MEAT Business Cards — LÜT #36

MEAT Business Cards — LÜT #36

Just add water and throw on some Instant Underpants. Right after you sign this Bathroom Guest Book. Because LÜT is back! Start your day with a cup of Joe using Canadiano
a personalized wooden coffee maker that uses a pour over coffee method and is carved out
of Cherry, Walnut, or Maple which over time slowly absorbs the flavor of each cup you
make. Once its ready drink it from the Toasty Mug
to keep your hands warm. If there’s no time for coffee just add this
Caffeinated Maple Syrup to your breakfast. That you eat out of a Bacon Bowl. Or just wear your breakfast with Power Bacon
Deodorant, for when you sweat…. like a pig. Pig out on Glow in the Dark Ice Cream at Lick
Me I’m Delicious, a portable ice cream company that will come to your event and make awesome
frozen creations using either the nitro ice cream parlor or the nitro ice cream buggy. Network like a carnivore during your event
by handing out some Meat Business Cards. But be sure to charge your iPhone first in
this toaster dock. If you have a thing that needs to be charged
use the Thing Charger, to charge your things…. all of the things! Get back to basics with one of these human
powered devices. After tripling their goal on Kickstarter the guys at Pedal Power are
now ready to create and ship your personalized machine or choose from their two stock products,
the Big Rig or the Pedal Genny. If you’re pedaling a bike use these Turn Signal
Gloves to be safe. They help you to be seen by motorists with just the push of your thumb. Then use your thumb to play with your Smart
Plane that is crash proof, connected instantly by touching your phone to the plane and flies
for half an hour on a single charge. Charge into battle with this awesome Rubber
Band Machine Gun and do this to everything. Let your feline friend battle this Egg Cat
Toy that mimics and responds to your cat like a smart little egg companion. See how smart your friends are by giving them
the gift of puzzles with this cryptic puzzle pod that lets you set your own 5 letter code. Drink up with this shark attack glass . And use Shark Fin Ice cubes to fill it keep
your drink cold. Act like a shark with Face Rig. An indiegogo
campaign that lets you become a character that even displays emotions using just a webcam. Keep your feet warm with these Rechargeable
Heated Insoles. Or by using a fireplace anywhere. With the
Anywhere Fireplace. That you can set on your light up coffee table
that let’s you choose your own colors and graphics for the table top. For some prehistoric light use this Dino Lamp. Or a Wall Torch Sconce that even detaches
to take along on your adventures. And create the perfect temperature with your
Bed Jet that goes from toasty to cool with the touch of a button. Then cuddle up with your Custom Stuffed Animal
made from your childhood drawings courtesy of That may or may not end up looking similar
to these Killer Bunny Slippers. Which pair wonderfully with Enemies Socks. The Smarty Ring shows you to see incoming
and outgoing call notifications, alerts you to text messages and emails, and updates from
social media. And once you’re 30 meters away from your phone it beeps to remind you. But for a mere $944 you can own this Meteorite
and Dinosaur Ring. So tell everyone what’s on your mind with
Roller Notes. Keep everything else in this Stuff I Want
to Hide From Nosy People Box. And as always – thanks for watching!

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  1. every time i watch one of your videos my mind is blown!!

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  3. oh shit dat bed jet doe to bad its 240$

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  6. the good things about lut is that they give you really cool things that you never knew you wanted the bad thingsare that they make you buy all this useless yet disireable stuff until all you have left is a sack full of toys and your laptop

  7. Already seen FaceRIG, but still definitely looking forward to it.

  8. 1:51
    I hear Stickerbush Symphony – DKC2 here, anyone else?

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  10. why do u always wear that hat?

  11. Question: Do the puzzle pods come in X-Large?

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  13. Lüt means people in swiss german, why is loot written this way here? Can anybody tell me? Danke mini lüt ;). 

  14. would hiding stuff from nosy people just make them more nosy?

  15. Is there a subreddit that does things like this

  16. Press 2 for lick me i'm delicious

  17. Did anybody else get the movie reference printed on the business cards?

  18. I need that stuff I want to hide from nosy people box, and I'll never tell you why!

  19. woot for budsies

  20. The thing charger only works for things with those really long charger hole things… and most phones and chargeable things use much smaller chargers.

  21. What is that wrist thing called that kids wear that lets parents make contact with their childeren in far away places?

  22. is that donkey kong 2 music at the end?

  23. does someone know which episode you could buy the clock bracelet

  24. the name on the business card lmao

  25. Too bad I live in Serbia. : (

  26. nice to meat you

  27. I just recognized the DKC2 Stickerbush tune at the end.

  28. I will draw a Pikachu! Then snuggle in bed with it made into a pillow!

  29. Kate upton at 1:12

  30. Anyone else notice the super mario rpg song?

  31. I have that wall torch

  32. That neat meat…

  33. Bacon bowl sucks. It doesn't even work.

  34. That meteorite/Dino ring is actually really cool. I want it. Contemplates going into a life of crime to be able to purchase said ring

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  42. Hey that Facerig is out now on steam

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  44. Zoella has one of those bathroom guest books!

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  46. Out with the old,
    In with the new,
    5 Nights at Freddy's 2

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  48. I'd love to see at least 1 HTTYD based lüt item 😀

    Just in case you didn't know…
    HTTYD means How To Train Your Dragon :3

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  50. This makes everyone feel poor.

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    All of my weed is gone

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    I MIST

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  84. I am from the future and face rig is on iPhone X called Animoji

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