Meet the Marketplace Creators!

Meet the Marketplace Creators!

>>Everyone told
them Minecraft was just a game about breaking
and placing blocks. Because well it is. But they saw something more.>>We were just a group of
kids who loved to make maps. We were doing things with redstone no one had tried before. Sure people said
it was dangerous, but when you see
your creations come to life, that’s when you know you
hit something special.>>The unquenchable thirst
to keep creating is the common thread among
these dedicated blockheads.>>We started experimenting with adventure maps a long time ago. It’s taken a really long time
to get to this point. There’s been a lot of hard work but you know what,
it’s been worth it. Look where we are
now, we’re killing it.>>Some people call me the resident
fashionista of Minecraft. But I’m not really into labels. I just love to create fun skins for people
all over the world. It makes me feel really proud to be a part
of this community.>>But making the maps and
skins was just the beginning. What started as a few small
blocks and some big ideas, became a way to get millions of Minecraft
players a new way to play their favorite game. This is an inspiring story
of creativity, innovation and new ways
to play Minecraft. Featuring Noxcrew,
Razzleberry Fox, Imagiverse, Blockception, PixelHeads and introducing for the first time to the marketplace, Mindcrack. There is no limit
to the imagination of an empowered
community of creators. Experience their
imaginations for yourself in the Minecraft marketplace. And available for a limited time Free MINECON content Now in the marketplace

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  1. And then you have roleplayers and screaming kids in the comments…


  2. 1:29 Seth Bling is there

  3. i want to 1.3 version and release the shield and new block


  5. I submitted an application long ago, and you guys still haven't responded! 🤕

  6. This was actually really cool! I loved it how they had a little nod to the Noxcrew Gameshow too!

  7. Did anyone see sethbling?

  8. Omg did anyone see salted from thecrafted at mindcrack part! hes back!


  10. They forgot about skywars and raging kids on hypixel many other servers.

  11. I really think that notch wanted Minecraft to be an experience where you pay once and get access to everything…

  12. So these are the people who made us pay for skins and mods… I still remember the days when they were free

  13. Minecraft isnt fun again now ….

  14. my‌ friend‌ just‌ call‌ me‌ Minecraft‌ kid‌.because‌ they‌ don't‌ like to play‌ minecraft‌.


  16. Hi! I'm [insert generic name here]. I have always made Minecraft skins/maps for free but now I've decided to be a sellout! Please buy my things because they are of the utmost quality!

  17. Yeah but what about Java :/

  18. Minecrack – it’s time to get creating! Really? Please at least use the correct name. It's "Mindcrack"

  19. Add Mob A,Mob C,Mob D

  20. Guys I am making a army to kill Voldemort can you help

  21. you know I used to think Minecraft was blocks and breaking things but now that I've played it for a year I see it's more than that it's adventures with friends and a ton of other things so keep going Mojang TEAM MINECRAFT FOREVER!!


  23. The word mindcrack sounds like a cracked minecraft filled with bugs, crashes and lagging

  24. Merci de faire tout sa pour nous

  25. i love playing Minecraft With My Brother

  26. oh great some people like myself updated the game but i cant play it

  27. the people whos playing minecraft is having fun meanwhile when the people whos having trouble about the license will get triggered and think its a bit unfair like myself

  28. i have other game to play but i got bored playing those games so when i updated minecraft and tried it out it didnt work so i got triggered so please remove the license in minecraft pe

  29. When are we going to get the next update? Release date anyone?

  30. I've loved Minecraft ever since I started playing back in late Alpha, but once I look at the new Bedrock Edition, see it's missing features, horrible aspects, and it's microtransactions, I'm disgusted at what Minecraft has become.

  31. Why mojang doesn't add the old blocks and they add FIRST the new blocks? that's so horrible

  32. please add the Kazakh language!!

  33. Mojang how do you upload a map?

  34. Razz she made The decocraft mod!

  35. Can this be in ps4

  36. I need to met these guys

  37. I guess you could say MicroSoft goes Micro Hard on your wallet.

  38. I whant to join but any way cool video

  39. Minecraft doesn't even make their own content usually. They hire people to do the hard work for them.

  40. I can make a map but how to share it???

  41. This is used in an add about a fake Minecraft ripoff

  42. 0:45 oh look its the Decocraft creator

  43. People said it was dangerous to creat some electronic dust connected to a dispenser totally

  44. I Hope The Minecraft Removes Xbox Sign I Cant Play My Own Server And Other Servers 😢😢😢😢😳

  45. I love Minecraft ❤

  46. Minecraft just a breaking and placing good there is no crafting no fighting no redstone no nothing so they was lie on us WE WANT OUR MONEY!!!

  47. Minecraft need electric items and electric block and teleporter

  48. We are so proud that we were able to publish our first map in the Minecraft Marketplace too.

  49. Omg they are so patient!!

  50. Noxcrew is my fave.

  51. I got this ad for a minecraft clone.

  52. This was used for an ad for a minecraft knockoff called story craft

  53. Mojang please shield on mcpe

  54. Where I can find Razz contact?

  55. Huh, man I saw this as an advert for a random mobile minecraft bootlegged phone game, you should probably investigate this.

  56. The Store button has finally been renamed to "Marketplace" ! At last! Finally, a bit of consistent lingo. Attention: Minecraft skin developers, especially Minecraft (whoever you really are… who are you???) shown at the Marketplace as developers of the Star Wars skins. For over SIX months, my grandsons have not been able to redeem the coins to purchase skins. They wanted Stars Wars skins, since that time. Their mother has attempted to resolve this problem at least 4 times over six months. The most recent instruction from support was an email, to add coins to their accounts. The coins were purchased six months ago and the coins ARE already there. There are serious incompetencies at Microsoft/Xbox support. That family does have Xbox one console! so Microsoft/Xbox SHOULD be able to provlde a solution. No, they can't… It is not reasonable, nor possible, for contacting support to be a full-time job! The boys are no longer enthusiastic about Minecraft. Their enthusiasm rebounded after multiple issues over the past year, after the fiasco of the onset of Better Together, after losing about an hour of multiplay on and not on my Realm. Especially after nearly every update and hot fix. The enthusiasm always rebounded. Not so this past weekend. As the funder of their coins, I am disgusted that the coins have been sitting there for six months, and that multiple attempts to resolve the problem have failed. There are other corporate entities who know how to expertly manage transactions! Such as I perceive that Microsoft/Xbox have no concern and nothing to lose. The losses will be to developers, when families and consumers get to fed up to deal with Minecraft, Microsoft/Xbox pathetic management of family and individual accounts and transactions.

  57. Mojang is the next Bethesda

  58. is it possible I can make content how do I do plz respond it a thing ive always wanted to do plz help me

  59. #WeNeedSuperDuperGraficksPack

  60. Guess what. You can play Java and download better quality stuff for free.

  61. How do I become a creator?

  62. can a skin maker make a deltarune skin pack? kinda wanted one, couldn't find one, and also i play on switch and im not about to import a skin on my sd card for a skin, plus i don't actually have the equipment to do that. if somebody does make the skin pack then thanks in advance??? or something??? idk.

  63. I will build a market place too

  64. Im a marketplace creator and i cant make anything

  65. Marketplace is WORST THING in mcbe

  66. I want to be approved

  67. Hey Minecraft I really want to make my map to a market place map but I don’t know how to do it
    Plllllease reply

  68. If I am going to be one, I will make LOTS OF MINECOINS!

  69. How to be marketplace creator?

  70. 1:26 one day that villagers head will fall off

  71. I really hope one day my team of creators and I will become as successful as the people in the Marketplace. I hope that dream becomes reality…

  72. This comunity is best not like the potpvp stupid comunity

  73. I wish I could be a creator,you know what,Minecraft should give all people permission to build maps,and the company will check if the map is good or not,if it's good they'll set a reminder for you and you can upload your map.I wish it could be like that,because we don't want minecoins by purchasing them,instead we want to build in-game maps to earn them,Microsoft,if you see this,please consider doing so,the game was bought with money,please don't make us have to do it a second time!

  74. I can make some awesome skins i should become a creator for them

  75. Can you get some fairy lights in Minecraft Pocket please and thank you

  76. That you can get for free on java

  77. How i can be al creatro

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