship worth buying in Brazil: the Galaxy S10 Plus. It can be found at around three thousand three hundred reais and delivers the best performance between Samsung smartphones, as well as better battery life among the brand’s flagships. Its camera set is more complete than any of the ones we mentioned and even surpasses more expensive devices like the Pixel 3 XL or the P30 Pro, especially in videos. Closing the package we still have excellent quality screen and sound above the competitors. As seen, our list brings cell phones for all tastes and budgets starting from the 800 reais and going slightly above the three thousand reais. If you are on a tighter budget looking for a cheaper option The Redmi 7 can be found around 600 reais. Its performance was below the models we mentioned but does not disappoint and battery and camera for the price. Our list takes into account the price of Xiaomi phones sold via marketplace. which turns out to be much cheaper than officially purchasing via DL So this ends up being the preference of Brazilians. If you decide to import via GearBest or BangGood you will find the offers of each model. in the article at clicking the link in the description which also brings the best deals for models officially sold in Brazil. So, did our list help you choose a new smartphone? Or did you prefer other model? Share in the comments with us what device you selected and for which reason – we are curious! I”ll stick around, see you in the next videos. A big hug and bye bye.

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